Mt Zion cemetery, Jackson twp, Daviess co MO

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Jackson township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: From Lock Springs, MO, go north on Hwy 190 about 6 miles until Otter Av. Turn left (west) on Otter and go 3/4 mile. Otter will come to a T-intersection with 320 St. The cemetery lies 1/4 mi west of 320 St.  The 1993 General Highway Map of Daviess County indicates that at this intersection there is some sort of a path which would be like a private road extension of Otter. This path continues westward, bends to the right (north), then bends to the left (west) ending at the cemetery.

The following transcription of Mt Zion cemetery was compiled by Mrs Flora Maye Beeler, Mrs Herbert Carpenter, Mrs Ollie Houghton, and Mrs Rue Ward, and was typed by Mrs Flora Maye Beeler for the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution about 1974. Their printed transcription is put on-line with the permission of the Gallatin Missouri chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


ALLEN, Charles W.
b Oct 4 1868, d Apr 11 1912

ALLEN, Lillie, w/o C. W.
b Apr 11 1879, d ----

ALLEN, Iola, d/o E. and M. M.
d Jun 23 1891, age 22y 11m 2d

ALLEN, Frank, s/o E. and M. M.
d Feb 13 1889, age 16y 3m 24d


ANDREWS, Leo Mitchell, s/o L. V. and Vesta
b Apr 27 1907, d May 1 1908


ARBUCKLE, Sarah E., w/o L. S.
d Mar 26 1889, age 40y 2m 3d

b Aug 29 1846, d Jul 7 1906

d Jun 26 1918
Sergent [sic] 4th Inf.


BERRY, Bertha
b and d 1894

BERRY, infant
b and d 1901


BOYD, Charles Wesley, s/o J. N. and Anna E.
b Feb 17 1858, d Nov 18 1893


BROOKSHIER, Mary C., w/o Leroy
b Oct 10 1851, d Oct 31 1921


BROWN, William
d Aug 10 1861, age 65y

BROWN, Sarah
d Jul 25 1862, age 65y 3m 7d

BROWN, Sarah, w/o Samuel K.
d Jun 29 1879, age 68y 16d

BROWN, Eliza E., w/o C. F.
b 1852, d 1905

b 1844, d 1921

BROWN, Mandy J., d/o J. M. and L. J.
d Sep 18 1857, age 1y 4m 14d

BROWN, John M.
b Sep 19 1818, d Jan 16 1911

BROWN, Lucy J.
b Dec 26 1824, d Jan 16 1860


BURGE, Francis E., w/o G. D. and M.
d May 4 1895, age 7y 3m 6d

BURGE, Woody C., s/o W. and M.
d Apr 25 1876, age 25y 5m 13d

BURGE, Martha H., d/o W. and M.
d Sep 14 1875, age 27y 1m 22d

BURGE, Richard P., s/o W. and M.
d Feb 1 1872, age 7y 1m 15d

BURGE, George Ross, s/o W. F. and Pearle E.
b Apr 24 1900, d Aug 19 1901


CONRAD, infant d/o C. C. and M. E.
b and d Aug 24 1891


CORBIN, Daniel H., s/o John and Jane
d Jul 25 1879, age 2y 3m 6d


DINSMORE, Samuel, s/o S. K. and M. A.
b Feb 19 1861, d Mar 25 1880

DINSMORE, Martha A., w/o Samuel K.
d Sep 14 1898, age 73y 14d

d Oct 12 1880, age 69y 1m 3d


DRUMMOND, Forest F., s/o J. and M.
d Oct 12 1888, age 3m 4d


DUNCAN, Charles P., s/o J. R. and C. A.
d Oct 14 1880, age 8y 16d

DUNCAN, infant
d Apr 18 1880, age 5m 4d

DUNCAN, George, s/o J. R. and M.
d Feb 22 1869, age 18y 4m 14d

DUNCAN, John D., s/o J. R. and M.
d Dec 29 1874, age 21y 7m 15d


EDWARDS, Lenorna E., d/o I. D. and L. N.
d Sep 2 1878, age 1y 2m 8d

EDWARDS, Thomas S.
d Jul 6 1887, age 71y 4m 14d


ELLIS, James H.
b Aug 11 1832, d Jul 19 1904, age 71y 11m 8d

ELLIS, Elizabeth, w/o J. H.
b Nov 25 1839, d Apr 3 1920


b Dec 23 1832, d Nov 17 1877

FAULKNER, Salatha J.
b Sep 11 1837, d Oct 15 1905

d Jun 31 [sic] 1865, age 68y 1m 7d


GILLILAN, Jane, d/o A. and A.
d Apr 16 1864, age 18y 4m 29d

GILLILAN, Mary ? E.?, dau of A. and A.
d Jul 1 1853, age 21y 11m 27d

GILLILAN, Margaret J., w/o Samuel
b Feb 18 1827, d Jan 9 1899, age 71y 10m 21d

d Feb 12 1883, age 64y 2m 24d

GILLILAN, Elizabeth, w/o Samuel
d Feb 27 1855, age 26y 11m 3d

GILLILAN, Johnathan, s/o S. and Elizabeth
d Sep 29 1845, age 1y 8m 11d


GARR, John R.
b 1872, d 1925


d Dec 2 1894, age 60y 1m 19d


HANDLEY, Jane, w/o Isaac
d Feb 22 1886, age 62y 3m 7d

b Jul 3 1822, d Mar 6 1899


HATFIELD, Sarah C., d/o Mr. and Mrs. S. E. HATFIELD
d Mar 24 1893, age 1m 23d


HILL, Frank Y., s/o G. W. and Mary E.
b Mar 27 1864, d Aug 25 1924, age 60y 4m 28d

HILL, Mary E.
b May 10 1838, d Mar 18 1920

HILL, George W.
b May 24 1829, d Mar 23 1899


HINES, William T.
b Mar 29 1854, d Dec 20 1927

HINES, Nancy J.
b May 16 1859, d Aug 23 1842

HINES, Velma
b 1874, d 1923


IRWIN, Howard Chester
d Aug 28 1895, age 1y 1m 28d

IRWIN, infant s/o J. D. and M. A.
d Dec 5 1886, age 3d

IRWIN, Audley U.
d Feb 20 1891, age 11m 16d


JONES, Chancie
b Dec 21 1871 at Keosauqua IA, d Feb 22 1899

b 1846, d 1933

JONES, Ida Mae, w/o G. R.
b 1852, d 1916


JORDIN, Johnathan
b 1880, d Aug 18 1846

JORDIN, Rebecca
b 1808, d Apr ? 20 1845

JORDIN, Anthony
b Aug 5 1825, d Jun 19 1900

JORDIN, Flora C., w/o Anthony C.
b Dec 23 1847, d ----

JORDIN, Johnathan, s/o Isaac and Mary
b Jun 24 1843, d Jun 26 1844

JORDIN, Mary, w/o Isaac
d Sep 22 1864, age 55y 5m 14d


KING, Catharine, w/o John
b Sep 8 1869, d May 24 1901


KOLLMER, Christopher
b 1840, d 1915

KOLLMER, Friederike
b 1837, d 1925

KOLLMER, George Jr
b Apr 25 1922, d ----


LONEY, Lucindae, d/o J. and E. A.
d Jan 10 1885, age 30y 10m 17d

LONEY, Elby A., w/o John
d Jan 14 1886, age 60y 10m 27d

LONEY, J. Sherman
b 1867, d 1934


MARTIN, Mary E., d/o A. L. and M. J.
d Feb 14 1874, age 21y 1m 8d

MARTIN, John A., s/o A. L. and M. J.
d Apr 10 1862, age 11y 7m 25d


McCLURE, Roger W., s/o C. T. and M. E.
b Oct 30 1896, d Jan 9 1899

McCLURE, Mary Ellen, w/o Charles T.
b Jan 16 1866, d Jun 9 1926


McCUE, Abraham J.
b Mar 22 1846, d Apr 29 1846

McCUE, Virginia M.
b Mar 22 1846, d May 5 1846

McCUE, B. Franklin
b Apr 30 1831, d Feb 24 1864

McCUE, Paul M.
b Nov 16 1828, d Dec 22 1863

McCUE, David
b Feb 18 1802, d Sep 12 1892

McCUE, Martha, w/o David
b Oct 30 1810, d May 13 1854, age 43y 6m 13d

McCUE, David
b Jan 29 1835, d Jan 28 1861

McCUE, Franklin, s/o Jno. S.
d Jan 8 1869, age 2m 11d

McCUE, Martha Jane
b Dec 24 1838, d Mar 1 1921

McCUE, Isaac
b Apr 6 1830, d Jul 1 1904


McNEEL, Mary M., d/o I. and E.
d Apr 2 1853, age 6y 20d


MILLER, Sarah, w/o Andrew
d Mar 30 1880, age 27y 10m 12d

MILLER, William Melvin, s/o A. and S. L.
d Jul 26 1879, age 9m

MILLER, Virga, d/o Andrew and Sarah
b Mar 25 1872, d Apr 1872

MILLER, Matilda R., w/o D. G.
d Feb 9 1879, age 45y 1m 11d

MILLER, David G.
b Apr 13 1828, d Aug 15 1800 [sic]


b May 25 1883, d Jul 18 1808 [sic]

b Oct 8 1866, d Apr 9 1901


ORR, Charles T.
[no dates]
1st Lt. Co. H 52 IL Inf.


b Apr 9 1836, d Apr 9 1897

OXFORD, Martha, w/o John
b May 28 1842, d Dec 25 1880

OXFORD, John E., s/o J. and M. J.
d Oct 30 1880, age 8y 2m 22d

OXFORD, Elmer B., s/o J. and M. J.
d Dec 1 1896, age 20y 2m 14d

OXFORD, Pearl, w/o Norman
b 1889, d 1919

OXFORD, d/o J. C. and Lura
b Jan 3 1903, d Jul 7 1905

OXFORD, s/o J. C. and Lura
b Aug 17 1899, d Nov 15 1899

OXFORD, s/o J. C. and Lura
b Aug 30 1906, d Jun 26 1908

b Nov 18 1881, d Feb ? 17 ? 1936

OXFORD, Isaac J.
b May 30 1849, d Jul 3 1926

OXFORD, Ellen, w/o Isaac
b Jan 10 1854, d Apr 17 1915

b Jul 15 1844, d Sep 7 1927

OXFORD, Elizabeth
b Jan 15 1843, d Sep 26 1916

OXFORD, Jonathan
d Apr 4 1863, age 56y 10m 25d
Think he was shot by bushwackers in Civil War


PARBERRY, Flora S., w/o James H.
d Mar 10 1886, age 21y 1m 30d


PRICE, infant s/o A. and M. C.
d Mar 30 1855, age 9m 18d


PRINCE, Josephine M.
b Jan 25 1871, d Jan 6 1884, age 12y 11m 11d


b 1888, d 1914


SANDIDGE, Martha S., w/o John
d Jul 18 1888, age 33y 9m 12d

d Mar 6 1893, age 53y 4m 10d

SANDIDGE, Etta Homer, d/o D. and S. E.
b Sep 14 1880, d Nov 22 1885


[no dates] Co. C KS Cav.


SELDOMRIDGE, Maggie A., w/o Lee
b Oct 5 1866, d May 31 1899


SCOTT, J. E., s/o J. H. and Anne
d Dec 20 1884, age 1y 9m 3d

SCOTT, James A.
b Apr 20 1838, d Feb 14 1910

SCOTT, Nancy K., w/o James A.
b Jun 2 1837, d Dec 4 1874

SCOTT, Irene, d/o James and Nancy
b Jun 4 1881, d Jan 28 1908


SHULER, William D.
b 1857, d 1933

b 1903, d 1935

SHULER, Jane, w/o Valentine
b Oct 5 1819, d Jun 25 1888, age 68y 9m 20d

SHULER, Valentine
b Jun 28 1808, d Apr 27 1885, age 76y 9m 29d

SHULER, Sallie E., w/o William D. and m/o Amy and Victor
b Apr 12 1866, d Apr 19 1893

SHULER, infant d/o Sallie and William D.
b and d Apr 16 1893


SILER, George H., s/o D. W. and H.
d Jan 29 1879, age 2y 26d

SILER, Clayton, s/o D. W. and H.
b Nov 18 1881, d Apr 4 1888


SMITH, Miriam J., w/o Louis
b Aug 17 1839, d Feb 1867, age abt 27y


TAGUE, Vonnie Hines
b Dec 4 1891, d Dec 17 1914


TERRY, Lewis M.
[dates unreadable]

TERRY, Terressa
[dates unreadable]


TOLEN, Roberta, d/o Chas. and Iva
b Oct 10 1915, d Dec 12 1918


TRAVIS, Thomas B., s/o H. M. and M.
d Apr 2 1889, age 29y 11m 25d


WILLIAMS, Harry A., s/o J. P. and A. M.
d May 19 1880, age 4y 1m 29d

WILLIAMS, Susie E., d/o J. P. and A. M.
d Apr 2 1889, age 1y 10m 21d


b May 4 1860, d Aug 7 1914

b Nov 6 1868, d ----

WILSON, Hattie S., d/o H. B. and Mary E.
d May 11 1887, age 17y 9m 2d

WILSON, Henry B.
d Jun 28 1885, age 53y 6m 25d


WYNN, Eliza H., w/o Joseph D.
d Nov 7 1881, age 31y 1m 15d

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