Valladingham Cemetery



Valladingham Cemetery
Marion Township, Daviess County, Missouri
(Also Referred to As:  James, Logston, McCulley & Meade Cemetery; McCulley Cemetery; Kenneth Mason Farm Cemetery; and incorrectly as Muddy Cemetery.  Also correctly spelled without the "n" as in  "Valladigham" and misspelled "Vallingham".)

First Known Burial: 1848
Last Known Burial: 1893

About the Name:
Valladingham Cemetery receives its name from the Valladingham Family although it is unknown the exact reason why this family surname is attached to the cemetery.  The 1876 plat does record a Wm. Valladingham a nearby landowner.

Valladingham Cemetery in picture center -- Oct 2002


Location Infomation:


40 01' 02"N
94 08' 05"W


Section 15,
T60N, R29W


Very Difficult

Driving Directions:
-- From Interstate 35 take exit 72--DD Hwy--and go west (to your left if you are headed north on I-35) about 1 mile on DD until Hwy 69. Turn right (north) and go 1 1/4 miles until Ivory Av which is gravel.  Turn left (west) on Ivory for 1/2 mile to the intersection of 137 St.  Here on the right (north) side of the road lies the Kenneth Mason farming complex with silos, etc.  The cemetery lies about 1/4 mile west of the road.  I was able to reach it by going north on 137 St. 1/4 mile, going through the first gate to my left, crossing a man-made bridge across a gully to my left and heading across a field in a westerly direction to timber.  The cemetery can be seen with a careful eye from the edge of the field as shown by the picture above.


With my back to Vallandingham Cemetery, I took this photo looking towards Kenneth Mason farm complex.


Maintenance Info:
-- Based on my October 2002 visit, Vallandingham Cemetery is not being actively cared for. The cemetery has a old fence around most of the tombstones, but there is at least one tombstone and other candidates of stones marking burial sites outside of the small fenced area.

Needs Help!

Transcription Info:


Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (1972)
-- Identified as "Small Cemetery on Kenneth Mason Farm" containing four surnames:  JAMES, McCULLEY, LOGSTON, MEADE.


Tree Climbers  (unknown date, possibly c. 1970's)
-- Two more enumerations than DAR transcription

Online Only

Sources & Maps:

(1) The 1876 Plat Book shows the landowner for the area containing Vallandingham Cemetery as a "R. T. James."  Adjacent to R.T.'s land is "J. H. James" who is buried in Vallandingham Cemetery.  A mile northeast of Vallandingham Cemetery is a "Wm. Vallandingham" landowner.
(2) The 1898 Plat Book plots a cemetery, unnamed as the practice for the plat book, in the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 of section 15, T60N, R29W.
(3) In the Daviess County Missouri Cemetery Index (c. 1973) by Cynthia Robinson the cemetery is misspelled "Vallingham."
(4) In the History of Daviess County (1984) on page 155, contributor Elizabeth Jeffries identifies a "McCulley Cemetery" in section 15, range 29, of Marion Township.  She correctly identifies the cemetery as being on the edge of Grindstone Creek but incorrectly identifies the 1876 landowner as "I. McCulley."  I suspect the reason for the error is due to a significant course change in Grindstone Creek since 1876 routing it 3/4 of a mile eastward today.  That is to say there is a I. McCulley 1876 landowner in section 15, but originally the cemetery lay on the route of the Grand River, not Grindstone Creek as it does today.
(5) The 1998 Plat Book lists in its index but does not plot a cemetery in section 15, T60, R29, naming it "Muddy Cemetery."  This was an unfortunate error which I perpetuated from 1998 to 2002.  The true Muddy Cemetery is also listed in the index of the 1998 Plat Book correctly identified in section 20 of the same township/range.


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