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Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Ilminster, Somerset:





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The Shrubbery Hotel – Local History of Ilminster

Newspaper Articles:

24 Aug 1815 Taunton Courier includes Beercrocombe Barrington Curry Mallett Curry Rivell Fivehead Isle Abbotts Isle Brewers Ilton Swell

29 May 1817 Taunton Courier Sale of Land includes Fivehead Swell Curry Rivell Isle Abbotts Shepton Beauchamp

06 Apr 1839 Somerset County Gazette Somerset Lent Assizes includes OATEN Pitminster Stealing Turkeys Nisi Prius

04 Jul 1855 Taunton Courier Supplement Somerset Midsummer Sessions includes William OATEN Stealing Two Fowls Pitminster

25 Nov 1856 The Western Flying Post Births Marriages Deaths inc Blagdon Charles DERRICK to Eliza PAYNE Clawton W. H. BRAUND to Annie BRAUND Taunton JACOB

25 Oct 1862 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages and Deaths includes BURGE of North Petherton and Creech St Michael and Thomas FOURACRE of Angersleigh

04 Jan 1865 Taunton Courier Hatch Beauchamp Accident Mr EDWARDS of Curry Mallet Accident to A Carrier Miss CRABB An Ilminster Carrier

06 Sep 1867 Western Gazette and Flying Post Hambridge Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Curry Rivel Various MALEs Barrington Isle Abbots West Lambrook Isle Brewers Swell

07 Jul 1869 Taunton Couriter Somerset Midsummer Sessions inc DOMMETT BICKHAM Kingston WINTER HAWKINS Durston DOLLIN Ruishton BURGE Bradford

05 Nov 1869 Western Gazette and Flying Post Chard includes William MALE Crewkerne MALE various Ilminster MALE various Taunton includes Elizabeth OATEN

26 Nov 1869 Western Gazette and Flying Post Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Stanford MALE Barrington Assault

01 Apr 1874 Taunton Courier Ilminster Petty Sessions ENNO Taunton MALE Barrington TUCKER WHITE South Petherton TOWNSEND Kingsbury Episcopi PAUL Curry Mallet

30 May 1874 West Somerset Free Press Ilminster Attempt to Murder a Wife Thomas SPARKS

21 Oct 1874 Taunton Courier Ilminster Inquest on Lavinia CAVE daughter of Thomas CAVE of Winterhay Lane

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News County Police inc Milk James TUCK Otterford COLES Chard WARMAN HARRIS Bishops Hull John Cornish ALLEN Wellington

22 Dec 1877 Somerset County Gazette and Bristop Express Ilminster Ann KEITCH 101 Years Old Petty Sessions WYATT North Curry John and Emma PAULL Curry Mallet

23 Nov 1878 Somerset County Gazette Taunton Police Court includes John OATEN Yeovil Inquest Mary CHORLEY's child Ilminster Frederick SALWAY Fivehead

28 Feb 1879 The Western Gazette Ilminster Petty Sessions MALE Barrington LANGFORD Curry Rivel FOX Fivehead HAYES Buckland St Mary ROWSWELL Shepton Beauchamp

27 Jun 1879 The Western Gazette Ilminster County Petty Sessions

19 Dec 1879 The Western Gazette Long Sutton Death of a Waterloo Veteran Isaac OSBORNE inc Rev J. JAMES Sergt COX Sergt CROSSMAN and Mrs HOWE

18 Jun 1880 Western Gazette Pitney Fivehead Isle Abbots Shepton Beauchamp

31 Dec 1880 Western Gazette Barrington Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead Hambridge Huish Episcopi Ilton Seavington St Michael Shepton Beauchamp

19 Aug 1881 The Western Gazette Ilminster Wesleyanism Rev PARR Swine Fever COX Allowenshay GILL PALMER DIBBEN Cadd Farm Ilton KIBBEY WINDSOR Hatch Beauchamp

26 Apr 1882 Taunton Courier Births Marriages Deaths inc PAUL Ilminster VOULES Beercrocombe and Bradon CORNISH Fulwood Pitminster TAYLOR Hambridge

06 Feb 1884 Taunton Courier Somerset Winter Assizes includes OATEN

06 Jun 1888 Taunton Courier Ilminster Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Herbert ROWSWELL and Sarah Best of Shepton Beauchamp and Wm CROCKER of Fivehead

30 Jan 1889 Taunton Courier Remarkable Centenarians includes Lydia HEWETT of Broadway Ilminster and Petronella KING of Taunton

27 May 1891 Taunton Courier Births Marriage Deaths inc Birth OATEN Stillborn Son Cann Street Taunton Marriage George SPEARING to Sarah Anna MALE Crewkerne

08 Sep 1894 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes MALE of Kingsbury Joseph MEAD of Barrington Charles TUCKER of Fivehead

25 Feb 1895 Chard and Ilminster News South Petherton includes the Late Mr J. ENGLAND

08 May 1895 Taunton Courier Ilminster The Town Band Bandmaster TUTCHER

06 Nov 1895 Taunton Courier Ilminster inc Petty Sessions PAUL PRIDDLE Curry Mallet BEALEY Shepton Beauchamp MALE WILMINGTON Isle Abbots GENGE Fivehead

28 Feb 1896 The Western Chronicle Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Walter DEAN of Dinnington

05 Oct 1898 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Fivehead Shepton Beauchamp Middle Lambrook Curry Rivel Muchelney Ilminster Petty Sessions

08 Feb 1899 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

03 May 1899 Taunton Courier Notes and Queries Notes Roman Coins Meteor at Ilminster in 1836 A Staunch Teetotaler George HAYES of Hillfarrance

17 Mar 1900 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages Deaths inc Frederick Robert LLOYD to Clair DUDDERIDGE and William Charles OATEN 14 Victoria Street Taunton

03 May 1902 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Richard HILLARD of Fivehead and John MEAD and Joseph MEAD of Barrington

01 Aug 1903 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes MALE and ROWSWELL of Barrington WOODLAND of Stocklinch and HARRIS of Shepton Beauchamp

13 Apr 1904 Taunton Courier Death William GRILLS includes Jane OATEN Kingston Huish Episcopi Isle Brewers Marriage MUNDEN COLE Ilton

03 Jun 1905 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions inc MARTIN PITTS MARKS STUCKEY South Petherton POOLE Seavington James OATEN Shepton Beauchamp

21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

05 Sep 1913 The Western Chronicle Dinnington Death and Funeral of Mr Charles BRICE

24 Jun 1914 Taunton Courier Barrington A Quarrymans Death Mr Isaac MEAD age 62 of Barrington

18 Feb 1916 The Western Chronicle Barrington Service of Song includes Mr C. KEITCH Mr Morley GOODLAND and Rev H. F. PARKER

15 Mar 1916 Taunton Courier Somerset County Appeal Tribunal MEAKER Manor Farm Pitney, RICHARDS High Ham, TOWNING Merrick's Farm Huish Episcopi, Barrington, Isle Abbots, BROWN of Wearne Langport

07 Apr 1916 The Western Chronicle Barrington Langport Tribunal includes Mrs E. BRISTER F. MALE C. H. DABINETT and Mr. J. BRISTER

16 Aug 1916 Taunton Courier Barrington Chapel Anniversary

24 Oct 1917 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal includes BROWNING of Watchet CHURCHILL and BAKER of Ilminster KNIGHT and STRAWBRIDGE of Bridgwater Sidney FOURACRE of Trull

05 Dec 1917 Taunton Courier Ilminster Wounded in France Husband of Mrs IRISH Wounded in Palestine Corporal R. HAINES son of Mr John HAINES

05 Dec 1917 Taunton Courier Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Charles MALE of Barrington son of Sarah Ann MALE

12 Jun 1918 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal

11 Aug 1918 The Western Chronicle Barrington Church Anniversary includes W. FAULKNER and his Brother Grandsons of Mr MALE

23 Jan 1924 Taunton Courier Whitestaunton Death of Mr Samuel CLARKE of Woodhayes Farm

18 Apr 1928 Taunton Courier Ilminster inc The Late Mr Albert George GRABHAM at Cross Farm Ilminster Formerly of Ile Brewers and Chardstock

09 May 1928 Taunton Courier Taunton Tragedy Death Four Days After Marriage William John TAYLOR includes Sarah Elizabeth MEARS and Clifford BISHOP of Kingston

19 Jun 1929 Taunton Courier Funeral of Canon V. S. Stuckey COLES of Shepton Beauchamp

29 Jan 1930 Taunton Courier Somerset Assize inc Mrs Beatrice Ann SMITH of 7 Court East Reach Taunton and Mr Francis Henry DUDDRIDGE 29 Eastleigh Road

25 May 1932 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp's Loss Passing of Rev. Preb. Arthur LETHBRIDGE Rector of Shepton Beauchamp Impressive Funeral

09 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier Ilminster-Langport Tragedy Barrington Man Knocked down by Car Post Mortem of George Henry MORRIS

16 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier Westport Fatality Resumed Inquest Verdict on George Henry MORRIS of Barrington

23 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier A Well Known Agriculturist Death of Mr William Wheadon JACOBS of Hurcott Farm Seavington St Mary

06 Sep 1933 Taunton Courier Fatal Accident Sequel Barrington Man's Death George Henry MORRIS

20 Nov 1935 Taunton Courier Curry Mallet Death of Mr William ASHTON, Death of Mrs Emily BURT nee COLLARD

15 Aug 1936 Somerset County Herald Dinnington Late Mr Thomas Salter BREWER of Lower Street Dinnington

26 Sep 1936 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Late Mrs Selina PRIOR at Buddle Shepton Beauchamp

10 Jul 1937 Somerset County Herald Taunton Death North Petherton Curry Rivel Stocklinch

15 Jan 1938 Somerset County Herald Seavington Death of Oldest Inhabitant Late Mr William SWAIN

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Ilminster inc YOUNG Oliver Cottage Broadway Petty Sessions Swan Inn SMITH to WOODALL Frome Alfred STANTON Cad Road Ilton

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Maintenance of Twins Joseph SHARP of Yenston Templecombe and Kathleen Gladys NURSE of Orchard Cottage Yenston

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Garden Fete Proceeds for Waifs and Strays Society includes Rev TRITTON Curry Mallet Mrs and Miss JACOBS Seavington

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Wedding at Parish Church Miss Dora Lena HARRIS of Ilminster and Mr Sidney George WILLS of Seavington St Mary

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Ilminster A Soldier Rebuked Application for Order of Maintenance for Child Iris DURRANT of Horton Ilminster Edward ELFORD

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Kingsbury Episcopi The Late Mrs Beatrice Maud BEST includes MALE

07 Jan 1939 Somerset County Herald Curry Mallet Hambridge Ilminster Wedding Betty OATEN Wiveliscombe Will includes Dorothy HAWKINS

01 Apr 1939 Somerset County Herald Local Notes and Queries Suicide Graves

13 May 1939 Somerset County Herald Seavington A Shepton Beauchamp Bridegroom Wedding of Mr James M. ROWSWELL and Miss Margaret SWAIN

01 Sep 1939 The Western Gazette The Property Market Byron House Martock Galhampton and Castle Cary Horsey Farm Muchelney Hill View Farm Fivehead

16 Sep 1939 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Curry Rivel Fivehead Ashill

28 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Pitney Fivehead Curry Mallet Seavington Curry Rivel

20 Jan 1940 Somerset County Herald Late Mr George Griffith CARNE WILLIAMS of Batts House Somerset Brewery Director and Sportsman Funeral at North Petherton

15 Jun 1940 Somerset County Herald Ile Brewers Marriage of Mr Leslie Frank HEWLETT and Miss Doris Louvain HOCKEY

25 Jul 1942 Somerset County Herald Handbells Rung Over Grave Mr Joseph MADDOCK of the Wood Street Inn Taunton

24 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Sudden Death Edward George WINTER of Portland Living at 2 Park View Cricket Lane and Tanks for Attack Campaign

31 Jul 1943 Somerset County Herald Trying to make up time Sidney Ernest Sulva TEMLETT of 1 Old Road North Petherton fined for Speeding

26 Feb 1944 Somerset County Herald Road Fatality at Westport Inquest Verdict Mrs Sarah Jane BOND of Fernlea Barrington includes Mrs Mary Jane MALE

23 Jun 1945 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Death Caroline BRIDGE Shepton Beauchamp Seavington Death of Mrs Christiana SCOTT

07 Jun 1947 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Funeral of Mrs Julia Anna MARSHALSEA Wedding of Geoffrey George CORNELIUS and Miss Marjorie Edith Florence BISHOP

13 Oct 1956 Somerset County Herald Former Ilminster Farmer Funeral of Mr John BROMFIELD of 22 Listers Hill Formerly of Cross Farm Ilminster and Isle Brewers

29 Nov 1958 Somerset County Herald Church Was Filled Funeral Service at Horton Late Mrs Joan Eileen MALE nee SLADE of 16 Sharlands Barrington

18 Feb 1961 Somerset County Herald Ilminster John SPILLER 19 The Crescent Grace Florence TUDOR Raymond Robert TUDOR Wilfred James ROWSWELL Lyden Broadway

07 Sep 1963 Somerset County Herald Died at a Whist Drive Mr Charles WELFARE of 30 High Street Bishops Lydeard includes OATEN

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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