Old Savage cemetery, Benton twp, Daviess co MO
Old Savage Cemetery
Benton township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: from Old Pattonsburg, go 4 miles west on route Z. Turn right (north) on 106 St and go 1/2 mile. Old and New Savage cemeteries should be on the left (west) side of the road on the bank of the Grand River.

This cemetery was transcribed by the Tree Climbers of Pattonsburg, Missouri.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


ADCOCK, Jesse W.
d Nov 24 1876, age 63y 11m

ADCOCK, James E., s/o E. J. & M. L. ADCOCK
d Oct 12 1881, age 6m 12d


ALLEN, Malinda Katherine
d Oct 1936, age 83. Malinda Morgan ALLEN

ALLEN, Charlotte
b 1821, d 1883
Her toils are past Her worth is done She fought the fight The victory won Weep not my friend Weep not for me For I am waiting in glory for thee.

ALLEN, George
also buried here but no stone.
b Dec 26 1852, d Jan 26 1919
Brice Woodring attended his burial; he was br/o Charlotte. Malinda was his wife.


BARNES, Elden R., s/o H. M. & Mary BARNES
d May 20 1881, age 21d
Budded on Earth to Bloom in heaven.


BEST, John C., s/o S. N. & J. BEST
d May 19 1880, age 3y 20d

BEST, Ethlen Rose, d/o S. N. & J. BEST
No date on marker; this name was also recorded in the Best Chapel cemetery: d Feb 20 1894, age 6y 9m 21d.
Beneath this sod now lies the form that to us was dear and lovely, whose sparkling eyes increased our joy, but now they're gone and we are lonely.

BEST, Minnie M., d/o S. & J. BEST
d Jan 10 1872, age 2y 1m 14d

BEST, infant, d/io S. & J. BEST
d Jan 13 1868

BEST, Sarah Ann, d/o Silas N. & Julia A. BEST
d Mar 4 1877, age 3y 11m 23d

BEST, Thomas, s/o S. & J. BEST
d Nov 6 1870, age 2y 10m 15d

Some of the above children are also listed in the Best Chapel cemetery so they could have been moved there.

BEST, Lewis D., s/o W. B. & N. E. BEST
b Nov 2 1887, d Jan 9 1891
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God takes away when He thinks best.


BROWN, Effie M., d/o J. W. & C. A. BROWN
d Aug 4 1884, age 3m 13d
This little one but tasted the cup of pain and lost And then away she hasted [illeg] you [illeg] ceasing now.

BROWN, Willie A., s/o J. W. & C. A. BROWN
d Apr 17 1887, age 1y 3m 24d or maybe just 3m 24d
Not lost, best thought, But gone before, Where or there we shall meet to part no more.


CAIN, Lois or Louse Amy, d/o H. & G. CAIN
d Sep 14 1883, age 11m 14d
Weap [sic] not dear father and mother for me For I am waiting in heaven for thee.


CEANE, Rhoda J., w/o Henry CEANE
b Jan 18 1846, d Sep 14 1875, age 29y 7m 27d


COLLINS, Minerva A., w/o Poindexter COLLINS
d Apr 21 1856, age 23y
Earth counts a mortal less Heaven an angel more.


COOK, Ruby, s/o C. E. & O. J. COOK
d Dec 4 1888, age 1m 18d
On that bright ummortal [sic] shore we shall meet to part no more.


CORP, Maggie M., d/o B. F. & P. E. CORP
d Jan 26 1886, age 2m 11d
Thou art gone little Maggie, Sweet child of our love From earth's long sorrow To bright mansions above.


GLASS, Margit, w/o Richard GLASS
d 13 Apr 1882, age 36y 9m 21d


ROYSE, infant s/o J. M. & E. N. ROYSE
d Jul 21 1886
Blessed are the Angels That dwell with the Lord.

ROYSE, Darling Mabel, d/o J. M. & Ellen ROYSE
d Sep 15 1883, age 1y 11m 22d
Our darling little Mable To all the house hold dear Has gone to dwell in heaven And await our coming there.


ROYSTON, Benjamin
b Feb 14 1812, d Feb 26 1879

ROYSTON, Harriet E., d/o B. & R. ROYSTON
d Oct 15 1865, age 3y 11m

ROYSTON, Rebecca A., w/o B. ROYSTON
d Mar 11 1884, age 66y 5d
How lonesome and forlorn Seems home with mother gone But God our joy has taken O May his will be done.

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