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Alphabetical list of all  known Daviess County cemetery  names, second names, former names, and even erroneous names (** are cemeteries not in Daviess County.) 


  79 of about 100 Transcriptions Online:
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#5 Alta Vista



Daviess County Genealogical Records Online

Biography & History: Biography Source Guide

Burial & Monument Records:
Caldwell Co. Funeral Home Records A sprinkling of Daviess County burials mixed in records on UsGenWeb Caldwell Co.  Archives.  Try search by surname, cemetery name, or locale.
Britton/Sloan Monument Order Index 1873-1982 Monument Order Index in progress of being added online for NW MO area including Daviess County.  Extremely helpful particularly when a tombstone is missing or unreadable; courtesy Northwest Missouri Cemeteries.  A Picosearch is available or browse by monument order date.  A partial separate surname database is also available.

Census (free sites):
1840 Images Images only courtesy Missouri Mackley website; not indexed.
1840 Name & Age Index Courtesy Jim Stout's Caldwell/Daviess/Livingston site..
1840 Complete Transcription Submitted to Rootsweb by Knowles, Knowles & Breeding
1850 Census & Slaveowner Index
Complete index heads of households & slaveowners by Steve Reid.  Selected heads cross-referenced to 1860 census.
1850 Images Images only courtesy Missouri Mackley website; not indexed.
1850 Slave Images only courtesy Missouri Mackley website; not indexed.
1860 Benton Twp Index Index for Benton township; no images.  Courtesy Randy's Genealogy Pages.
1860 Images Images only courtesy Missouri Mackley website; not indexed.
1870 Partial Index Index for Benton, Colfax, Liberty, and Washington townships courtesy UsGenWeb Archives; no images.
1870 Jefferson Twp Index Head of household index for Jefferson Twp by Steve Reid
1880 Surname-search transcribed database of entire 1880 census, including Daviess County courtesy Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; no images.
1900 Selected EDs A head of household surname index for Benton (including some of Pattonsburg), Harrison (partial), Jefferson, (western) Marion, & Monroe townships by Steve Reid.  Selected families with cross-reference notes. 
1900 ED61 A transcription in progress for Union township by Steve Reid.  Selected families with cross-reference notes.
1910 ED59 Surname index for Monroe township by Steve Reid; no images.  Selected families with cross-reference notes.
1920 ED62 & 65 Every name index for Monroe township and head of household surname Union Twp (excl Gallatin) by Steve Reid; no images.  Selected families transcribed.

Land Patent Records  Database of eastern states original landowners with the acquisition dates, including Daviess County; courtesy BLM

Map Source Guide A list of all major maps of Daviess County and their repositories or online availability, compiled by Steve Reid through 2008.

Randy's Daviess County Genealogy Pages  Index to Daviess County Marriages, Pattonsburg: 100-year Story Book, Daviess Co. Links.
Daviess County Marriages & Divorces 1837-1898  Courtesy UsGenWeb Daviess County website.
Daviess County Marriage Book M 1911-1920 (in progress)  A transcription by Steve Reid sorted by:  Groom Surname  Bride Surname with links to images

Military & Government:
1883 Pensioners on the Roll  Mostly lists Union Civil War pensioners and widows, but other war pensioners listed as well.  Transcribed by Gordon Byers.  [Note:  The original site is gone; this is a Wayback Machine index of the page as it stood in 2005]
The Political Graveyard  Famous politicians from Daviess County and their burials.
Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866  Database index of Civil War loyalty investigative papers, 7 Daviess County men included; courtesy MO Sec of State.
Missouri Soldiers Database  Database of Missouri soldiers' service records from all wars through WWI, courtesy MO Sec of State.

Gallatin North Missourian  Searchable obituaries back through 1999. 
Northwest Missouri Cemeteries  A few Daviess County obituaries c. 1960-1999 contained in a database of NW MO obituaries. 

Vitals (see also Websites, below):
1883-1893 Permanent Record of Births and Deaths  Some births/deaths in Daviess County between 1883-1893 were recorded and preserved in this record; courtesy MO Sec of State.
Missouri Death Certificate Database 1910-1960  Missouri Sec. of State Database of death certificates over 50 years old including images

Websites with multiple types of records:
Caldwell/Daviess/Livingston Counties Genealogical & Historical Records  Searchable databases including cemeteries in the area where the three counties adjoin by Jim Stout.  Actively adding information.
Daviess County Archives (UsGenWeb)  Daviess County digital library of records. A few unique items here.
Daviess County Homepage (UsGenWeb)  Various Daviess County genealogy helps. 
Northwest Missouri Cemeteries  Transcriptions of cemeteries; obituaries; funeral home records for counties in NW Missouri including Daviess.  Actively adding information.
Randy's Daviess County Genealogy Pages  Index to Daviess County Marriages, Pattonsburg: 100-year Story Book, Daviess Co. Links.

General Information Links

Cemeteries in general:
AGS- FAQ Tombstone rubbing Do's and Don'ts; excellent site for tombstone information from the Association for Gravestone Studies.
The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project An effort to put a freely-available transcription online for every cemetery in the USA.
Saving Graves A site dedicated to identifying and protecting endangered cemeteries in the USA.
Cemeteries of the United States Links to information on cemeteries nationwide.
Cemetery Culture: City of the Silent Index A fun site for cemetery music, clip art, symbolism and information.
Missouri Cemetery Mailing List Homepage Find transcriptions online for cemeteries in other Missouri counties.

Daviess Co. Local & Historical:
Northwest Missouri  Local Northwest Missouri website includes Daviess County news, links, tourism, and information.

Libraries & Repositories of Daviess Co. Genealogical Records:
Allen County Public Library Publisher of PERSI index to genealogical periodicals.
Daughters of the American Revolution Library Located in Washington, D.C., repository of many cemetery transcriptions.
Daviess County Library This small library, located in Gallatin just SW of the courthouse boasts a nice collection of genealogical resources and great service.
Daviess County Repository Source Guide  An incomplete guide to online and offline Daviess County resources compiled 2004 by Steve Reid.
Family History Library Located in Salt Lake City, UT, many of its vast collections are accessible through its Centers throughout North America.
Missouri State Archives Located in Jefferson City, the archives is active in digitalizing portions of its vast holdings.
State Historical Society of Missouri Located in Columbia, includes many cemetery transcriptions, plat books, historical works, etc.

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