Doll or Bacon cemetery, Sheridan twp, Daviess co MO

Doll or Bacon Cemetery

Sheridan township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: From Altamont, take route J south 4 1/4 miles. Now turn left (east) on route D and go 1/2 mile to 185 St. Turn left again and go north for one mile. The cemetery lies about 1/2 mile in a field northwest of 185 St just before 185 turns to the right and ends.

The following transcription of Doll or Bacon cemetery was compiled by Mrs Herbert Carpenter, Mrs Loran Heldenbrand, Mrs Linda Lewis, Mrs Flora Maye Beeler and Kelly Carpenter for the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution about 1972. It was copied by Flora Maye Beeler. Their printed transcription is put on-line with the permission of the Gallatin Missouri chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


BACON, George E., s/o I. and F.
d Jul 22 1873, age 1y 7m 24d

BACON, Ester L., d/o I. and F.
d Dec 18 1872, age 2m

b Mar 7 1815, d Aug 25 1894

BACON, Alta May, d/o J. and S.
d Jan 14 1873, age 2y 5m

BACON, Emily J., d/o Ira and J. A.
d Sep 24 1873, age 20y 10m 2d

BACON, Jason
b 1840, d 1922
Veteran of the Civil War, came to MO from OH with his parents in 1848.

BACON, Susan, w/o Jason
b 1843, d 1922

BACON, Phebe, w/o Irwin
b Aug 9 1850, d Aug 30 1873, age 23y 21d

BACON, Albert
b Mar 14 1876, d Jun 3 1896


BENSON, Laura M., d/o M. J. and S. M.
d Aug 14 1870, age 4 weeks


BISHOP, M. M., d/o W. B. and S. A.
d Dec 28 1871, age 5m


BOTHWELL, Daisy, d/o J. T. and M. E.
d Nov 2 1881, age 3m

BOTHWELL, Mary E., w/o J. T.
d Nov 6 1881, age 24y 8m 24d


BURROUGHS, Louisa M., d/o Wm. H.
d Jun 14 1868, age 33y


CASTER, [name illeg]
b Oct 4 1872, d Oct 6 1872


CUMMINGS, Lydia, w/o William
b Dec 22 1820, d Mar 15 1910


DOLL, Daniel P.
b May 19 1835, d Mar 24 1917

DOLL, Sebrina GIVENS, w/o Daniel P.
b Jan 10 1839, d Mar 17 1917

DOLL, Elmer L.
b Dec 8 1897, d Oct 1 1911

DOLL, Orville
b Sep 6 1896, d Nov 8 1896

DOLL, William H.
d Jan 31 1838, age 22y 2m 16d

DOLL, Susan
d Jan 29 1906, age 93y

DOLL, Daniel Edward
b Jan 25 1871, d Jul 17 1925

DOLL, Fannie M.
b Mar 1 1870, d ----


FOX, Frank, s/o J. and M.
d Sep 1 1871, age 2y 3m 26d


McMURTREY, Susan M., d/o J. and B. A.
d Sep 23 1863, age 2m 18d

McMURTREY, infant s/o John and Betsy A.
d Jan 1859

McMURTREY, infant s/o John and Betsy A.
d Nov 1858

McMURTREY, Mary C., d/o J. and B. A.
d 1857, age 1y 7m 5d

McMURTREY, infant s/o John and Betsy A.
d Sep 22 1851

McMURTREY, s/o J. and C.
d Sep 15 1880, age 2y 1m 26d

McMURTREY, Clementine, d/o J. and B. A.
d Sep 24 1869, age 16y 2m 7d

d Jan 4 1880, age 59y 6m 18d

McMURTREY, Betsy Ann
d Feb 9 1865, age 38y 4m 29d

McMURTREY, Sarah Ann, d/o J. and B. A.
d Jul 18 1848, age 4m 8d

McMURTREY, Elizabeth, w/o George W.
d Apr 14 1874, age 35y


MULLENS, Lavina M., d/o Lewis and Caroline
d Sep 17 1864, age 5m 13d


NESBITT, Norman P., s/o J. and S. E.
d Oct 8 1870, age 8m 8d


NORTON, Ester L., w/o Zoper
d Sep 15 1884, age 60y 5m


d Jul 19 1870, age 68y 10m 5d


b Feb 1 1867, d Feb 5 1920

b Nov 1 1861, d May 7 1927

b Sep 25 1893, d May 8 1933


WALKER, Luella, w/o Ira and d/o Boon and Emma BACON
d Aug 28 1902, age 22y 8m 11d

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