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Partial listing. 78 inscriptions including the following surnames: Alexander (1), Bailey (17), Baugh (1), Brightwell (2), Butler (17), Byrd (14), Dowdy (1), East (4), Garrett (1), Harlow (2), Harlowe (2), Mason (2), Meredith (1), Moore (3), Poulston (2), Sharp (2), Shields (2), Southall (2), Staton (1), and Walker (1).

These inscriptions are listed in the table in the same order that I originally recorded them.

Name Born Died Notes
Chas. E. Bailey 8-30-1893 9-24-1956  
Ester D. Bailey 2-26-1899 8-19-1965  
Josie Brockwell Moore 9-9-1894 1-10-1936 Wife of Bernard Moore
Bernard C. Moore 4-4-1898 10-18-1968  
Helen Pearman Moore 6-12-1903 5-22-1939  
Grant J. Byrd 6-14-1872 6-9-1956 Pvt. Co. 12 Regt. KY Infanty Spanish American War
Alice Cole Byrd 12-22-1887 4-10-1970  
Grant J. Byrd 6-14-1872 6-9-1956  
Thelma V. Byrd 3-29-1911 5-9-1941 Our Daughter
Walter E. Byrd 1-28-1907 2-23-1956 Our Son
Emmet E. Butler 4-14-1933 3-1-1959  
Fred Butler 12-27-1899 10-28-1962  
Harry H. Meredith 9-16-1887 1-13-1949  
Bessie Louise Alexander 5-29-1911 1-7-1982  
Maggie Bailey Poulston 6-22-1870 5-19-1948 Wife of Joseph R. Poulston
Joseph R. Poulston 9-4-1865 5-17-1949  
John W. Harlow 5-12-1905 10-25-1959  
Emma D. Harlow 1-26-1916 [no date]  
Frederick Abel Harlowe 12-7-1872 5-13-1950  
Fannie Payne Harlowe 7-9-1883 6-13-1976  
Clifford L. East 8-16-1890 10-1-1971  
Bessie D. East 11-21-1892 3-6-1961  
Luther B. Butler 5-3-1900 [no date]  
Mary Lindsey Butler 10-8-1899 6-10-1969  
Sherwood C. Butler 1900 [no date]  
Isabel M. Butler 1902 1972  
Richard W. Butler 1874 1946  
Bennie Lee Southall 1903 1955  
Connie G. Southall 1908 1965  
Joseph Branch Bailey 5-27-1886 10-26-1961  
Mozell Pinkleton Bailey 2-6-1886 3-29-1970  
Thelma Louise Bailey 10-10-1908 5-3-1928  
Dorothy J. Bailey 2-17-1914 10-8-1914  
M. Carlyle Butler 5-21-1916 3-17-1963  
George E. Shields 8-9-1882 11-20-1973 [Shields/Mason headstone]
Nannie K. Shields 8-7-1888 12-29-1973 [Shields/Mason headstone]
Curtis H. Mason 8-12-1908 8-2-1977 [Shields/Mason headstone]
Mirtie G. Mason 8-27-1912 3-29-1980 [Shields/Mason headstone]
James Everett Bailey 8-2-1884 2-26-1968  
Clara Wright Bailey 8-18-1884 6-22-1961  
Llewellyn O. Brightwell 8-7-1884 7-18-1969  
Ada Snead Brightwell 3-13-1879 8-19-1965  
Corbit C. Byrd 9-12-1894 3-24-1964  
Bruce (Buck) Byrd, Jr. 6-18-1943 6-16-1950 Our Son
Thomas Garland Bailey 5-30-1908 1-21-1951  
Glenice D. Dowdy 5-13-1912 11-16-1983 [Bailey]
Lewis Illnereis Butler 8-12-1904 8-23-1954  
Kelly Butler 8-25-1896 4-14-1963  
Della B. Butler 4-29-1901 10-17-1948  
Henry W. Butler 6-4-1903 4-26-1962  
James Henry Butler 2-16-1863 8-4-1945  
Carrie E. Butler 1879 1949 Progressive Council No. 12 S & D of L
Charles Llewellyn Bailey, MD 5-14-1876 8-1-1929  
Bettie E. Walker 9-16-1880 5-29-1958 [Bailey]
Edward Gray Bailey 12-29-1873 9-5-1961  
Maud W. Bailey 10-9-1876 8-2-1944  
Mae Bailey Staton 12-29-1873 6-20-1965  
Blanche Bailey Garrett 12-31-1878 7-12-1969  
Charles E. Bailey 8-30-1893 9-24-1956  
Esther D. Bailey 2-26-1899 8-19-1965  
Margaret H. Bailey 2-6-1863 12-4-1936  
James S. Byrd 10-15-1911 3-3-1979 [Mansfield/Byrd plot]
Pauline S. Byrd 9-20-1912 [no date] [Mansfield/Byrd plot]
John G. Byrd 10-1-1857 7-23-1936 [Mansfield/Byrd plot]
Mary H. Byrd 2-18-1874 12-12-1951 [Mansfield/Byrd plot]
Carrie Sharpe Butler 1891 1937  
Marion Dudley Baugh 6-2-1911 1-31-1923 [same plot as Carrie Sharpe Butler]
Raleigh Butler 11-18-1887 12-23-1910 [same plot as Carrie Sharpe Butler]
Patricia Sharp 1854 1940 [same plot as Carrie Sharpe Butler]
G. F. Sharp 2-13-1861 12-8-1928 Faithful Husband & Father, [same plot as Carrie Sharpe Butler]
Sadie Bailey [no date] [no date] age 9 yrs old, Beloved daughter of E.T. & M.S. Bailey
Lena D. Byrd 9-16-1900 5-24-1961  
Charles E. Byrd 1-6-1899 2-5-1983 Father
Alonzo E. Butler 10-3-1902 12-15-1980  
Janice Ann Byrd 9-24-1944 9-25-1944  
Martha Ann East 10-2-1888 1-7-1942 Mother
James C. Flynn East 11-26-1909 9-28-1949  
James C. Bailey 1921 1977 US Army WWII

Submitted by: Susan Shields Sasek. Inscriptions by Susan Shields Sasek and Russell East, 16 Feb 1986.

We went to the cemetery to copy the dates on the headstones of Clifford L. &Bessie D. East (distant relatives of ours).  I copied the other inscriptions listed as we wandered around the cemetery before and after locating the East graves.

Items in brackets [ ] are my notes.

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