Pell Cemetery Transcription (Tree Climbers)


Near Pattonsburg off of Route C across the road from

James Hooverís farm South through the field.


By the Tree Climbers of Pattonsburg, Missouri




Acord:  Nancy J. dau. of L.E. d. 10-4-1861 age 3y-2m

 unmarked grave William Henry and Salena Armstrong Acord


Cunningham:  Children of G. & M.

 George W.  b. 10-24-1823  d. 3-17-1884

 Charles W.  b. 2-4-1821 d. 3-22-1824


Morgan:  Daisy B. dau. of D.B. & S.C.  b. 6-5-1880  d. 4-7-1882


Pell:  Joney son of L.J. & B.G.  d. 5-12-1883 age 5y-4m-4d


Severe:  Mary E.  wife of J.D. b. 8-12-1829 d. 5-21-1880

 J.D.  b. 3-2-1827  d. 9-8-1888

 Charles L. son of D.T. & M.E.  b. 2-22-1888 d. 5-18-1888

 John  d. 3-2-1850  d. age 63y

 Hannah  d. 9-19-1863 age 71y

 J.M.  b. 1853  d. 1903

 Erasmus son of J.D. & M.E.  b. 9-18-1859 d. 7-18-1885


Sloan:  T.W.  son of Charles and C.  b. 4-24-1863 d. 10-6-1888


Sullivan:  John (6y-2m)


Tibbs:  Ada E.  b. 3-6-1876  d. 8-28-1879  age 3y-5m-23d  also listed in Ellis Cem


Tunnel: Inf. son of William & S.  b. 12-5-1890  d. 12-5-1890

 James B.  b. 9-8-1901  d. age 23y-4m-6m

 James  d. 8-19-1887 d. age 56y-5m-27d

 Colgate or Colyote P.  b. 3-25-1845  d. 8-4-1926

 Louisa Catherine  d. 3-15-1881 age 19y-4m-13d

 James H.  b. 1859 d. 1939

 Harve E.  b. 1895 d. 1962

 Mary Bell dau. of J. & C. d. 5-24-1872  d. age 2y-4m-8d

 James H. Tunnellís wife Ida America Conaway  b. Sept 5, 1867 died Mar 3, 1901

 Tunnell inf.  d. Nov 1903 (Thomas Tunnell)


no stones:  Belle Tunnell Maize (John)

 Little Morgan girl 3 yrs old


 John Tunnell

 Leland Tunnell 9 yrs old

 Eckards children