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June, 2008, by Steven Reid
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c. 1870 Land Patent Maps by Bureau of Land Management General Land Office

SUMMARY:  Original land patents (the first person to buy the land from the government) are plotted on map sketches of Daviess County.  Entries on the maps correspond to the land patent database maintained by the BLM excepting entries.

(O) CDL:  Map of T61 R29 (Benton Twp)
Map of T58 R26 (Harrison/S. Jackson Twps)
Map of T60 R29 (Marion Twp)
($M) BLM
March 10, 1870 Daviess County Township Map by Birdsall and Dean

SUMMARY:  Included in Birdsall & Deans 1882 History of Daviess county, page 306 is a map, or sketch of the townships of the county and the major towns of the time.  It is not known whether Birdsall created this map for his readers in 1882 based on his findings, or whether this actually represents a reprinting/resketching of the oldest known map of Daviess County.  Note that the township boundaries changed before the 1870 census to eliminate the township of Freedom.

(B) FHL (paper copy), MCPL, SHS, DCL (reprint)
($B) BP ($205), HIG ($90 reprint)
($CD) BP ($45)
1876 Daviess County Plat Book by Edwards Brothers, 55 pages

SUMMARY:  The first plat book made of Daviess County.  Contains a county overview map and land ownership maps arranged by geographical township/range beginning with T58N R26W (Harrison & So. Jackson civil townships) and continuing in snakelike fashion by range.  Also contains detailed city plats and history of the county as well as individual township.  Some cemeteries plotted.

(O) DCGW: Transcription of Business Reference (page 15)
1882 Daviess County Township Map by Birdsall and Dean

SUMMARY:  This was a fold-out map included in the History of Daviess County (1882).  It is in format similar to the county overview map in the 1876 Plat Book, albeit updated to reflect the changes that had occurred.

(O) DCGW: County township map
(B) FHL (paper copy), MCPL, SHS, DCL (reprint)
(RO) HQ (last pages of book)
($B) BP ($205), HIG ($90 reprint)
($CD) BP ($45 only part of map included)
1891 Rock Island Railroad Route by Matthews, Northrup, & Co.

SUMMARY:  Shows the multistate complete line of the Rock Island railroad (formerly called theChillicothe & Des Moines City, which changed to Chicago & Southwestern (Hist DC 1882 p. 394)) and thus suggests travel routes before the coming of the automobile.  Included on the map are Daviess County stops at Winston, Altamont, and Gallatin.

(O) MEML: Railroad map (slow loading)
1893-1921 Fire Maps by Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Company

SUMMARY:  Of perhaps little genealogical value due to lack of family names, these maps have great historical value into existing  town structures and businesses in Daviess county such as Pattonsburg and Gallatin.


(O) UMDL:  Search for a town or street name
1895 Daviess County Map -- US Atlas

SUMMARY:  Taken from a US 1895 Atlas, this is a  map of Daviess County towns in 1895, many of which are now gone.

(O) LGMI: County map (slow loading)
1898 Daviess County Plat Book by NorthWest Publishing Co., at least 31 pages

SUMMARY:  Contains land ownership maps arranged by geographical township/range beginning with T59N R26W (No. Jackson civil township) and proceeding in a complicated order generally from southeast to northwest Daviess County.  Detailed city plats are interspersed near their corresponding township maps.  Some cemeteries plotted.

(O) DCGW: All township map images
($M) MOSA ($15)
1916 Daviess County Plat Book by George A. Ogle & Co., at least 83 pages

SUMMARY:  Contains plat maps of townships, detailed city maps, and photographs of prominent individuals and structures.  Some cemeteries plotted.

1930 Daviess County Plat Book by W W Hixon & Co [also called the 192X plat book]

SUMMARY:  Contains land ownership maps.  Some cemeteries plotted.

(O) UMDL: All township map images
(O) CDL:  SE corner of Harrison/Jackson Twps
*1975 Daviess County Plat Book by Rockford Map Publishers (B) SHS
($B) RMP ($30)
*1985 Daviess County Plat Book by Rockford Map Publishers, 34 pages (B) FHL, MCPL, SHS
($B) RMP ($30)
*1990 Daviess County Plat Book by Mull Map Service (now Marceline Mapping), 34 pages

SUMMARY:  Contains land ownership maps; indexed.  Some cemeteries plotted and/or indexed.

($B) MM (by special reprint request only)
*1998 Daviess County Plat Book by Miller Management Services (now Marceline Mapping), 58 pages

SUMMARY:  Contains land ownership maps; indexed.  Some cemeteries plotted and/or indexed.

($B) MM ($10)
*2000 Jefferson Township Map & Factsheet by Steve Reid

SUMMARY:  Simple geopolitical map showing cemetery locations in Jefferson Twp.  Also includes present & historical facts.

(O) DCC: Jefferson Twp map
*2002 Daviess County Plat Book by Marceline Mapping ($B) MM ($50)
*c. 2002 Jamesport Area Country Map

SUMMARY:  Modern area map showing Jamesport Amish-area attractions in Daviess, Grundy, and Livingston Counties.  Plots some of the area cemeteries as well.  Although maintains what appears to be an update of this map, the older archived version linked here and available through is more detailed for genealogical purposes.

(O) JMC: Archived map
2003 Map of Daviess County Cemeteries by Steve Reid

SUMMARY:  Shows townships, towns, and plots cemetery locations with clickable hotspots to cemetery information.

(O) DCC: Map of Cemeteries
Daviess County General Highway Map by Missouri State Highway Department

SUMMARY:  A low-cost, professional, detailed, black & white county road map on 18"x27" paper.  The map is periodically updated.  Besides roads, the map plots and names streams, cities, townships, railroads, etc.   Unnamed map items include rural edifices, many cemeteries, unpaved roads, towers, and quarries.

(B) MCPL (1975 version)
(B) MDOT (current version around $1, maybe plus postage)
Daviess County Internet Cemetery Maps by Steve Reid

SUMMARY:  A webpage of links to maps by TerraServer and Tiger showing specific cemetery locations for many cemeteries.

(O) DCC: Cemetery links
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

SUMMARY:  GNIS is a publicly available project by the USGS which gives the names, altitudes, GPS coordinates, links to topographical (TerraServer and Topozone) maps, links to a political map (Tiger), and  links to aerial photos of geopolitical features by county.  Of particular interest to this guide are  the 15 cemeteries of Daviess County named by GNIS and their corresponding information & links.

(O) USGS: GNIS Cemetery listings (use the form to query for Daviess County, Missouri, feature type = cemetery)
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BLM = Bureau of Land Mgmt Gen Land Office Records
CDL = Caldwell, Daviess, Livingston Co. Genealogy
DCC = Daviess Co. Cemeteries
DCGW = Daviess County GenWeb
DCL = Daviess County Library
FHL = Family History Library
JMC = and
LGMI = Livingston County MI - Historical & Genealogical Project
MCPL = Mid-Continent Public Library--Genealogy Branch
MDOT = Missouri Dept of Transportation
MEML = MARDOS Memorial Library of On-Line Books & Maps
MM =
Marceline Mapping
MOSA = Missouri State Archives
RMP = Rockford Map Publishers
SHS = State Historical Society of Missouri
UMDL = University of Missouri Digital Library

USGS = US Geological Survey

For detail information on these sources, consult the Daviess County Source Guide