Gilead A.R.P. Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg County, NC; 1795-1984; S; Sassytazzy's Online Genealogy Research Library
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Gilead Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery
(Gilead A.R.P. Church Cemetery)

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

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# Shaw Born Died Notes
463 Infant Daughter of Lorin & Emily Shaw [no date] 4-30-1952  
# Sherrill Born Died Notes
392 Clyde C. Sherrill 1-4-1919 5-10-1919 Son of F.S. & K.B. Sherrill
# Shinn Born Died Notes
382 James Robert Shinn 4-20-1949 4-20-1949 Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. D.C. Shinn
381 Bertha Stuart Shinn 3-1-1890 2-2-1940 Wife of D.C. Shinn
380 Nellie Sue Shinn 12-1-1916 12-3-1916  
380 Joyce Ann Shinn 1-1-1925 1-10-1925  
# Sifford Born Died Notes
4 Mrs. Nancy N. Sifford 3-17-1803 7-7-1839  
# Smith Born Died Notes
105 David Smith [no date] 6-12-1823 Aged 81 years
104 Nancy Smith [no date] 1-28-1822 Aged 79 years, Wife of David Smith
104 Margaret Jackson [no date] 1795 Age 45 years, "Also on same stone" as Nancy Smith
102 Eliza Smith [no date] 11-14-1854 Aged 80 years
101 James Smith [no date] 5-27-1860 Aged 77 years
318 Mary Ann Smith 10-15-1837 3-7-1921 Wife of William H. Smith
100 Esther Smith [no date] 1868 Aged 75 years
# Stanley Born Died Notes
302 Infant Daughter of E.H. & G.V. Stanley [no date] 12-15-1921  
301 Edwin Leverne Stanley 5-14-1923 7-5-1923  
412 John A. Stanley 1-6-1857 9-27-1932  
411 Victoria M. Stanley 3-31-1867 8-28-1931  
169 Edward H. Stanley 3-2-1894 8-14-1934  
# Stephens Born Died Notes
472 Malvin S. Stephens 4-2-1902 9-16-1978  
462 Ianda P. Stephens 1908 1956  
261 Wincy Stephens 2-5-1812 12-3-1890 Wife of W.K. Stephens
260 William K. Stephens 9-27-1819 12-5-1895  
259 Infant Son of John P. & Allie A. Stephens 11-30-1895 12-13-1895  
232 Margaret Brown Stephens 7-23-1866 12-22-1942  
311 Marston T. Stephens 5-1-1900 8-24-1971  
284 Jesse M. Stephens 8-8-1854 5-6-1928  
283 Maulcey Stephens 8-9-1850 1-1-1920  
391 Robert Lee Stephens 10-10-1873 11-24-1945  
341 Alonza C. Stephens 9-16-1878 4-6-1929  
339 Virgie E. Stephens 4-23-1902 5-27-1929  
310 John P. Stephens 1-22-1874 2-6-1929  
309 Allie A Stephens 12-2-1874 2-24-1965 Wife of J.P. Stephens
282 Marvin J.S. Stephens 7-28-1883 3-12-1908  
281 Thomas H. Stephens 10-15-1885 4-5-1913  
460 Neal McCoy Stephens 12-17-1944 2-11-1962  
# Stevens Born Died Notes
262 Priscilla L. Stevens 12-7-1856 4-15-1906  
# Stillwell Born Died Notes
258 Harrison H. Stillwell 12-14-1842 5-9-1915  
257 Sarah A. Stillwell 3-25-1843 11-28-1914 Wife of H.H. Stillwell
217 Richard Allen Stillwell Jr. 1-9-1896 7-19-1957  
[no #] Susie Wilkie Stillwell 12-19-1900 [no date] Wife of R.A. Stillwell Jr., [Probably written on same stone as Richard Allen Stillwell Jr. #217]
235 Keller H. Stillwell 11-1-1890 11-11-1918  
234 Ivery M. Stillwell 5-30-1885 __-10-1886 Son of R.A. & M.R. Stillwell
233 R.A. Stillwell 5-24-1865 6-24-1896  
409 Mary Luella Stillwell 8-11-1852 6-17-1893 Wife of J.M. Stillwell
390 Donald Sidney Stillwell 6-28-1939 3-31-1941 Son of C.S. & Bessie Stillwell
389 Bessie Regans Stillwell 1-25-1901 3-6-1964  
388 Camie Stanhope Stillwell 11-1-1890 11-1-1979  
370 Mary R. Pryor Stillwell 8-24-1895 11-26-1951 Wife of T.E. Stillwell
371 T.E. Stillwell 5-29-1893 3-19-1959  
369 Infant Son of Clesby B. & Lucy B. Stillwell 7-29-1935 7-29-1935  
280 Sarah Elizabeth Stillwell 4-19-1918 7-13-1919 Daughter of A.A. & Elizabeth Stillwell
368 Billie Craven Stillwell 12-2-1933 12-20-1934  
367 Anthony A. Stillwell 1885 1933  
366 Eliza W. Stillwell 1893 1974  
426 Henry F. Stillwell 1-1-1881 7-3-1956  
425 Mary Jane Stillwell 1-27-1876 4-27-1936 Wife of Henry F. Stillwell
459 Robert Allen Stillwell 11-6-1930 9-25-1963  
458 Blennie L. Stillwell 10-20-1923 9-25-1963  
471 Robert W. Stillwell 9-11-1898 3-12-1964  
369-B Clesby Ben Stillwell 6-12-1904 5-20-1981  

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Submitted by: Photocopies of typed list & 2 maps sent to me by Sandra Shields Griffin (I don't know who originally typed the list or drew the maps). Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

I don't believe this is a complete listing through 1984 as some of the pages that I received had an entry/entries cut off at the bottom; but, aside from the photos that I took when I visited the cemetery, it's all that I have on this cemetery that I can share with other researchers.

Parts of dates that are underlined indicate that it was not typed on my copy.  Items in brackets [ ] either indicate that I had difficulty reading my copy or are my notes.  Items in curly brackets { } were the handwritten notes that my aunt wrote on the copy that she sent to me. 

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