New Hope Cem Loc 4 mi E of Santa Rosa on Rt 3, 1/8 mi South
New Hope cemetery, Marion twp, Daviess co MO

New Hope Cemetery

Marion township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: From I 35, take route DD or Civil Bend exit (exit 72). Go west and go through the town of Civil Bend. After a mile you will come to Hwy 69. Turn left (south) on Hwy 69 and go 1 1/2 miles to route E. Turn right (west) on route E and go 1 1/2 miles to 135 St. At 135 St., turn left (south). Less than a quarter mile will lie New Hope Cemetery on the right (west) side of the road.

The following transcription of New Hope cemetery was compiled by Mrs Flora Maye Beeler, Mrs Ollie Houghton, Mrs Boyd Feurt, and was typed by Mrs Flora Maye Beeler for the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution about 1974. Their printed transcription is put on-line with the permission of the Gallatin Missouri chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


ASKEW, Letha Jane, d/o Irley and Lucille ASKEW
d Dec 23 1934

ASKEW, Nancy Darlene, d/o Irley and Lucille ASKEW
b Sep 4 1936, d Oct 1 1937


BAYLESS, Amanda M., w/o A. V.
b Jan 2 1861, d Sep 26 1895, age 34y 8m 24d


b Jul 25 1856, d Sep 30 1916, age 60y 2m 5d

BLACK, Charles W.
b 1883, d 1970

BLACK, Julia A.
b 1882, d 1947


BOYER, Robert L.
b 1865, d 1945

BOYER, Mary H.
b 1869, d 1955

BOYER, Clyde E.
b Oct 19 1895, d Oct 25 1963
MO Wagoner Co. D 110 Ammo. T.N. WWI


DONNER, Leroy, s/o J. H. and Belle
b Feb 26 1898, d Aug 11 1900

DONNER, Frankiel [sic], s/o J. H. and Belle
b Jan 1 1888, d Mar 30 1895

DONNER, infant d/o W. O. and L. M.
d Sep 13 1895, age 1d

DONNER, infant s/o M. A. and S. E.
b and d Jul 28 1897


DOWNS, Elvis L.
b 1871, d 1947

DOWNS, Jane W., w/o Elvis L.
b 1871, d 1899


[no dates]

FOXWORTHY, Sarah E., w/o J. W.
b Oct 5 1856, d Jul 13 1900


MILLER, Verna L., d/o C. J. and Anna
b Feb 11 1905, d Mar 3 1908


MORRISON, Claudie E.
b Sep 15 1896, d Jul 8 1897


SHAW, Lizzie M., d/o A. and E. J.
b Apr 2 1890, d May 7 1906

SHAW, Albert
b Feb 8 1855, d ----

SHAW, Emily J., w/o Albert
b Nov 30 1855, d Feb 9 1919

SHAW, William A., s/o E. A. and Stella
b Oct 3 1903, d Aug 31 1904, age 10m 28d


SMITH, Urias
b 1848, d 1927

SMITH, Harry L.
b Sep 15 1887, d Mar 3 1961


SNIDER, s/o W. A. and M. E.
b Jun 11 1900, d Nov 22 1900

SNIDER, William A.
b 1846, d 1919

b 1857, d 1931

SNIDER, Charles A.
b 1893, d 1941
MO Pvt. 339 Field Arty. 88 Div.

SNIDER, Ester M., w/o Charles A.
b 1895

SNIDER, Daniel
b 1849, d 1919

SNIDER, Penelopy [sic], w/o Daniel
b 1846, d 1896

SNIDER, Charley A.
b 1879, d 1939


WARD, s/o W. E. and M. J.
b Oct 16 1904, d Sep 24 1905

WARD, d/o W. E. and M. J.
b Nov 16 1908, d Aug 29 1910

b 1876, d 1940

WARD, M. J., w/o W. E.
b 1881, d 1920

WARD, Charles W., s/o W. E. and M. J.
b 1913, d 1914

WARD, George, s/o W. E. and M. J.
b 1914, d 1916


b Mar 31 1833, d Mar 20 1899


b Apr 5 1827, d Jul 17 1911

WRIGHT, Sarah C., w/o E. S.
d Jul 25 1900, age 66y 6m 27d

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