Reid Cemetery Transcription (partial)

By Steven Reid

This is a transcription made primarily from photographs I took of my August 1999 visit to Reid Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri, and represents about a third of the total number of tombstones in the cemetery. This transcription is arranged by alphabetical order by surname, with each line representing a unique stone.

Reid Cemetery was transcribed about 1975 by Mrs. Ollie Houghton and Mrs. Flora Maye Beeler of the Gallatin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The endnotes document discrepancies between my findings and the DAR transcription.

A fence circumvents the cemetery with a line of trees abutting the east, west, and north sides of the cemetery giving a feeling of privacy to the cemetery. The cemetery has entrance in the middle part of the south fence. There are stones to both the east and west ends but the middle section of the cemetery is void of stones. The cemetery is being mowed.


SARAH, Wife of Jonas Heimbaugh, Died
Apr. 17, 1899, aged 84Y. 7M. 1D.(1)
SIMEON, Died Nov.17, 1892, Aged 60 Years(2)

CUMA, Dau. of S.S. & J. Heimbeaugh, Born Aug 30, 1884, Died Sept 30, 1884(3)

CHARLES IVON, Aug. 12, 1886, Feb. 2, 1929

ELSIE, June 19, 1865, May 2, 1936
IVONA, wife of M.W.Reid, Nov. 24, 1872, Dec. 18, 1914
THOMAS, Nov. 6, 1844, Jan 1, 1914; LUCINDA ANN, his wife, Feb 27, 1856, Feb. 4, 1920
WILLIS, Mar 3, 1831 - June 9, 1872; NANCY AGNES his wife, Sep. 11, 1842 - Feb. 12, 1927, second marriage wife of R. S. Osborn(4)

LEROY, Son of Thos. I. & Maria, Born Oct. 15, 1877, Died July 28, 1893(5)
LEWIS I., Son of Thos. I & Maria, Born Feb. 16, 1885, Died July 25, 1887(6)
MARIAH, Wife of Thomas I. Spain, Born Dec. 16, 1852, Died Mar. 21, 1932
THOMAS I., Born Dec. 29, 1829, Died Dec. 18, 1910


1--DAR transcription says Sarah died "1-17-1899." I took a photograph which clearly shows the death date of "Apr. 17, 1899." However, it is clear that the upper portion of the monument is new, especially when contrasted with the original base on which it stands. Therefore it is entirely possible that this is not the same monument transcribed by the DAR. The new monument appears as if it were an attempt to replicate the style of the old. Whether the Jan 17th date or Apr 17th death date is correct remains the conclusion of the reader.

2--DAR transcription says Simeon died "12-17-1892" and also spelled the surname "HEINBAUGH." I took a photograph which clearly shows a death date of "Nov. 17, 1892" and the surname spelled "HEIMBAUGH." Based on this information alone, I feel the DAR has erred. Furthermore, I believe that Simeon's wife Ellen is on another of the four sides of the monument.

3--DAR transcription spells the name "Cuma HEIMBAUGH." I took a photograph of the tombstone which clearly says "CUMA, Dau. of S. S. & J. HEIMBEAUGH" with an extra E in the surname. I feel the DAR transcription overlooked this detail.

4--DAR does not list Willis' wife Nancy Agnes in their transcription. The tombstone appears new enough that it is possible that it is new since the DAR transcription.

5--DAR transcription says "Leroy, son of Mariah and Thomas I."; the photograph I took shows "LEROY, son of Thos. I. & Maria" without the final h in Mariah.

6--DAR transcription says "Lewis I, son of Mariah and Thomas I."; the photograph I took shows "LEWIS I., son of Thos. I. & Maria" without the final h in Mariah. My photograph also shows "Born Feb. 16, 1885" whereas the DAR transcription puts the birthdate at "2-10-1885."