Enyart Cemetery Transcription (Tree Climbers)

By the Tree Climbers of Pattonsburg, Missouri



     This cemetery is located East of McFall, in Daviess co., on
the farm of Gene Daniel. H.W.Enyart settled on this farm in 1833.

H.W.Enyart      b. Nov 25,1789   d.Apr 10,1865 age 76y4m15d.
Mary his wife   b. Nov   5, 1809 d.Jan 5,1882 age 72y2ms

Permelia G. dau of H.W. and Mary Enyart wife of Col.Chiles U.S.A.
                  b.Feb 4 ,1836   d.May 30,1867 31y3m25d.

Josephine dau. of H.W. and Mary Enyart
                 b.June 17,1840 d.Sept 13,1859 19y2m29d.
Laura R. dau of H.W.Enyart (couldn't read rest b.Dec 24)

Josephine B. wife of J.W.Merrifield d. Sept 13, 1859
age 19y2m27or29d.

Emile Josephine dau. of J.W. and J.B.Merrifield
          d. Oct 18, 1859 age 11m20days

Colmore son of J.J. and L.E. Enyart
      b. May 30, 1869     d. Apr 5, 1870

Forest L.   son of J.J. and L.E. Enyart
     d. June 13, 1866   age 2y 2m 1ldays

 William H. son of J.J. and L.E. Enyart
    d. Mar 8, 1860   age 6y and 20days

          This census was taken by Joyce Lupfer and daus. 1976

later addition: John H. son of A.G.W. and A.W. Thornhill
      d. Aug 12, 1866   age 10m 13days
Just outside the fence into pasture Walter Eugene Daniel was buried
                            b.Oct 20, 1931   d. Dec 11, 1983