Daviess County, Missouri, Source Guide


Steven Reid, October 2004


The eventual goal of the Source Guide is to exhaustively list all available sources of genealogical and historical information and their most common or available repositories, both online and offline, to help foster Daviess County research.  This is an ambitious project that will, I am sure, span multiple years but will help amass our collective knowledge on Daviess County.  I will need both input and feedback to accomplish this project.  Please contact me via email.

The thought is for the Source Guide is to be listed topically in alphabetical order, something like as follows:



Source Guide Abbreviations & Repository List



A fee-based internet genealogical database provider.  Databases applicable to Daviess County include census, cemetery, and other records.

BLM = Bureau of Land Mgmt Gen Land Office Records  Springfield, VA
Government agency archive of land records including online searchable database.

BP = Brookhaven Press
Publisher of historic books both in hardbound and cd-rom format.

CDL = Caldwell, Daviess, Livingston Co. Genealogy 
Website actively maintained by Jim Stout focused on genealogy in the convergence area of  Caldwell, Daviess, and Livingston Counties.  Databases and information applicable to Daviess County include family tree, cemetery, map, marriage, census, and history information.

DCC = Daviess County Cemeteries & Genealogy This website; enjoy.

DCGW = Daviess County GenWeb's county homepage for Daviess County, Missouri, under the UsGenWeb project.  Currently and actively managed by Jim Stout containing a number and variety of sources for the Daviess County genealogist.

DCL = Daviess County Library  The small public library located in Gallatin, Missouri.  Boasts a great collection of Daviess County genealogical resources (including some otherwise hard-to-find resources such as school yearbooks) with staff helpful both to the visitor.  Library will respond to requests by mail for small numbers of copies when reimbursed for expenses.

FHL = Family History Library  35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150-3400; Phone: 800-346-6044
The vast library operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  Microforms may be rented at cost through its numerous Family History Centers located inside meetinghouses throughout the country, though not all sources are available on microform.  Its catalog, available free online, lists sources available and their corresponding formats.  The library also maintains a number of databases freely-searched online, most notably the 1880 census.

GEN =  A fee-based internet genealogical database provider once owned by A&E television network, now owned by, the parent company of  The two companies operate separately and provide unique search engines for the census databases they offer.  Like, has records besides census data, although I am unsure as to what pertains to Daviess County.

HIG = Higginson Book Co.  Publisher of historic books.

HQ = Heritage Quest  A genealogical database provider to libraries.  The information is free to the patron, but the library must subscribe to the database in order for the patron to have access.  Databases applicable to Daviess County include census, biography, and marriage records.

JMC = and
Two distinct websites, the former for the Jamesport Chamber of Commerce, the second for the Jamesport Community Assn.  Have maps and area information on tourism & Amish.

LGMI = Livingston County MI - Historical & Genealogical Project
Website containing the US 1895 atlas.

MCPL = Mid-Continent Public Library--Genealogy Branch  317 W. 24 Highway, Independence, MO 64050-2747; Phone 816-252-7228
A genealogical public library branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library located in Independence, MO.  The library has vast genealogical holdings and subscribes to major online genealogical databases.

MDOT = Missouri Dept of Transportation  General Services Division, Mapping & Graphics Section, PO Box 270, Jefferson City, MO, 65102
Publisher of Missouri county general highway maps for purchase at cost.

MEML = MARDOS Memorial Library of On-Line Books & Maps
Website containing various map resources, mostly in central US states.

MM = Marceline Mapping  1600 North Missouri, PO Box 347, Marceline, Mo 64658; Phone: 660-376-2755
A map publisher of Daviess County plat books.

MOSA = Missouri State Archives  Archives of the State of Missouri located in Jefferson City, MO, including thousands of microfilmed public records by county available for research at their facility or purchase.  Also hosts online historical birth/death databases for Daviess County.

RGP = Randy's Daviess County Genealogy Pages  Website maintained by Randy Morford including Daviess County databases for marriage, biography, and census.

RMP = Rockford Map Publishers  6581 Revlon Drive, PO Box 6126, Rockford, IL 61125-1126; Phone: 1-800-321-1627
A map publisher of Daviess County plat books.      

SHS = State Historical Society of Missouri 
The private library of the State Historical Society of Missouri, located on the eastern side, basement floor of the University of Missouri--Columbia Ellis Library, maintains the largest collection of Missouri newspapers on microfilm anywhere.  It also homes a huge library of genealogical books and maps from all counties in the state.  Officially SHS does inter-library-loan of its microfilms, but difficulties have been reported.  The staff will photocopy from books when expenses are paid.  A catalog is available online for searching.

UMDL = University of Missouri Digital Library 
A growing collection of digitalized books and records of a variety of topics.  Current publications of interest to Daviess County include history, biography, and map (plat book) resources.

USGS = US Geological Survey
USGS is the online host for GNIS (Geographic Names Information System), a publicly available project which gives the names, altitudes, GPS coordinates, links to topographical (TerraServer and Topozone) maps, links to a political map (Tiger), and  links to aerial photos of US geopolitical features by county.