1910 Daviess Co. Census Index: Monroe Twp



By Steve Reid, Daviess Co. Cemeteries, Dec 2004


A Brief Introduction:  The 1910 Daviess County Census is divided into 21 enumeration districts (ED) arranged in alphabetical order by township name beginning with 5 towns having their own ED and one township split into 2 ED's.  Overall, it is similar in structure to the 1900 Daviess County census:


            44--Benton Twp (Pages 1A-11B)

            45--Pattonsburg City (12A-22B)

            46--Colfax Twp (23A-34B) including Winston Town (23A-28A)

            47--Jameson (35A-43B)

            48--Grand River Twp (44A-49B)

            49--Harrison Twp (50A-56B)

            50--Lock Springs (57A-64B)

            51--Jackson Twp (65A-71B)

            52--Jamesport (72A-83B)

            53--Jamesport Twp (84A-89B)

            54--Jefferson Twp (90A-103B)

            55--Liberty Twp (104A-115B)

            56--Lincoln Twp (116A-122B)

            57--Marion Twp--east (123A-129B)

            58--Marion Twp--west (130A-135B)

            59--Monroe Twp (136A-145B)

            60--Salem Twp (146A-157B)

            61--Sheridan Twp (158A-165B)

            62--Union Twp (166A- 175B)

            63--Gallatin 1st ward and 2nd ward (176A-195B)

            64--Washington Twp (196A-206B)

The following is an index of every surname enumerated in Monroe township.   This is not, however, a transcription of all the given names with exception of a few entries of personal interest.  I compiled this index because I needed an index for myself, having several genealogical ties to Monroe township.  Whether I do more of the 1910 census depends both on my own needs & time and on any needs and feedback communicated to me by others.



                                                [Steve’s Comments]

Page 1A

      Sara T. Billufro?                   [Name written on what would be line 0, no other information given]

  1 Youtsey, Edward T.                          

  2 Thompson, Jacob

      Jackson, Andrew J.             

  3 Tolen, Elizabeth

  4 Griffith, Sarah J.

  5 Richardson, Dee

  6 Lay, William T., head, m, w, 43, m1, 10, MO, TN, MO, farmer, general farm, o, f, f

                                                [father John Lawrence Lay enumerated as family #8; William buried Lick Fork cemetery]
     ", Nitha L., wife, f, w, 40, m1, 10, 2, 2, MO, KY, MO, none
     ", Ada P., daughter, f, w, 9, s, MO, MO, MO, none
     ", Cuma D., daughter, f, w, 4, s, MO, MO, MO, none

  7 Cox, James

  8 Lay, John L., head, m, w, 74, m1, 44, TN, TN, TN, farmer, general farm, illiterate, o, f, f
     ", Nancy J., wife, f, w, 66, m1, 44, 3, 3, MO, MD, MO, none
     ", Aura, daughter, f, w, 32, s, MO, TN, MO, none
     ", Mary E., daughter, f, w, 30, s, MO, TN, MO, none

  9 Tarwater, James P.

Page 1B

 10 Pierce, Fred L.                     [Buried Brown Cemetery]

      Dunkle, Geoge                     [sic]

 11 Warner, Henry                     

 12 Ditmars, Phorian O.

 13 Thompson, Samuel A.

      Roberts, Claud H.

 14 Beeler, Noah W.                   [daughter Etha buried Memorial cemetery]

      Wood, Jefferson D.

Page 2A

 15 Place, Allen A.

 16 Whitt, Henry B.

 17 Keck, George G.

 18 Doak, Novia

 19 Winburn, Jason                    [buried McCrary Cemetery]

 20 Lynch, W. Thomas

 21 Smith, Francis M.                 [b  Mar 14 1839 d July 28 1935, buried Grand River Cemetery]

 22 Stroup, Silas M.

      Whitt, Eva V.

 23 Stroup, Charles H.

Page 2B

 24 Croy, Perry E.

 25 Kidwell, Henry E.

 26 Austin, Anne T.                    [Wife of Samuel in 1900 Monroe Twp census, page 2A]

 27 Whitt, George A.

      Whitt, Mary Jr.

 28 Whitt, Sarah E.

 29 Hisel, Alvan H.

 30 Whitt, James O.

 31 Wallace, Bell D.                   [buried Brown Cemetery]

Page 3A

 32 Whitt, Orvil A.

 33 Ramsbottom, Ulysees G.

 34 Holcomb, Henry                   [1900 Monroe Twp census page 3A]

 35 New, Columbus M.               [buried Brown Cemetery; 1900 Monroe Twp census page 3A]

 36 Downing, Charles L.

 37 McCrary, James M.

 38 Stone, John E.                     [1900 Monroe Twp census page 3A]

Page 3B

 39 Place, Richard J.

      Harper, Virginia E.

      Jones, Floyd M.                   [census skips numbers 40-43]

 44 McCrary, Marmaduke

 45 Whitt, Adolfina D.

 46 Pilcher, Henry H.

 47 Whitt, Philip G.

 48 Johnson, Caleb

 49 Stone, Wiley W.

      Godwin, Alice                      [Wife of Robert in 1900 Monroe Twp census, page 4B]

 50 Lynch, Thomas B.

 51 Harlow, Wilmer G.                [buried Brown Cemetery]

Page 4A

 52 Bascue, Aaron A.                 [infant daughter buried Trosper Cemetery]

 53 Waden, Amus E.

 54 Sharp, John P.

 55 Robinson, William M.

      King, Medley

 56 Tarwater, William T., head, m, w, 33, m1, 12, MO, MO, PA

      “ Nettie F., wife, f, w, 32, m1, 12, 6, 6, MO, MO, MO

      “ Howard L., son, m, w, 11, s, MO, MO, MO

      “ Clara E., daughter, f, w, 9, s, MO, MO, MO

      “ Ruth F., daughter, f, w, 7, s, MO, MO, MO

      “ Opal A., daughter, f, w, 5, s, MO, MO, MO

      “ Charles, son, m, w, 3, s, MO, MO, MO

      “ Bernice E., daughter, f, w, 1 6/12, s, MO, MO, MO

 57 Harold, Laura B., head, f, w, 56, d, 2, 2, PA, PA, PA, farmer

      Tarwater, Bert H., son,  m, w, 35, s, MO, MO, PA, farmer

      Ayers, Allen J., nephew, m, w, 18, s, MO, MO, MO, farm laborer

      McLain, Beulah B., niece, f, w, 18, s, MO, IL, MO

Page 4B

 58 Milstead, Charles J.

 59 Ayres, Cyntha

 60 Sergeant, Elmer L.

 61 Dillon, John L.

 62 Boulton, Eleazer S.

 63 Richardson, William J.

 64 Lollis, Arthur B.

 65 Bowers, William H.               [buried Lick Fork Cemetery]

      Cox, Manuel

Page 5A

 66 Hobbs, Elisha

 67 Cox, Albert

 68 McLain, Arthur L.

 69 Ridinger, Jesse A.

 70 First, Anthony W.                 [1900 Monroe twp census, page 8A]

 71 Evans, James W.

 72 Davis, John W.

 73 Dewey, Clarence

 74 Trosper, Mort

      Cannon, William E.

 75 Trosper, Milton T.

Page 5B

 76 Fryer, Samuel H.

 77 Ketner, John A.

 78-78 Anderson, John Z., head, m, w, 44, m1, 22, CA, MO, MO, farmer, general farm, r, f
          ", Louisa S., wife, f, w, 38, m1, 22, 5, 4, MO, MO, KY, none
          ", William E., son, m, w, 19, s, MO, CA, MO, farmer, general farm
          ", John L., son, m, w, 14, s, MO, CA, MO, farm laborer, home farm
          ", Sophia J., daughter, f, w, 8, s, MO, CA, MO, none

 79 McClain, William B.

      Aldrich, Barrist

 80 Winner, Edward L.

 81 Evans, William D.

 82 Foley, Elijah M.

 83 Foley, John F.

 84 McMurtrey, John W.

 85 McLain, Andrew J.

      Potter, Eva

 86 Pike, Henry C.

Page 6A

 87 Wilson, George W.

 88 Woods, Joe A.

 89 Allsup, John W.

      Ball, Benjamin F.

 90 Smith, John N.

 91 Cox, Frank

      Lemon, Anne

 92 Broaddey, George A.           

 93 Vaughn, David W.

 94 Railsback, Sidney J.

Page 6B

 95 Bailey, Albert C.

      Fields, Edna P.

      William, Chester L.

 96 Medsker, John R.

 97 Linville, Harry N.

 98 _____, Egbert B.

 99 Beck, Henry M.

      Phelps, Ola

100 Harold, Winfield S.

      Brookshire, Oscar S.

      McMurtrey, George

101 Ward, William A.                 [buried Hillcrest Cemetery]

102 Morison, Leonard

Page 7A

103 Dunnington, James F., head, m, w, 61, m1, 35, MO, MD, MO, farmer

      “ Joanna, wife, f, w, 57, m1, 35, 10, 10, OH, OH, PA

      “ Frank W., son, m, w, 24, s, MO, MO, OH, farmer

      “ Bernice, daughter, f, w, 17, s, MO, MO, OH

      “ Vernice, daughter, f, w, 17, s, MO, MO, OH

      “ Mary E., daughter, ,f, w, 14, s MO, MO, OH

      “ Thomas R., son, m, w, 12, s, MO, MO, OH

104 Jones, James O.

105 Tailor, Roy O.

106 Swofford, Elbert J.

107 Foley, Elijah M.

108 Wallace, John E.

109 Green, James T., head, m, w, 76, m1, 53, KY, VA, KY

      " Mary J., wife, f, w, 72, m1, 54, 7, 3, MO, KY, KY

110 Railsback, Daniel B.

Page 7B

111 Black, Louis F.

112 Cox, Andrew

113 Muller, Russel E.

114 ______, VanDyke A.

115 Bowers, Porter M.

116 Lake, Robert C.

117 McGarvin, William                [buried Lick Fork Cemetery]

      Reed, Armine R.                  [married 3 Feb 1889]

118 Gillispie, Arthur

Page 8A

119 Mitchel, Lewis

120 Fryer, James C.

121 Hale, Thomas T.                  [buried Lick Fork Cemetery]

122 Wright, William A.

      Snider, James M.

      Cox, Fred

123 Peachy, Mary

124 Wantland, Mary E.

125 Hale, Green B.                    [buried Lick Fork cemetery]

126 Paps, Carston

      Sergeant, Earl H.

127 Huffman, James B.

128 Premaner, Frank

      Niklers, August

129 Muller, Fred E.

      Cox, Grace M.

130 Stewart, Lewellen                [buried Brown Cemetery]

131 Boor, George A.

132 Harlow, Edward J.

133 Trosper, Thomas B.

134 Stewart, Frank D.

Page 9A

135 Spindle, John H.

136 Dunlap, Samuel J.

137 Brady, William C.

138 Strup, William C.

      Smith, Austen L.

139 Stewart, Irving J.

140 Green, William H., head, m, w, 52, m2, 24, MO, MO, MO, farmer

      "  Wilmina, wife, f, w, 44, m1, 24, 9, 6, OH, OH, OH

      "  Hollie C., daughter, f, w, 20, s, MO, MO, OH

      "  Betty G., daughter, f, w, 16, s, MO, MO, OH

      "  Harvie L., son, m, w, 14, s, MO, MO, OH, farm laborer

      "  William D?, son, m, w, 5, s, MO, MO, OH

      "  Rasburn C., daughter, f, w, 1 2?/12, s, MO, MO, OH

141 Spidle, Jacob D.

142 Dickerson, Walter V.

Page 9B

143 Newman, Glenn W.

144 Maddux, Matthew S.

      Richards, Rebekah J.

      Edward, Orwin B.

145 Snyder, Nancy J.

146 Biddle, James C., head, m, w, 40, m1, 20, MO, OH, OH, farmer

      " Ethel T., wife, f, w, 40, m1, 20, 4, 4, MO, TN, MO

      " Loyd S., son, m, w, 19, s, MO, MO, MO, farm laborer

      " El_ha? M., daughter, f, w, 19, s, MO, MO, MO

      " Elsie G., daughter, f, w, 12, s, MO, MO, MO

      " James C., son, m, w, 4, s, MO, MO, MO

147 Puckett, William G.

148 Reed, Thomas D.

149 Graham, Abr

150 Lankford, Edward T.

151 Turner, Frank P.

152 Lankford, Eliza S.

Page 10A

153 Stone, William M.

154 Davis, James H.

      Hawkins, Daisy D.

155 Lankford, Willard H.

156 McCrary, John H.

      Roney, John A.

157 Townsend, John B.

158 White, Andrew J.

159 Baker, Edward G.

160 Baker, Charles H.

Page 10B

161 Cozad, Nancy J.



ED55 LIBERTY TOWNSHIP (Partial -- 2 Pages Only)



Page 5A

95 Cornelius, Henry L.

96 Gallamore, Zeph    [buried Mt. Ayr Cemetery]

97 Snyder, Lee Roy

98 Synder, Jacob         [buried Creekmore Cemetery]

99 McClaskey, Bert

100 Schoonover, Charles

101 Griffin, William P.

102 Schoonover, Lawrence

103 Buchanan, Scott

104 Olinger, Rufas

105 Synder, William

106 Groves, Simon

107 Sullivan, Seth E.

108 Smith, George W.

Page 5B

109 Haggerty, James

110 Harlow, Otis E.

111 Brown, Adline

112 Brown, Oliver

113 Vipon, Lizzie    [surname also spelled Vipond elsewhere]

114 Chaffee, Bert

115 Kober, Edith

116 Kincaid, Stewart    [buried Mt. Ayr Cemetery]

117 Gilreath, Robert L.

118 Blackburn, Jesse

119 Snyder, Fredrick

120 Cohrs, John P.

Page 6A

121 Kincaid, Joseph