Patrick / Weldon cemetery, Harrison twp, Daviess co MO
Patrick or Weldon Cemetery
Harrison township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: take Highway 13 south from Gallatin for about 5 miles to route M. Turn left (east) onto route M for 5 1/4 miles. Route M will turn to the right (south) now; continue on one more mile, passing Vow Avenue, but not Waltz Avenue, both of which will be on your left (east). Between Vow and Waltz there is a path that leads to the left (east). Follow it about 700 feet or so to the cemetery.

A transcription of Weldon cemetery was made by Flora Maye Beeler and Mary Ann Weldon, and was copied by Flora Maye Beeler for the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. This present file includes some comments from their transcription in brackets.

This cemetery was canvassed again in summer 2004.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


AMERINE, Joseph E., h/o Flora R. b Mar 20 1863, d Jan 3 1893


BALLARD, Phillip G. C., s/o G. C. and E. C.? [G.?] BALLARD, grandson of [illeg]
age 13y 4m 11d

BALLARD, George C.
d Feb 4 1864, age 33y 5? [2? 7?]m 2d
Father and mother? [brother?]


BANTON, Chania May, d/o Lewis and Martha
b May 17 1872, d Apr 17 1897 [north side]
d Apr 17 1897, age 19y 11m

BANTON, Berniece, d/o Lewis and Martha BANTON
b Mar 21 1897
d June 17 1897, age 2m 27d [south side]
[same stone]

BANTON, Martha
b 1833, d 1911
BANTON, Lewis _ Luke
b 1820, d 1910
[same stone]
[Luke had been a family slave. After he was freed he bought 80 acres by the family and lived his life here.]


BROWN, Elsie C.
b Feb 19 1844, d Mar 6 1906

BROWN, Ollie B., d/o M. and E.
d May 26 1892, age 8y 7m 24d


b 1871, d 1950


PATRICK, Benedick Weldon
b Jul 28 1874, d May 10 1970

PATRICK, Edith Bennett
b Dec 15 1877, d Jan 4 1968

PATRICK, Ann E. WELDON, w/o John M.
b 1844, d 1917

PATRICK, Mary Grace
b 1912, d 1996

b 1910, d 1988

PATRICK, John Michael
b Jan 26 1942, d Oct 14 1979
[Masonic emblem]


RILEY, Frances Patrick
b 1897, d 1979


STAMPER, Catherine B[est].
b Jan 7 1833, d Apr 28 1922

STAMPER, infant s/o J. and C. B. STAMPER
b and d June 15 1860

STAMPER, Phebe Ann, d/o J. and G. B. STAMPER
d Apr 10 1864, age 5y 2m 15d


d Apr 26 1890, age 32y 11m 26d


WELDON, Benedict, s/o Thos. and Victoria
d Mar 18 1872, age 11m 29d

WELDON, Charity E., d/o E. E. and E. WELDON
b Dec 13 1863, age 3y 1m 28d

WELDON, Sterling Price, s/o J. J. and M. E.
b Oct 22 1861, d Dec 21 1863

WELDON, Elizabeth G.
b 1835, d 1872
WELDON, James Best
b 1826, d 1859
[same stone]

WELDON, Mary A., d/o H. R. and E. T.
d Jan 10 1870, age 8y 3m 21d

WELDON, William E., s/o E. E. and E.
d Feb 6 1863, age 4y 2m 17d

WELDON, John [a brother of Benedic]
d Jan 7 1843, age 30y

WELDON, Humphrey J., s/o E. E. & E. WELDON
d Sep 9 1864, age 5m 1d

WELDON, Elizabeth [LANKFORD], w/o E. E. WELDON
d Aug 5 1865, agae 27y 11m 18d

WELDON, Charity [Best WELDON, w/o Benedic]
b in Madison co KY, d Feb 6 1894, age 87y 2m 12d

WELDON, Benedig [sic]
b in Garet co [sic; mean the town of Garrett in Floyd co? or Garrard co KY?] KY, d Jul 2 1860, age 61y 5m 5d

WELDON, Benedic, s/o B. and C.
d Jun 28 1838, age 7y 7m 20d

WELDON, Martin Boaz, s/o E. E. and Nancy
b Feb 2 1870, d Jan 1 1888

WELDON, infant s/o Martin and Lydia
b and d Feb 22 1883

WELDON, Eveline, d/o M[artin]. and L[ydia]. R.
d Feb 7 1871, age 2y 2m 6d

WELDON, Silas D., s/o B[enedic]. and C[harity].
d Feb 27 1861, age 19y 3m 8?[3?]d
d in Civil War

WELDON, Isaac, s/o B. and C.
d June 5 1864, age 22y 6m 16d
d in Civil War

WELDON, Scythia
d Feb 14 1875, age 62y 6m 11d

WELDON, Liddie A., d/o Scythia WELDON
d May 11 1876, age 43y 2m 1d

WELDON, Henrietta
d Jul 12 1882, age 60y 11m

WELDON, Nathan B., s/o J. B. & E. T. WELDON
d Dec 16 1856, age 1m 12d

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