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Clement Schindler

Clement Schindler, a son of Raymond Schindler (see sketch), was born in Perry County in 1852. He remained at home until his marriage when he bought 140 acres of land near the old homestead upon which he has since resided.

Mr. Schindler, was first married in November, 1878, to Julia C. Killian, a daughter of John M. & Matilda Killian, by whom he is the father of four children: Verena J., born June 19, 1880; Helena Mary, born August 18, 1883; Colette Bernardine, born on October 20, 1884; and Alfred Benedict Clement, born November 25, 1885.

Mrs. Schindler died on April 6, 1887, and on May 15, 1888, Mr. Schindler married Mary T., a daughter of Henry Johnson. Both he and wife are members of the Catholic Church, and he is a Democrat in politics.

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The Goodspeed Publishing Company compiled a series of histories of various counties in the U.S. in the late 19th century. The information in the History of Southeast Missouri, published in 1888, was provided by the contemporary residents of Perry County and her neighboring counties. The biographies are a valuable source of genealogical information, despite a few minor inaccuracies. We are glad to present the transcribed biographies here for anyone researching Perry County's history.

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