Whitt cemetery, Monroe twp, Daviess co MO

Whitt Cemetery

Monroe township, Daviess county, Missouri

Location: Highway 13 south from Gallatin for about 3 1/2 miles until Topper Av. Turn left (east) and the cemetery is 1/4 mile down this road at its end.

The following transcription of the Whitt cemetery was compiled by Mrs Herbert Carpenter and Mrs Flora Maye Beeler for the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution about 1975. It was copied by Flora Maye Beeler. Their printed transcription is put on-line with the permission of the Gallatin Missouri chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Disclaimer: some stones are difficult to read. Moreover, errors invariably creep into any transcription project. Some graves have no markers. Researchers are advised to check the data herein.

Abbreviations and notations:
b: born
co: county or military company
d: died
d/o: daughter of
h/o: husband of
pic: picture
s/o: son of
sic: thus, that's how it is
w/o: wife of
WWI, WWII: World War I, II
y m d: age at death in years, months, days
? or _ [underline]: uncertain
[illeg]: illegible
[text in brackets is not in the source or is an editorial comment]


AYERS, James F.
b Dec 2 1858, d Aug 14 1899

AYERS, Vilinda Marniva
b 1868, d 1910

AYERS, Mary Ellen, w/o John W.
b Feb 24 1873, d Aug 27 1897

AYERS, John W.
b May 2 1823, d Dec 27 1895

AYERS, Joseph
b Dec 9 1830, d Aug 9 1899

AYERS, Jocephes, s/o J. and M. A.
d Feb 20 1864, age 9m 1d


BANKS, Effie, d/o Richard and Rachel
d Aug 25 1893, age 17y 3m 6d


BARLOW, Raymond R., s/o William and Ada E.
b Jan 13 1918, d Mar 9 1918

BARLOW, Mary E., w/o David
b Nov 1851, d ----

b Aug 4 1845, d Aug 27 1905


BOOR, Lennie E., w/o George A.
b May 29 1879, d May 11 1907

BOOR, Sarah, w/o Henry
d Aug 11 1883, age 42y 4m 4d


d Dec 23 1862, age 23y 9m 2d

BRAUGHTON, Elizabeth
d Jan 15 1863, age 17y 7m 3d

BRAUGHTON, Jane, w/o Job
d Jan 15 1879, age 78y 10m 27d


BRUMMETT, Mrs Jessie
d Nov 1897, age abt 80y


CARPENTER, Walter E., s/o Guy and Alice
b 1917, d 1919

CARPENTER, infant d/o Guy and Alice
[no dates]

CARPENTER, Frank, f/o Guy, Louella, Pearl, and Harry
b 1862, d 1903


d Sep 11 1888, age 22y 6m


COX, Ethel E., d/o James and Affa H. JONES
b Jun 30 1906, d Aug 17 1935

COX, Frank
b Nov 8 1854, d Feb 12 1933


DOWNING, Mary E., d/o Powhatan and Hannah B.
d Aug 4 1864, age 9m 23d


EDWARDS, Samuel A.
b Feb 12 1840, d Sep 19 1909

EDWARDS, Sarah V., w/o Samuel A.
b Jun 15 1846, d Sep 22 1925

EDWARDS, Creaty Edith, d/o S. A. and S. V.
d Dec 3 1909, age 13y 6m 18d


GOAZ ?, Sarah L.
d Mar 10 1890, age 74y


HENDERSON, John W., s/o J. and S. E.
d Jan 18 1861, age 2y 4m 11d


HEROLD, Daniel C.
b Nov 29 1832 in Pocahontas co VA, d Aug 2 1874


b Sep 15 1867, d May 6 1917

b Mar 26 18*70*, d Apr 30 1945

HOLCOMB, Christina I., d/o S. and M. McDOW, w/o Daniel HOLCOMB
b Apr 30 1844, d Jan 13 1898, age 53y 8m 13d

HOLCOMB, Mary, w/o Henry
b Mar 23 1812, d Feb 26 1901, age 88y 11m 3d

b 1810, d 1858, age 48y


b Apr 21 1801, d Feb 27 1871, age 69y 10m 6d

HOSMAN, Bethema, w/o James
b 1828, d Feb 27 1892, age 64y 8d


HUFF, Sibblella, w/o J. H.
d Nov 3 1878, age 72y 10m 10d

HUFF, John
d Dec 17 1878, age 83y 3m 2d


JACKSON, Mary E. I. A.
d Nov 20 1901, age 36y 1m 9d


JONES, James I.
b Mar 12 1873, d Oct 7 1933

JONES, Offa H.
b Jul 30 1882, d Jul 26 1946


KEFER, Charlotte
d Oct 1 1871, age 85y


KERN, Henry
b Nov 24 1811, d Jun 30 1887


McDOW, John Samuel
d Dec 5 1892, age 3y 11m 25d

McDOW, Matilda Belle, d/o F. M. and U.
d Jan 11 1873, age 4y 12d

McDOW, John W., s/o R. C. and T. F.
d Nov 10 1865, age 1y 9m 5d

McDOW, infant son
b and d Dec 1 1863

McDOW, Robert C.
d Nov 31 1859, age 52y 11m 11d

McDOW, Matilda A., w/o Samuel
d Jul 4 1891, age 83y 11m 24d

McDOW, Samuel
d Aug 9 1854, age 50y

McDOW, Margaret
d Jan 10 1847, age 16y

McDOW, John T.
d Mar 25 1845, age 21y


McQUEEN, Gordon Roscoe
b Mar 7 1919, d Mar 15 1919

McQUEEN, Verna Louise
b Nov 19 1913, d Nov 23 1919

McQUEEN, David Murey
b Feb 22 1914, d Sep 2 1915

McQUEEN, Hazel Dell, w/o Ralph Grant
b Aug 20 1892, d Nov 8 1966

McQUEEN, Ralph Grant
b Dec 8 1889, d Sep 28 1969


MILSTEAD, Charles J.
b Dec 22 1861, d Dec 9 1942

MILSTEAD, Virginia C., w/o C. J.
b Aug 25 1861, d Sep 25 1916

MILSTEAD, Maude, d/o C. J. and Virginia C.
[no dates]


O'DELL, Gordon Lester
b May 19 1912, d May 5 1971, age 58y


PARK, Francis M.
d Apr 15 1888, age 62y 11m 12d

PARK, Ida F., w/o F. M. and S. C.
d Apr 5 1872, age 7y 6m 26d


d Jan 11 1876, age 30y 3m
Stone erected by his wife.

d May 30 1892, age 90y 1m 21d

SHARRAH, Rachel, w/o Jacob
d Jun 28 1878, age 64y 11m

SHARRAH, Elizabeth A.
b Jul 28 1822, d Jul 7 1899


SMITH, Margaret J., w/o James M.
d Apr 21 1861, age 40y 11m 1d

SMITH, Martha G., d/o J. M. and M. J.
d Sep 26 1860, age 1y 7m

SMITH, J. W., s/o J. M. and M. J.
[no dates]


WARD, Timothy
d Apr 26 1862, age 61y 6m 8d

WARD, Mary Armelda, d/o T. and M.
d Oct 14 1847, age 2y 1m

WARD, Cyrenes W.
d Nov 16 1864, age 33y 8m 8d

WARD, William H.
d Apr 18 1859, age 18y 9m 2d

WARD, George G.
d Dec 23 1858, age 21y 4m 28d

WARD, Mary, w/o Timothy
d Jan 27 1875, age 73y 2m 27d

WARD, Susan, w/o T. P.
[no dates]


WHITT, John [sic] Ann, w/o John
b Jan 26 1818, d Oct 10 1870

WHITT, Henry A.
b Sep 3 1841, d Oct 17 1892

WHITT, Sarah E., w/o Henry E. [sic]
b Mar 12 1846, d Apr 26 1918

WHITT, Elijah
b 1800, d 1879
Forefather of the Whitts in Daviess co.

WHITT, Georgia
b Nov 4 1899, d Jan 6 1915, age 20y 2m


WILSON, George W.
b Feb 12 1850, d May 19 1910
Stone erected by Mary Harlow.


WOOD, Andrew M., s/o William and T. F.
d Feb 17 1849, age 4m 15d

WOOD, John W.
b Feb 10 1833, d Jul 12 1892

WOOD, Sarah J.
b Nov 10 1836, d Mar 22 1903, age 66y 4m 12d


WORLEY, Christena
d Sep 21 1872, age 60y 8m 19d

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