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Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Wiveliscombe, Somerset:


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Newspaper Articles:

07 Jul 1823 Bristol Mercury Inquests in Somerset includes Sarah OATEN at Pitminster Births Married Died Mr Robert BOWMAN aged 118

06 Apr 1839 Somerset County Gazette Somerset Lent Assizes includes OATEN Pitminster Stealing Turkeys Nisi Prius

09 Jul 1856 Taunton Courier Somerset Quarter Sessions includes John OATEN stealing lead from Pitminster Church

25 Oct 1862 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages and Deaths includes BURGE of North Petherton and Creech St Michael and Thomas FOURACRE of Angersleigh

04 Jan 1865 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Sudden Death Mrs W. SLOCOMBE Petty Sessions Jane PUGSLEY of Heathfield Theft at The White Hart Hotel Milverton

27 Sep 1867 Western Gazette and Flying Post 27 Sep 1867 Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Richard FOURACRE Butcher of Milverton and Charles FOURACRE Baker Milverton

07 Jul 1869 Taunton Couriter Somerset Midsummer Sessions inc DOMMETT BICKHAM Kingston WINTER HAWKINS Durston DOLLIN Ruishton BURGE Bradford

03 May 1871 Taunton Courier Births Marriages Deaths includes MEADE of Fivehead, Mary OWENS of Rowbarton daughter of Betty OATEN

05 Jan 1872 The Western Times Kentisbeare Cullompton

21 Oct 1874 Taunton Courier Somerset Quarter Sessions includes STONE WATTS Wellington GOODMAN Taunton CHANTER Wiveliscombe DAVIS North Curry

21 Apr 1876 The Western Times Cullompton Petty Sessions

12 Feb 1879 Taunton Courier Somerset Winter Assize inc MALE Buckland St Mary LUTLEY Wiveliscombe TUCKER Kingsbury Episcopi CHARD DEANE OATEN LOCK Taunton

06 Feb 1884 Taunton Courier Somerset Winter Assizes includes OATEN

01 Dec 1886 Taunton Courier Kingston Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes theft from W S HAY of Hillcommon

26 Apr 1882 Taunton Courier Births Marriages Deaths inc PAUL Ilminster VOULES Beercrocombe and Bradon CORNISH Fulwood Pitminster TAYLOR Hambridge

29 Aug 1888 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

02 Jul 1890 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe inc E Company 2nd Somerset V.B. Captain BERE Lieut E. L. HANCOCK Lieut KNOLLYS and Rev W. NICHOLETTS

18 Feb 1899 West Somerset Free Press Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions P RADFORD White Hart Hotel Wiveliscombe George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

01 Aug 1900 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe includes Petty Sessions George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

22 Jun 1904 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Sad Occurrence Death of Son of Philip RADFORD White Hart Hotel

25 Jun 1904 West Somerset Free Press Wiveliscombe includes The Drowning Fatality Frank RADFORD White Hart Hotel

12 Apr 1905 Taunton Courier The Drowning Case at Milverton Mr Charles FOURACRE Labourer of North-street Milverton husband of Matilda FOURACRE

05 Nov 1910 West Somerset Free Press Williton Petty Sessions includes Ernest PAYNE of Langley Wiveliscombe and Anne SEARLE of Mineral Cottage Watchet

22 Apr 1915 Clifton Society Wills HANCOCK Milverton SAINSBURY Minehead PRATT-BARLOW AWDRY FIRTH Bath RICKETTS inc Alice and Edith PERRAM HUNT

21 Jun 1916 Taunton Courier Sales by Auction includes Manworthy Milverton Kittisford Milverton Estate Late Charles FOURACRE and Livestock Greenway Wiveliscombe

11 Jul 1917 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal includes William A. B. BADCOE Barrington and Sidney BECKEY of Pitney

28 Sep 1917 Somerset and West of England Advertiser Fouracres and one acre George FOURACRE Timber Dealer Milverton

12 Jun 1918 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal

01 Oct 1924 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Unfenced Machinery FOURACRE Bros Arthur FOURACRE Timber Merchants Milverton

29 May 1925 The Wells Journal Somerset Assize at Wells includes Leonard OTTON Brothers Theft of Foodstuffs Sidney James BINDING and Robert John BINDING at Watchet

15 Jan 1930 Taunton Courier Taunton Woman Charged Beatrice Annie SMITH 7 Court East Reach inc Francis Henry and Lily Alice DUDDRIDGE 29 Eastleigh Road

29 Jan 1930 Taunton Courier Somerset Assize inc Mrs Beatrice Ann SMITH of 7 Court East Reach Taunton and Mr Francis Henry DUDDRIDGE 29 Eastleigh Road

09 Jul 1930 Taunton Courier 5th Somerset Light Infantry Token and Book of Remembrance

21 Jul 1933 The Western Times Holcombe Rogus Funeral of Mr. Charles TOOZE

05 Sep 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Carnival Revels includes OATEN and MANUEL

07 Sep 1934 The Shepton Mallet Journal Successful Carnival Taunton

10 Oct 1934 Taunton Courier Golden Wedding Celebrations Sir William and Lady MEADE-KING nee Agneta Sophia HARRISON of Walford House West Monkton

21 Nov 1936 Somerset County Herald Wiveliscombe Minister's Daughter Weds Miss Florence Ellen BETTS to Mr Raymond HURFORD

07 Jan 1939 Somerset County Herald Curry Mallet Hambridge Ilminster Wedding Betty OATEN Wiveliscombe Will includes Dorothy HAWKINS

01 Apr 1939 Somerset County Herald Local Notes and Queries Suicide Graves

10 Aug 1940 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Funeral of Mrs Agnes Mabel MEAD of 1 Stankley View Shepton Beauchamp Wife of Mr Frank MEAD

04 Jan 1941 Somerset County Herald Wiveliscombe Wedding of Mr Gordon Edwin GRIGG and Miss Phyllis Joan HORNE

16 Oct 1943 Somerset County Herald Notes and Queries A Question of Age includes Elizabeth OATEN Pitminster and her daughter Betty WESCOMB

22 Jun 1946 Somerset County Herald Wiveliscombe The Late Mrs E. M. NATION of 3 Southgate Wiveliscombe

20 Dec 1947 Somerset County Herald Surprise After A Marriage Selina Elizabeth Sarah BINDING nee HITCHCOTT Miltons Cottage Chipstaple Charles Sidney BINDING

07 May 1949 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Death and Funeral Mr E NORTHCOMBE Hyde Park Funeral of Miss Muriel I TRIPP Fore Street North Petherton

15 Apr 1950 Somerset County Herald Wiveliscombe Funeral of Mrs Nellie Elizabeth SAFFIN nee OATEN

27 Oct 1956 Somerset County Gazette Death Mrs Elizabeth Stella OATEN

08 Aug 1959 Somerset County Herald Mrs Maria Jane SALTER 101 on Monday of 6 Hammett Street North Petherton includes Miss Edith SALTER

12 Nov 1960 Somerset County Herald Milverton No Light Terrence BINDING Courtfields Fined at Wiveliscombe Tony TRICKEY Courtfields

15 Apr 1961 Somerset County Herald Mistook Cleaning Fluid for Gin Taunton Inquest on Mr Frederick John BETTY of 58 Greenway Crescent Taunton

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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