Gilead A.R.P. Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg County, NC; 1795-1984; N-R; Sassytazzy's Online Genealogy Research Library
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Cemetery Records

Gilead Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery
(Gilead A.R.P. Church Cemetery)

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

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# Nance Born Died Notes
444 Alex S. Nance 12-18-1887 11-11-1970  
443 William Craven Nance 8-19-1914 7-16-1960  
# Nantz Born Died Notes
347 Janie Stillwell Nantz 4-11-1878 [no date] Wife of H.C. Nantz
346 Henry C. Nantz 4-9-1867 7-25-1950  
345 McCamey Nantz 6-24-1897 6-29-1920  
344 Wincey A. Nantz 10-23-1871 11-7-1911  
343 Ellie P. Nantz 6-28-1895 4-27-1966  
342 Dennie Mansel Nantz 3-29-1895 6-6-1975  
# Norket Born Died Notes
212 Viola Norket 2-11-1919 7-3-1921 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Norket
211 Blanch Norket 5-11-1911 6-12-1911 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Norket
210 Bertie Lee Norket 1899 1901 Child of J.L. & S. Norket
209 Sallie G. Norket 11-17-1879 5-19-1906 Wife of J.L. Norket
441 Joseph L. Norket 9-24-1877 5-5-1959  
440 Etta I. Norket 4-13-1890 10-28-1974  
439 Wayne M. Norket 6-4-1914 3-30-1953  
441-A Jay Wiley Norket 8-7-1921 4-25-1982  
# Osborne Born Died Notes
142 Ann K. Osborne 10-20-1805 4-12-1864  
139 Elizabeth M. Osborne 5-25-1826 4-31-1841 [sic]  
143 Milton Osborne 1-1-1802 1-5-1885  
178 Dovey Priscilla Osborne 6-5-18__ __-23-1853 Daughter of Milton & Ann Osborne
140 Pamilla Berniece Osborne 9-17-1839 9-19-1843 Daughter of Milton & Ann Osborne
141 John Milton Calhoun Osborne 9-11-1843 1857  
# Poplin Born Died Notes
405 J.E. Poplin [no date] [no date] "Stone has no dates"
404 Mollie Mary Poplin 1882 1954  
# Pressley Born Died Notes
379 Margaret Pressley 1871 1937 Wife of Callie Pressley
# Price Born Died Notes
96 Jane Robinson Price 9-3-1848 9-23-1879 Wife of Wilkins D. Price
66 Thomas D. Price [no date] 10-3-1845 aged 12 yrs. 2 mos. & 20 days, Son of James D. & Ellen H. Price
# Reagan Born Died Notes
403 Franklin A. Reagan 8-23-1895 1-18-1966  
402 [no name] [no date] [no date] "Stone Marked Infant In Reagan Family Plot #1"
401 [no name] [no date] [no date] "Stone Marked Infant In Reagan Family Plot #2"
# Reagans Born Died Notes
338 Billie Craven Regans 4-23-1929 7-18-1929  
340 John P. Reagans 10-29-1891 8-7-1958  
# Riley Born Died Notes
182 James Riley 1-16-1888 6-6-1953  
184 R.F. Riley 1-7-1848 2-28-1891  
183 Harriet K. Riley 7-14-1850 11-11-1907 Wife of J. Franklin Riley
186 Robert O. Riley 1-1-1885 12-27-1885 Son of R.F. & H.K. Riley
185 Louie A. Riley 1886 1888 Son of R.F. & H.K. Riley
[no #] Sarah B. Riley [no date] 8-27-1858 Aged 48 yrs. 1 mos. & 25 days, Wife of E.A. Riley
# Riggins Born Died Notes
417 Robert E. Riggins 9-25-1916 2-5-1978  
# Ritchie Born Died Notes
324 Maggie E. Ritchie 11-8-1886 5-28-1920 Wife of W.A. Ritchie
# Rogers Born Died Notes
288 Marcus C. Rogers 1864 1923  
287 Laura Brown Rogers 1869 1914 Wife of Marcus C. Rogers
186 Annie Grace Rogers 10-30-1899 10-21-1901 Daughter of M.C. & L.M. Rogers
137 George Rogers June-1789 6-9-1814  
285 Freddie L. Rogers 12-21-1901 3-13-1903  
285 Callie L. Rogers 10-6-1900 5-20-1901  

A B-C D-G H-I J-M S T-Z Maps

Submitted by: Photocopies of typed list & 2 maps sent to me by Sandra Shields Griffin (I don't know who originally typed the list or drew the maps). Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

I don't believe this is a complete listing through 1984 as some of the pages that I received had an entry/entries cut off at the bottom; but, aside from the photos that I took when I visited the cemetery, it's all that I have on this cemetery that I can share with other researchers.

Parts of dates that are underlined indicate that it was not typed on my copy.  Items in brackets [ ] either indicate that I had difficulty reading my copy or are my notes.  Items in curly brackets { } were the handwritten notes that my aunt wrote on the copy that she sent to me. 

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