Foley Cemetery Transcription (Tree Climbers)




South of Gallatin, on Hwy 13 to R.M about 3 miles East 1 mile South

Then 1 miles East in Pasture on the Lloyd Riley farm.


By the Tree Climbers of Pattonsburg, Missouri





 Little Edith, dau of M.S. & J.E. d. 10-10-1878 age 2y-1m-24d



 Elijah T. son of J.T. & E. b. 4-19-1865 d. 11-10-1871

 Infant son of M.E. & J.A. b & d 7-21-1876

 Willis J. son of J.W. & M. d. 7-4-1857 age 2m-22d

 James M. son of J.T. & M. d. 9-7-1861 age 1y-7m-6d

 Elijah H. son of J.W. and Mary d. 11-3-1865 11m-24d

 Elijah T. son of J.T. & Elizabeth d. 11-10-1871 6y-6m-21d

 Julia E. dau of J.T. & E. b. 10-1-1867 d. 11-7-1886

 Mary J. dau of J.T. & E. b. 12-2-1873 d. 11-7-1874

 John T. b. 2-24-1826 d. 9-2-1892

 James M. son of J.T. & E. b. 9-7-1851 d. 2-1-1860

 M.F. d. 4-20-1868 age 29y 1m

 Elijah b. 2-14-1798 d. 3-30-1865 67y-1m-16d

 Mary A. wife of Elijah b. 10-23-1799 d. 4-19-1883  83y-5m-26d



 William C. son of D. & M.A. d. 11-26-1876 age 2m-6d

 Nancy J. dau of D. & M.A. d. 9-11-1882 age 5m-16d

 Girty H. dau of D. & M.A. d. 8-14-1890 age 3m-10d



 Inf. Son of J.T. & M.J. b & d 4-12-1876

 Merriweather, son of J.T. & M.J. d. 10-3-1869 age 7m-20d

 Oscar, son of J.T. & M.J. d. 1-31-1857 age 1m-20d

 J.T. b. 10-13-1833 d. 7-17-1916

 Mary J. wife of J.T. b. 1-11-1838 d. 5-16-1912

 Charles O. son of J.T. & M.J. d. 5-14-1876 age 15y-9m 3d

 James H. son of J.T. & M.J. d. 6-6-1895 age 17y-8m-19d



 Henry G. son of Wm. E. & S. V. d. 9-2-1876 age 8y-7m 29d

 Wm E. d. 10-27-1870 age 51y-5m-21d

 Elizabeth wife of W. E. d. 1-6-1848 age 25y 1m

 Mary C. dau of W. E. & Elizabeth A. d. 10-15-1848 age 3y-11m-14d

 Robert Lee, son of Wm E and S.V. d. 8-21-1871 age 1y-9m-4d

 Amanda E. dau of Wm. E and S.V. d. 6-28-1873 age 11y-4m-19d