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My sincerest thanks to my "genealogical angels"

The following list of people are among those who have contributed or helped me in some way, directly or indirectly, over the years -- either for my personal genealogy research and/or for this genealogy website. This list is NOT complete -- I'll keep adding to this list as often as I can:

The order they are listed below has nothing to do with their "importance", the quantity of material they have submitted, or anything else -- they're listed in alphabetical order.

Where you would be in your genealogy research if someone hadn't helped you somehow, large or small, along the way? Everyone has some genealogical information they can share with others. Please help other researchers by sharing -- even if it's "only" a single record (such as an obituary, census listing, bible record, headstone inscription, etc.), it could be of help or interest to other researchers.

My "genealogical angels" Surnames or How They Helped
Those not yet listed . . . I'm still working on this list -- will keep adding names as I run across or remember their names (please don't be offended if your name doesn't show up yet, drop me a note if I've accidentally left you out :) -- Susan
Roberta Agor-Wingo Information about Charles Evans Wingo
Sara Akers "distant" cousin; Corell and Correll families
Marsha Alexander Alexander family
Kathy Allen Southall family
Virginia "Sis" Allen my cousin; deceased.  East, Brightwell, Jenkins, and related families
Everett Brightwell Anderson Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Patrick J. Anderson Anderson and related families; Everett Anderson Memorial Collection of Colonial Virginia Anderson Families
Vera Andrews Alexander family. Editor of the Alexander Newsletter & Author of:

Alexanders of Cannon County, Tennessee

Extra thanks to Vera for letting me put info from the Alexander Newsletter on this site to share with other researchers.

Linwood Leroy Arthur Arthur family
Carol Southall Atkinson Southall family
Joanna Baker East family
Shirley May Brightwell Bassett Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Mamie Bates Southall & East families
Julia Huband Bowles  my friend, but not (yet) related -- Southall and Corell (Correll) families
B. Carlisle Bowling  my "distant" cousin; Corell (Correll),etc. families
Ernest Jackson Brightwell Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Linda T. Brightwell Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Morton Brightwell Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Charles H. A. Cochran Cochran family
Maureen Coker Alexander family
Avlyn Dodd Conley Avlyn has researched the Brightwell surname in the United States for about 30 years & has very has generously donated all of her records to me, the majority of which will be shared on the web site &/or WorldConnect database for other Brightwell researchers to benefit from.
She has also compiled 2 books:

The Darnall, Darnell Family, Including Darneal, Darnielle, Darnold, Dernall, Durnall, Durnell, and Names Variously Spelled with Allied Families. Vol. II
928 pgs, indexed; Compiled 1979 by Avlyn Dodd Conley; and

1997 Supplement to Genealogy and History of the DANIEL DOD FAMILY in America
481 pgs, indexed; Compiled by Avlyn Dodd Conley.

David Lee Correll Correll family
Juanita Sisson Correll Correll and Corell family
Don Dacon Dacon and Dakin Family
Shaun Dickenson Thornrose cemetery, Staunton, VA
Donna Duraczynski Corrections to my WorldConnect Family Database
Donald L. East my uncle; East, Corell, Bird, Arthur, etc. families
William Russell East, Jr.  my uncle; deceased. East, Corell, Bird, Arthur, Southall, Dakin, etc. families
William Russell East, III  my cousin; Maury Cemetery, Richmond, VA
Ernie East East family
Shirley Easter not related; owner of the property that the Bailey family cemetery is located on.  She gave me permission to "invade" the field on her farm in Amelia Co., VA to get to and clear the cemetery. We had to put all of the debris outside of the cemetery (a ton of weeds, sticker/thorn bushes, etc.) in her field, and she so generously told us not to bother with clearing up the debris, that she would arrange to clean it up -- talk about an angel! 
Madeleine Eckert Col. Turner Southall & family
Ila Gatons Eckstadt Corrections and additions to my WorldConnect Miscellaneous Database
Pamela Manning Fein Jordan family & Relationship Chart
Bonnie Flythe Johnson family
FreeFind Website search technology courtesy
Lynn Fuller Southall, Tanner, etc. families
Sandra Shields Griffin my aunt; deceased 30 Jul 2005. Shields, Alexander, Henderson, etc. families 
Frances Hall Houston Johnson Alexander descendants
Kathi and Cindy Harris  my daughters; they've helped scan a TON of papers and photos for me, and helped with some of the transcriptions and proofreading
William Timothy Harris, III  not  related -- my ex-husband who, while we were married, helped fund my research/travels, he sometimes babysat our children while I ran off to different counties on my genealogical whims,  he helped clear a cemetery that one of my very distant grandparents was buried in, etc.
Hazel Hayes she shared a lot of her Southall records and research with others; who in turn shared the information with me
Cathy Harris Helms Southall family
Betty Hill Shields family
Bill Hocutt Drake family (tied in with Southall family)
Goldie Corell Honaker  my great aunt; deceased. Corell, Bird, Arthur, Dakin, etc.
Ron Hooper  Southall Family
John Hope Henderson family
Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery In Mecklenburg Co., NC.  The secretary copied pages from the book "The History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church" of my Shields and Alexander families and mailed them to me.
Betty J. Howell Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Robert (Bob) Rand Hunt Ester family
Edith King Hutto my cousin; deceased.  Information on Christine Corell King's family (daughter of Elmira Byrd and Caleb Andrew Corell).
Jeanelle Shields Hutto
my aunt; Shields family
Dr. L. Neil Johnson Johnson family
Mary Southall Rose Jones Southall family
Shirley Marie Jones Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Bob Kerns Correction to WorldConnect database
Elnora Lloyd League Addition to my WorldConnect Family Database
Joseph Luther Jordan, Browne, Anderson, etc. families
Charlene Wilson Masterson my aunt; Bailey family
Juanita Brock McIntyre Deceased. Arthur family.
{Mr.} Lynn McSpadden Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley & gave permission for the booklet he wrote, Brightwell Families of North Arkansas, to be put on this website for sharing with other researchers.
Keith Moody Shared his Brightwell research on the Brightwell Family Genforum message board
Betty and Traci Janel Moore Southall family (Betty is Traci's mother)
Bessie Mottley my "distant" cousin; deceased. Bailey and related families
Thelma and Jim Mottley my "distant" cousins; Bailey family
Myrtle Corell Myers my great-aunt; deceased. My maternal surnames -- Bird, Arthur, Corell, Wickham, Wimmer, etc.
Pat Nielsen Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Bob O'Guin Corrections & additions to my WorldConnect Family Database
Betsy Owen Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Diane Hitchcock Owens Denny family
Greg Paridon Shields family
Vesta C. Pearigen Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Pat Peckenpaugh my "distant" cousin; Arthur, Dakin and Dacon families
Pico Search For the free search engine for this site.
Virginia Frankland Butler Priddy my great aunt, deceased.  Helped me on several lines of my paternal genealogy - Butler, Southall, Stoddard, etc.
John W. Pritchett  Virginians - The Family History of John W. Pritchett
Robin Shields Rathbun my cousin; Shields family
Cynthia Jones Reese Alexander family
Jane Reid Corell and Correll family
Virginia Roberts Southall family
Evelyn Mussleman Robertson my "distant" cousin; Corell, Wickham, Wimmer, etc. families
Lorene Allen Robertson my cousin; East, Brightwell, Jenkins (and related) families
Debbie Robinson my cousin; made copies of letters, pictures & other info about our family & mailed them to me
Eva Roddick Corrections to my WorldConnect Family Database
RootsWeb For hosting my web site for free!
Sandy Roth For babysitting my little ones back when I was able to go to the Virginia State Library Archives and when I was off on some of my cemetery "trips"
Dean Robert Sasek, Sr.  my husband who funds my hobby (I'm a stay at home mom) & supports [?puts up with?] me regardless of my [sometimes ridiculous and/or outrageous] genealogical whims
Benjamin Cowan Shields, Jr.  my father; deceased 21 Sep 2005.
Gloria Aleen East Shields  my mother; deceased 23 May 1984. It's her "fault" I started researching my family :)
James Russell Shields William Chapman Shields Family Records and Documents
Helen Skerry Henderson Family
Charlotte Young Slinkard Alexander Family
Terri Sneed Addition to my WorldConnect Family Database
June Southall Southall family
Michelle Southall Southall family
Nancy Spaine Asst. Archivist, Commission on Archives & History & Conference Historical Society, United Methodist Church. Records on early Methodism and Rev. John Easter.
John Steed For the excellent Brother's Keeper genealogy program that I have used for years.
Phil Stitzel Southall family
Jean E. Strand Southall & Finney families
John Hale Stutesman Watkins family
Jean A. Taylor McGahey & Alexander families.
June East Thames my aunt; deceased. East and Corell families
Carl Todd Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Wilson Wallace Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Seth and Emily Warner Southall family (Emily Warner, deceased 1999)
Cleve Weathers Johnson family
Calvin Weddle Wimmer family
Rose Allen Whitter my cousin; East family
Diane Wilkens Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Susie Williams Southall & East families
Ken Wilson Gardner and Southall families
Ruth Wright Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
Janice Yankee Shared Brightwell information with Avlyn Dodd Conley
John E. Young East Family; The East Families of The Southeast USA
Those not yet listed . . . I'm still working on this list -- will keep adding names as I run across or remember their names (please don't be offended if your name doesn't show up yet, drop me a note if I've accidentally left you out :) -- Susan

If you would like link to this site, please link to the home page as the names and/or location of the pages may change as the site grows.
* Most of the information, images, etc. on this web site is NOT public domain -- it is placed here to help other genealogists with their personal research use only. The data and images are copyrighted either by myself, the submitter, or the source. NO PORTION of any of this web site may be copied, recopied onto any web site (or any part thereof) for any purpose; cached, redistributed, included or used in any format for public, commercial or profitable purpose without written permission of the copyright owner for each instance.
I am not necessarily related to or researching a person or family just because the name is on this site. I include items to help other researchers, and the site includes a substantial amount of information that other reseachers have generously sent to be shared with others. I believe that in addition to the quest to get information, genealogists and family historians should equally do something that they can to share information to further the research and knowledge of others. Please support and help free genealogy prosper by sharing your records and/or research -- if you can't put it online, find someone who can.
My sincere thanks to my "genealogical angels" -- all of the special people who have helped me in my genealogy research and those who have generously sent me their research and records to be shared with others.
Always be sure to document your sources fully whenever possible -- genealogical information without sources is considered unreliable. And please give proper research credit to those to whom it belongs (you wouldn't want your work plagiarized by others would you?). Please remember to use the information you find on this site (and the internet in general) as a research aide -- I cannot verify the accuracy of the information.

I hope you find something within this web site to help you in your research. I add information to the site as I transcribe or scan more records, or as they are shared with me by others -- it's always a work in progress

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