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Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Milverton, Somerset:


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29 Aug 1855 Taunton Courier Births, Marriages and Deaths includes Betty OATEN of Pitminster

29 Oct 1864 The Western Gazette Taunton Ploughing includes John HAWKINS and David OATEN

04 Jan 1865 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Sudden Death Mrs W. SLOCOMBE Petty Sessions Jane PUGSLEY of Heathfild Theft at The White Hart Hotel Milverton

27 May 1865 West Somerset Free Press Milverton Coroner's Inquest Holme Near Screedy Milverton on Susan GOLDSWORTHY inc William and Susan GOLDSWORTHY Ann HODGE

10 Apr 1867 Taunton Courier Milverton Fivehead

27 Sep 1867 The Western Gazette Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Richard FOURACRE Butcher Milverton Charles FOURACRE Baker Milverton

05 Oct 1867 Somerset County Gazette Wellington Police Court includes stolen Purse from FOURACRE of Kittisford <Robert and Jane>

13 May 1868 Taunton Courier Taunton News includes Fire Mr KNIGHT Kingston Severe Accident Rowford House Robert THORNE and Charles OATEN

14 Sep 1870 Taunton Courier Milverton Fatal Accident on the Devon and Somerset Railway William HAYES

14 Jan 1871 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages Deaths inc Watchet Wellington Bishops Lydeard Taunton Bridgwater Wiveliscombe Bishops Hull MALE Stratton Milverton

06 May 1871 West Somerset Free Press Milverton Somerset To Be Sold by Auction Globe Hotel Milverton inc Isaac BICKNELL Mrs Ann LOCK

13 Sep 1873 West Somerset Free Press Dulverton Special Sessions James QUARTLEY of Withypool Sergeant EDMONDS Harriet REED James REED Mr PAYNE Milverton Mary QUARTLEY

30 May 1874 West Somerset Free Press Milverton Sheep Shearing Match includes Henry BICKNELL of Pitminster

14 Aug 1875 Chard and Ilminster News Taunton Thunderstorm Lightning Flooding Escape of Balloon Petty Session INNOE SHUTE DREWITT Police Court BROOKMAN COX

26 Feb 1879 Taunton Courier Taunton News Death Mr Isaac BICKNELL of Sherford Farm Taunton Formerly of the Globe Hotel Milverton and Canonsgrove Farm Pitminster

17 Oct 1879 The Western Gazette Somerset Quarter Sessions inc DEAN Yeovil KIDNER KING Creech St Michael CRIDLAND Milverton Solomon and Ozette PALMER Othery

03 Aug 1892 Taunton Courier Taunton News Mr James Bond COLES Solicitor Died at Tiverton inc Haines' Hill and Milverton and Tiverton Funeral at Wilton

19 Sep 1894 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

08 Feb 1899 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

18 Feb 1899 West Somerset Free Press Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions P RADFORD White Hart Hotel Wiveliscombe George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

26 Apr 1899 Taunton Courier Wellington Police Court John HURFORD Ashbrittle Thatcher

31 May 1899 Taunton Courier Milverton Property Sale includes Mr R. FOURACRE

01 Aug 1900 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe includes Petty Sessions George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

27 Dec 1900 West of England Advertiser Somerset Family Poisoned Five Deaths Walter MAUNDER and Family Oake Somerset

06 Feb 1901 Taunton Courier Oake The Oake Poisoning Mystery Adjourned Inquest Mrs MAUNDER Lily Thomas John inc Laura William RAFFLES Eliza BROOM Royal Oak

20 Apr 1904 Taunton Courier Births Marriages Deaths inc BADCOCK Wood Street BRASS Creech St Michael DERRICK and WALL North Curry EVERY Henlade William GRILLS Taunton

12 Apr 1905 Taunton Courier The Drowning Case at Milverton Mr Charles FOURACRE Labourer of North-street Milverton husband of Matilda FOURACRE

19 Aug 1908 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Police Court inc Henry PUGSLEY Milverton John JOYCE Preston Farm Milverton Charles HAWKINS Huish Champflower George HAWKINS

21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

22 Apr 1915 Clifton Society Wills HANCOCK Milverton SAINSBURY Minehead PRATT-BARLOW AWDRY FIRTH Bath RICKETTS inc Alice and Edith PERRAM HUNT

21 Jun 1916 Taunton Courier Sales by Auction includes Manworthy Milverton Kittisford Milverton Estate Late Charles FOURACRE and Livestock Greenway Wiveliscombe

28 Sep 1917 Somerset and West of England Advertiser Fouracres and one acre George FOURACRE Timber Dealer Milverton

17 Aug 1921 Taunton Courier Death of Mr Archibald CHANNING Member of Old Taunton Family at Lowlands Taunton inc Father Henry CHANNING

11 Oct 1922 Taunton Courier West Somerset Genealogy DODDERIDGE, otherwise DUDDERIDGE

30 May 1923 Taunton Courier Wellington Petty Sessions Florence HELLINGS Wellington Charles TOOZE Milverton MACHIN BIRD ROBERTS Eliza Jane ROBERTS Rockwell Green

19 Mar 1924 Taunton Courier Milverton Funeral Mr John TAYLOR

01 Oct 1924 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Unfenced Machinery FOURACRE Bros Arthur FOURACRE Timber Merchants Milverton

29 May 1925 The Wells Journal Somerset Assize at Wells includes Leonard OTTON Brothers Theft of Foodstuffs Sidney James BINDING and Robert John BINDING at Watchet

02 Dec 1925 Taunton Courier Wellington Petty Sessions includes Arthur FOURACRE Timber Merchant of Milverton Witness

26 Jun 1929 Taunton Courier Taunton News Death of Mrs Gertrude HUTCHINGS of 22 Leslie Avenue Native of Milverton includes FOURACRE

09 Jan 1931 The Western Times Holcombe Rogus Funeral of Mrs Laura GRANT of Whipcott Holcombe Rogus includes TOOZE

07 Nov 1934 Taunton Courier Milverton Two deaths within four days Mrs Elizabeth Ann WILSON and Mrs Florence BURSTON, FOURACRE sisters

26 Jun 1935 Taunton Courier Late Mr. James Ernest Triscombe TROTT Ruishton Funeral

20 Nov 1935 Taunton Courier Wellington Wedding Miss Rose May WATTON to Leslie George SHARLAND

20 May 1936 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Court includes Helen COOMBES of Bishops Hull William CRIDLAND of 8 North Town Crescent and Hilda Maud JERVIS Pitminster Lodge

19 Sep 1936 Somerset County Herald Wellington Tree Felling Mishap Mr Arthur FOURACRE of Ford Bridge Milverton

20 Mar 1937 Somerset County Herald Milverton Businessman Funeral Mr Arthur FOURACRE

17 Jul 1937 Somerset County Herald Late William John SMALL Wick Farm Langport Service and Interment Curry Rivel Parish Church BURROUGH HAWKES HEMBROW BARLING GENT

23 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Passages Under Taunton A.R.P. Organiser Exploring Ready-Made Bomb Shelters inc DUNBAR GOODLAND ILES HAARER JENNINGS Milverton

19 Nov 1938 Somerset County Herald Milverton Late Mr Louis KING of Sand Street Motor and Cycle Dealer Died in Taunton and Somerset Hospital

25 Nov 1939 Somerset County Herald Clayhidon Cat Aged 36 Milverton Cat in its 23rd Year inc Mrs T. HOLWAY of Rosemary Lane Clayhidon

17 Feb 1940 Somerset County Herald Milverton Womens Institute inc Mrs Moberly BELL Mrs SLANEY and Mrs DEACON

20 Sep 1941 Somerset County Herald Well-Known Bellringer Mr Willie CROSS A Native of Fitzhead Lived in Milverton

04 Jul 1942 Somerset County Herald Married 55 Years John WINTER and Mrs Emma Jane WINTER nee JONES of 102 Park Gate Cheddon Fitzpaine inc Robert BRUFORD Ald KINGSBURY

17 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Anti-Hunting Farmer Alleges Prejudice Milverton Arson Charge Fails includes Gilbert Thomas WENSLEY

17 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Milverton Air Training Corps

11 Jun 1943 Shepton Mallet Journal Student Nurse Bound Over Molly Elizabeth FOURACRE Fore Street Milverton

11 Jun 1943 The Wells Journal The Porlock Nursery Case Mollie Elizabeth FOURACRE Student Nurse Milverton

26 Jun 1943 Somerset County Herald Tricycling at 84 Cheddon Couple Married 56 Years John WINTER 102 Park Gate Cheddon Fitzpaine Mrs WINTER Dau Samuel JONES Milverton

08 Jan 1944 Somerset County Herald Death of Mr Arthur Wrayford DUDER Chairman of County Stores Ltd inc Squadron Leader Eric DUDER D.F.C., D.S.O., Rugby Player

06 Jan 1945 Somerset County Herald More Centenarians includes DOMINY Chard BAULCH Yeovil DADDS nee JENNINGS Milverton Ann DUDDERIDGE Norton Fitzwarren

06 Apr 1946 Somerset County Herald Golden Wedding Mr. Richard DYTE and Mrs Matilda Ellen DYTE nee TALBOT

22 Jun 1946 Somerset County Herald Milverton Licence Transfer of The White Hart Hotel Milverton Reginald John FISHER Richard JENNINGS and Bertram Lewis STOCK

22 Jun 1946 Somerset County Herald Skylarking at Milverton Richard Alfred COOK Bishops Lydeard Winifred STOCK The White Hart Hotel Milverton Norman HAYMAN Ilton

07 Dec 1946 Somerset County Herald Veteran Taunton Sportsman Death of Mr Richard DYTE

07 May 1949 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Death and Funeral Mr E NORTHCOMBE Hyde Park Funeral of Miss Muriel I TRIPP Fore Street North Petherton

30 Dec 1950 Somerset County Herald Former Licensees Wife Caroline CRIDLAND 38 Winchester Street Taunton Mr and Mrs Jack CATTLE White Hart Hotel East Reach

02 Aug 1958 Somerset County Herald Milverton Boy Cyclist Injured Terence BINDING of 30 Courtfields Milverton

13 Sep 1958 Somerset County Herald Milverton Boy Injured Terence BINDING of 30 Courtfield Milverton

10 Oct 1959 Somerset County Herald Mrs CRIDLAND 102 Voted By Post Of Milverton Born in Tolland inc Mr and Mrs F. BRICE Florida

12 Nov 1960 Somerset County Herald Milverton No Light Terrence BINDING Courtfields Fined at Wiveliscombe Tony TRICKEY Courtfields

26 Aug 1961 Somerset County Herald Milverton Funeral of Mrs Caroline VICKERY died at her Home 40 Courtfields Milverton inc WYATT SELLICK CORNISH

29 Sep 1962 Somerset County Herald Died Aged 104 Mrs Mary Ann CRIDLAND Milverton Born at Tolland

10 Nov 1962 Somerset County Herald A Milverton Youth Further Inquiries into Death Inquest on Terrence BINDING of 30 Courtfields Milverton

25 Jan 1964 Somerset County Herald Milverton Children Entertained Milverton Labour Party Gave Its Annual Christmas Party inc Leonard PIKE Ern REDWOOD Mrs L. REDWOOD

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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