Trotter Cemetery Transcription

Trotter Cemetery Transcription & Photos

By Steven Reid

In 1973, the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) transcribed Trotter cemetery calling it an addendum to Crab Orchard cemetery. The DAR noted only two tombstones, that of Jonathan Trotter (1800-1863) and Mark Trotter (1831-1886).

In my August 2000 visit to Trotter Cemetery, I discovered a cemetery in total disarray. All tombstones were knocked over, some buried, some apparently lost. I gave rapid but thorough examination of the grounds in hopes of uncovering all the tombstones. I would not be surprised in the future if someone were to find one or more stones I had missed, although I found what I could with the time I allotted myself for the project--and certainly, consoling myself, this was more than the DAR transcription.

I counted a total of 15 stones: 7 bases, 4 headstones, 3 footstones, and 1 rough stone--possibly a marker or just a stone. It certainly leaves me wondering given 7 bases, then are there not at least 7 burials? Who are then the two I am missing from this transcription? My speculation would be to surmise that they are spouses of those whose names are given in this transcription, though I emphasize it is speculation.

This cemetery is utterly neglected and needs careful reexamination and preservation; at least this transcription serves as a starting point.

This transcription is arranged by alphabetical order by surname. I recorded all tombstone writings as accurately and completely as possible although the stones ranged from difficult to nearly impossible to read. [My own notes in braces.]


Overview Photos

Phoebe A. Hughes grouping overview

Jonathan/Nancy Trotter grouping overview


PHOEBE A. wife of E. S. HUGHES died [the following dates are my best guess and were nearly impossible for me to read] Sept 9 1893 Age 27Y 3M 28D
"In my father's house are many mansions" "Farewell"
JONATHAN D. born Oct 5, 1800 died May 3, 1861; there also is a nearby footstone J. D. T.
MARK F. ded [sic] Feb 28, 1892 Aged 21Y 7M 1Day
MARK F. died Feb 11, 1886 56Y 5M [6M?]; there is also a nearby footstone M. F. T.
NANCY --This is based solely on my conclusion that a footstone N. T. near the footstone J. D. T. is the footstone for Nancy Trotter, Jonathan's wife. There is also a headstone base with no headstone next to the headstone and base of Jonathan Trotter.

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