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My Genealogy

Below is a vague list of my direct ancestors. All places are in Somerset, England unless otherwise stated.

(the Hyperlinks below are to ALL instances of the surname highlighted that I have documents for, not just my family). All my research is very slowly being added to Ancestry


My paternal grandfather's family was believed to be Welsh, but originally came from West Monkton and Creech St Michael ….. but there was a glitch in my paternal line a few generations back, and instead of having the expected HAWKINS from Wales and West Monkton and Creech St Michael, Somerset, I descend from the early settlers in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm probably a HILTZ by direct paternal descent, with various other names thrown in eg BEZANZON, KEDDY, MAILLARD, GRANGE, BOUTILLIER etc. I need to do a lot more research on that branch of the family. Whilst I know a lot about the different families, I haven't figured out exactly how my tree joins to the Nova Scotia tree.

My paternal great-grandmother was Rose PRING born 9 Apr 1884 at Taunton and married Charles James HAWKINS on the 10 Oct 1904 at Pontypridd Register Office. DNA results show that her parents were Thomas Edward PRING and Sarah Ann ADAMS (although the copy of her marriage certificate that I have, says that her father was James PRING).
Joan TOLLER married James PRING on the 26 Sep 1839 at West Monkton, Somerset.

Sarah ADAMS married Thomas Edward PRING in 1864 in Taunton, Somerset.

Ann NORTHCOTT married George ADAMS in 1843 at Taunton. Her parents John NORTHCOTT and Sarah CHIGLETT were married 25 Dec 1818 Taunton St Mary, Somerset.

Mary MOCKRIDGE married George ADAMS on the 19 Jan 1819 Taunton St James, Somerset. Her parents James MOCKRIDGE and Sarah OLIVER were married on the 28 Nov 1790 at Pitminster, Somerset.


Hannah LANGFORD married William ADAMS on the 12 Feb 1793 Taunton St Mary, Somerset. Her parents, Robert LANGFORD and Jane ORCHARD were married 14 Aug 1768 at North Petherton, Somerset.
My paternal grandmothers family came from Taunton and the nearby areas of Angersleigh, Corfe, Pitminster, Staple Fitzpaine and Trull. The name Henry Thomas OATEN was used by both my great-grandfather and his father. After searching the PR's of Angersleigh and missing my 2nd great grandfathers baptism (Joel OATEN), I eventually found it on the web, he was baptised on the 16 Jun 1822 at Angersleigh.

Ellen TALBOT married Henry Thomas OATEN on the 07 Aug 1881 at Taunton St Mary. Her father was Frederick TALBOT bap 18 Jul 1824 at Selworthy.

Sarah BULL married Frederick TALBOT on the 24 May 1846 at St Mary Magdalen, Taunton.

Elizabeth or Betsy EAMES married Jesse TALBOT on the 18 May 1824 at St Mary Magdalen, Taunton.

Mary VENN married William EAMES or EAME on the 25 Mar 1794 at Selworthy.

PARKHOUSE Amy PARKHOUSE baptised at Pitminster on the 27 Dec 1681 married Michael OATEN or WOOTTON on the 12 Apr 1711 at Taunton St James.

My paternal great-grandmothers family came from Kittisford. My great-grandmother was an Elizabeth Stella or Stella Eliza FOURACRE and she married Henry Thomas (Harry) OATEN on the 02 May 1908, probably at Wellington. Her father was a James Hayes FOURACRE, his obituary on the 24 Oct 1906 gives the following information "The Fouracres, it is interesting to notice, have been Clerks or Sextons at Kittisford Church for many generations" it also says that he has a "long family". The name Aaron crops up in a few generations of this family.

Oake and Hillfarrance area of Somerset. My 4
th great-grandfather, James HAYES, was the founder of hamlet of Hillcommon.

Hillfarrance and Norton Fitzwarren area of Somerset

Skilgate area of Somerset

Ashbrittle and Chipstable area of Somerset

My maternal grandfathers line lived in North Petherton, but originated in Kentisbeare, Devon. This surname seems to be quite rare. My grandparents had 4 girls who all married, so unfortunately the name died out in our direct line.

My maternal grandmothers line are from North Petherton. Mary Anne PARKER married Elias ROOKLEY or RUCKLEY on the 23 Dec 1884 at the Register Office Bridgwater.

North Petherton. Hannah SLOCOMBE married James PARKER on the 28 Nov 1859 at Taunton, Somerset, her parents were John SLOCOMBE and Ann GARDENER from North Petherton

North Petherton. Sarah WILTSHIRE married Charles PARKER on the 05 Apr 1830 at North Petherton, Somerset. Her parents were James WILTSHIRE and Ann JONES who married on the 14 Apr 1800 at North Petherton

My maternal great-grandfather line moved around between Fivehead, Barrington, Puckington, Somerset etc. I have a lot of information on this side of the family tree, from this area and surrounding areas including Kingsbury Episcopi, etc. Absalom MALE crops up for 3 generations, and is a name that easily distinguishes my line from the many other branches in the area.

Dinnington and Kingsbury Episcopi

My maternal great-grandfather line. Based around Pitney, High Ham, Curry Rivel, and Long Sutton, Somerset. For a long time, George RICHARDS was one of my brick walls. My George RICHARDS just seemed to appear in Pitney for his marriage on the 27 Feb 1832. All the records pointed to him having born about 1810 and he gave his birthplace as Pitney. DNA matches indicate that my George RICHARDS was the George RICHARDS baptised to James RICHARDS and Elizabeth or Betty PITTARD on the 25 Dec 1807 at Long Sutton, Somerset.

My maternal great-grandfather line. Based around Pitney and High Ham.

Pitney and High Ham.

Pitney and High Ham.

Fivehead and Lambrook.

West Pennard

Fivehead, Isle Abbots and Isle Brewers


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