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Visitor Comments & Queries Archives, Page 3

The following entries are from the guestbook.  I have changed the e-mail addresses so that they can't be snatched by e-mail spammers -- to e-mail the individuals, you'll have to type in the @ that I have replaced with an image in the addresses.

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Name: Carol A. Salyer:   CAS020103
Date: 2005-09-30
Ancestor Name(s) Elizabeth Arthur Tolbert
Date(s) and Location(s) Born ca. 1818, Jackson Co. Ohio
In decending order: Elizabeth Arthur Tolbert ( 1818, Jackson Co. OH) m. Charles Tolbert (brn. ca. 1824 OH)
Son: Charles Tolbert (brn. ca. 1857 OH) m. Susan Cornwell (brn. ca. 1863)
Their daughter: Elizabeth Tolbert (brn. ca. 1894) m. George "Ern" Russell (brn ca.1891)
Their son: Titus Stephen Russell (brn.March 1925, Jackson Co. OH) m. Marie Cramblit (brn. July, 1922, Madison Co. OH)
Their daughter: Carol A. (Russell) Fogle-Salyer (brn. 18 July, 1945, Columbus, OH)


Name: Peter Lambert:   plambert4
Date: 2005-09-29
Ancestor Name(s) Cornelius William Lambert
any records not on tombstone ?

Name: jim allen:   moodo
Date: 2005-09-28
Ancestor Name(s) mary tabb mayo
Date(s) and Location(s) virginia
Best site i've seen yet. I go back to humphrey tabb. 1600's
my last name is allen but grandmothers side were tabb's. Va.
to ky to IL


Name: Mary Ann Moore ( Shields):   wizards2005mr
Date: 2005-09-23
Ancestor Name(s) Jess Shields , who married anna edna anderson -shields on may 15th 1923
Date(s) and Location(s) born may 15th 1881 in either adams county ohio or scioto county ohio
please if you have any information on these people, please send me an email at wizards2005mr

Name: Barbra Summers Pool:   mayorpool
Date: 2005-09-23
Ancestor Name(s) Brightberry Gentry
Date(s) and Location(s) 1784 Madison County, Kentucky
My great-grandparents were James Harvey Summers & Sarah Margaret West. She was a daughter of Richard West & Minerva Hisel. Richard West was the son of John West and Margaret Peggy Gentry. Margaret Peggy Gentry was the daughter of Brightberry Gentry. He was the son of David Gentry IV. His mother was either Jane Kendrick or Jane Haggard.
Does that qualify me for the descendants of your family? If so, I am seeking help in learning the mother of Brightberry. He was born in 1784. Some information shows his mother to be Jane Kendrick, and she died that same year. Some information shows his mother as Jane Haggard, but she did not marry David Gentry IV until 1785. Do you have any information?



Name: Betty Southall Moore:   AdronBetty
Date: 2005-09-22
Ancestor Name(s) Felix Delaware Southall
Date(s) and Location(s) 1844-1926, Virginia
Susan, thanks for all the information that you have provided for so many.
An obituary in the RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH today showed the passing of your father, Benjamin Cowan Shields, on September 21, 2005. I am so sorry for your loss.



Name: Susan H. Branon :   susanbranon
Date: 2005-09-17
Ancestor Name(s) Abraham Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) Born Cecil Co., MD 12-09-1718 Died Meck. Co. NC 04-23-1786
Abraham Alexander was my greatx5 grandfather. He was the Chairman of the Convention called to sign the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. I am a direct line from his son Joab. I am just starting to learn as much as I can about my "famous" ancestor and his cousin Hezekiah Alexander. I would appreciate information about other good web sites for my inquiries. Thank you so much.
Susan H. Branon
Charlotte, NC


Name: Doug Reckard:   dougandlynn
Date: 2005-09-11
Ancestor Name(s) John Wesley Butler, Sarah Ann Fisher
John Wesley Butler d. 1853 in Ohio; m. Sarah Ann Fisher. Both believed to be from PA, MD or DE.
Sarah Jane b. 1846/47 in MD m. Mason Alexander YOUNG 12/3/1869 in Muskingum Co. OH. Moved to IA, NE; d. Hall Co, NE 11/6/1931
Columbus "Lum"


Name: Dann Norton:   dmnor10
Date: 2005-09-11
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel Wright
Date(s) and Location(s) 1799-1830 Pendleton and Grant Cos, KY
William Wright who married Nancy McKinney may have been related to my ancestor, Samuel Wright. The Wrights and McKinneys were prominent in Pendleton Co, KY, especially Isham Wright who md. Rebecca McKinney in 1793, Clark Co, KY.

Name: ~Virginia:   vathomson11
Date: 2005-09-08
Ancestor Name(s) Thomson, et al
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
The below information contains some errors. First: The only *proven* wife of Samuel, Sr.'s was
Temperance (unknown). Second: The Thomas Thomson that married Hannah McAllister is also
*unproven* and the given names do not fit the naming pattern of Samuel, Sr.'s offspring. Third:
William THOMSON, son of Samuel, Sr., married Ann RODES, dau. of John & Mary (Crawford) Rodes.
William died 27 Apr 1778


Name: D. Briggs:   dbriggs806
Date: 2005-09-07
Ancestor Name(s) James Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) Charlotte County, VA (1840s)
I have another marriage to add to your list: James W. Alexander who married Jane B. Nash, dau. of James Nash and Jean Virginia Pugh of Charlotte County, VA. The marriage bond was signed on December 7, 1843. Witnesses were Thomas D. Moore and Mary Nash, sister of the bride. Abner Nash, brother of the bride provided surety. James Nash, father of the bride gave his consent (James Alexander signs his name as just "James Alexander"). They were married the next day on December 8, 1843. In the Charlotte County marriage register James's name is given as J.W. Alexander. I can find James Alexander in the personal property tax rolls from 1842 to 1844. Then he disappears. The couple's only child, a daughter, Lavelette, was born on October 12, 1845 in Charlotte County, VA. The only other Alexander shown in Charlotte County at the time was Dr. Archibald D. Alexander who shows up long before 1842 and long after 1844. He never shows that he has a "white male over the age of 16" living in his household so I don't believe Dr. Archibald had a son that could be my James. I can find one other James Alexander associated with Charlotte County. He was a Reverend J. W. Alexander in Charlotte county (1820s) but I believe he is James Waddel Alexander who married Elizabeth Cabell in 1830 in Charlotte County, VA. Everything I have seen says that Elizabeth out lived her husband and she died in 1885. Reverend James Waddel Alexander was the 1st cousin once removed of Dr. Archibald D. Alexander. I don't believe this James is my man. I am desperate for clues. Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Name: Wanda Corn:   walopic
Date: 2005-09-03
Ancestor Name(s) John Arthur
Date(s) and Location(s) 1849 Franklin Co, VA
Thank you so much for the Marriage Records for John Arthur and Mary Griffith. This was my great grandmother and great grandfather. I have their history after they moved to Texas if anyone would like to know.

Name: Ben Hoover:   furby1054
Date: 2005-08-28
Ancestor Name(s) Claude H.Stoddard
Claude H.Stoddard had Daughter Alice M.Stoddard who married
Virgil E.Hoover and had a son named William E.Hoover who
was my father.All my information was through
various census records and verified by family members.


Name: sheila bushnell:   sheilab513
Date: 2005-08-28
Ancestor Name(s) greenville arthur and frances arteline dacon/dakin
I am looking for information concerning them and their children, particularly their son james pleasant arthur born 4 june 1850 in bedford co., va. any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Name: JoAnn H.Cox:   Coxmur
Date: 2005-08-27
Ancestor Name(s) James Henderson
Date(s) and Location(s) 1790-? Va-Ky
James Henderson first appeared in the Henry Co Ky census in 1810.I was told our ancesters came into Ky with the pioneers,but so far have been unable to find any connection as to who his parents were.Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Roy S. Jones:   rjones
Date: 2005-08-25
Ancestor Name(s) Martha Emaline Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) 1906 Cannon County, Tennessee
I am very new to researching my ancestory.
Any information on Martha Alexander would be helpful.



Name: Antoinette:   annsun29
Date: 2005-08-24
Ancestor Name(s) Anderson, Byrd, Peterson, Molinaro
My Grandfather was Richard Prentice Byrd, he married Lillian Anderson. They were married in Chicago. Her mom, my Great Grandma was Anna Lillian Anderson. I have been told that my Grandfather, Richard Byrd was a direct decendent of Admiral Byrd. I am not doing very well on getting much more information then that, but I keep trying...thanks for all your hard work putting this website togehter.

Name: G. Solyom:   solgwen
Date: 2005-08-20
Ancestor Name(s) susan pearson alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) marriage to john brown in 1785 (maryland)
would appreciate any documentation of marriage of susan pearson alexander to john brown (of "rich hill", charles co. md. in 1785

Name: Gayle Welsh:   gaylewelsh1
Date: 2005-08-07
Ancestor Name(s) Judith Southall
Date(s) and Location(s) b. 1735 M. 1753 in Cumberland Co. Va d. 11-12-1806
Judith married Edward Robinson. I am trying to find out who her parents were and how far back in the colonies they came from. Can anyone help me??

Name: Joyce Boyd:   jlmboyd
Date: 2005-08-07
Ancestor Name(s) Clemens Muller
Date(s) and Location(s) BJune 1856, Saxony, Germany on Hohenstaufen from Bremen
My Grandfather, Clemens Muller came to U.S. June 1881 on the Hohenstaufen from Bremen, Germany. He was from Saxony.
Arrived N.Y. June 1881 but I cannot find him on the ship list. Know nothing about his family, parents, siblings, etc. I desperately need help. He came to Mason, Texas and married my grandmother, Johanna Eisenbeiser Schuessler July 22, 1893. They had 3 sons, Frank born 1900, Arno 1904 and Herman August 21 1907 who was my father. Clemens Muller (Mueller) died suddenly on July 4, 1909, Mason, Texas. Please, Please Help with any information you may have on this family. Thanks, Joyce Boyd


Name: Robert Eric Jones:   gulf_stream_sp
Date: 2005-08-01
Ancestor Name(s) Jones/Alexander
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please) n/a
My Great Grandmother on my Father's side was Martha Emiline Alexander Daughter of Benjamin C & nancy Davenport Alexander.

My Father is Roy Shannon Jones- his father was Hazel Bell Jones- his mother was Martha Emiline Alexander.

I am looking for more information about the Jones side of the family. Any help is appreciated.

R. Eric Jones
Nashville, TN


Name: Roy S. Jones:   rjones
Date: 2005-08-01
Ancestor Name(s) Nancy Elizabeth Davenport
Date(s) and Location(s) born 18 dec. 1857, died 4 oct. 1949 in cannon county
Nancy was my great grandmother. I am looking for info. on
her family history. She married Benjamin C. Alexander
22 oct. 1872. According to a letter from Ms Vera Andrews
she is buried in Reed Cemetray in Cannon County, tn. I
cannot locate the cemetary. Any help would be appreciated.


Roy S. Jones


Name: Roy Hunter:   HUNTR404
Date: 2005-07-31
Ancestor Name(s) Anderson (Asbury ) Preston FLOWERS
Date(s) and Location(s) Thornrose Cemetery
I am looking for info on Anderson (Asbury ) Preston FLOWERS
CSA who died in WBTS and is buried in Thornrose Cemetery.

Roy Hunter HUNTR404

Name: Joe Ware:   patriot505
Date: 2005-07-30
Ancestor Name(s) Bryant, Seay,Loving, Stevens, Denny
Date(s) and Location(s) Amherst and Nelson Counties VA
Am interested in any information on these families , Special interest in proving that Naomi Loving who m Samuel Denny 14 Oct 1815 in Nelson Cty Va was the dau of George Loving and Mildred Stevens. Need some documentation for this. Happy to share all I have on above families.

Name: Tricia Bailey Brimer:   plbrimer
Date: 2005-07-28
Ancestor Name(s) James and Eliza Ann Bailey; Bolin Green & Nancy Bailey; James W. & Lettie Bailey
Date(s) and Location(s) 1835 - 1950; VA-SC; GA , AL , AR, TX
Great find! Just wondering what was used to clean the head stones with so they were readable. Have a cemetery in Arkansas that I would like to clean a few headstones.

Name: Lorie J. Vogel:   lv52732
Date: 2005-07-25
Ancestor Name(s) Omie Brightwell
Date(s) and Location(s) Born in Correctionville, 28-March-1915
Omie Brightwell, grandfather, was born to Harry Brightwell and Mary Belle Brightwell on 28-March-1915 in Correctionville Iowa. He married Karina (Carrie) Hetland of Radcliff Iowa in 27-November-1938 in Fort Dodge Iowa. He died on 22-August-1999. I am searching his family and having a difficult time finding much information.Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Lorie Vogel


Name: Richard Cook:   richardbcook
Date: 2005-07-23
Ancestor Name(s) Henderson Slatton (Slaton) Zachary
Date(s) and Location(s) 1870's - 1920's
Julia E. Henderson is the subject of my query. I am not related to her but my wife is her great-granddaughter. Julia's first name may be Juliet. I have seen this but better evidence is for "Julia." Julia's E. 's middle name may be Elma.
Julia married Thomas Henderson in NC. He was born in Lake Toxaway, NC. Julia and Thomas had a son, William Clifford Henderson, husband of Rella Mae Williams; these are my wife's grandparents.

Much of our information comes from courthouse records in Sylva NC.

The mystery is: what became of Julia? She and husband sold property in N C in 1907 and moved (we think, together) to South Carolina. But Thomas Henderson is buried in S C beside another woman. We have found no evid of a divorce or have any information about Julia after 1907.

Would like to hear from anyone who has information about North Caroliona Slatton (Slaton) or Zachary families. Julia's grandfather was a Zachary. Such information might contain useful details about Julia E. Slatton Henderson, after 1907.

Thanks for any help.

Richard Cook


Name: Helen Starr Brown:   kgbhshb
Date: 2005-07-18
Ancestor Name(s) John B. and Barbara King Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) married 1786 in Mecklenburg Co., N C
John B. Alexander's parents were Jane Brown and Aaron Alexander. Barbara King's brother was Hugh King. The King family emigrated to Mecklenburg Co. N C from Scotland in about 1770.

Name: kienerc:   kienerc
Date: 2005-07-13
Ancestor Name(s) John Cahill
Date(s) and Location(s) Massies Mill, Va. / Amherst Co./Coghill Ridge 1862
anything will help.
Thak you


Name: Polly Griffin:   psgriffin
Date: 2005-07-08
Ancestor Name(s) James Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) b. 1814 TN
May have had a brother John; both went to Blount Co. AL. Would like any info on James in TN

Name: Patricia Haber:   rptjr5
Date: 2005-07-07
Ancestor Name(s) John White and Nancy Ann Wisdom
The White, Wisdom, Rhodes line I followed into the DAR. It was a journey which I took over from my Mom. There are still some surprises. Nice relatives is always the best find! Blessings... thanks for the great site. Patricia

Name: Lorie J. Vogel:   lv52732
Date: 2005-07-06
Ancestor Name(s) Brightwell, Frank and Rosa may
Date(s) and Location(s) 1912 Monona County, Iowa~ Twp of Ashton
My grandfather was Omie Brightwell, born to Harry and Mary Belle Brightwell on 28-March-1915 in Correctionville, Iowa.
He married Carrie Hetland on 27-November-1938 in Fort Dodge Iowa. His brother, Elmer Calvier Ellis was born to Frank Ellis and Rosa May Brightwell on 4-August-1912, he was legitimate by birth certificate dated "filed December 31, 1912. Whew....... Frank was born in Ohio,Age at time of birth 46, Rosa was born in Iowa, Age at time of birth 32.
Number of children born to this mother incluing present birth was seven. I am thinking they were cousins and not brothers? I have heard that Omie's parents both died close to one another, and then went to live with a sister of one of the parents. The bothers are as listed, Victor, Verdie, Elmer and Omie. There are more I just don't have the correct info. Julia Brightwell is a grandmother of Omie's, he went to visit her after he was married to Karina (Carrie) in 1938. At that time, Julia lived here in Clinton Iowa, I have found her in a 1930's census.
Anyone with information would be great!
Thank you,
still searching,
Just Me,


Name: brett archer:   archer007
Date: 2005-07-05
Ancestor Name(s) william archer & hannah archer (adkins)
Date(s) and Location(s) abt 1820 cropredy oxfordshire
william archer/(1) abt 1820,Appletree,Northamptshire.
Hannah Adkins/(2),1819,Cropredy,Oxforshire.(d 15 Jan 1855,Duddeston,Aston Warwichshire (child birth).

William Archers parents were William Archer(8) abt1793 Chipping Warden,Northamptonshire (d.15 Aug 1872, Appletree,Northamptonshire.
Mary/?/ (9) Abt1795, Banbury,Oxfordshire/Appletree Northamptonshire.
Names also mentioned in this family are Benton,Adkins lineage,Hazlewood , Reynolds,linking to Archers in Australia. Ships 'Glamis'1878, Maryborough George Archer and Sarah a. Archer. Sarah A,Archer whom later revealed to be Anna, myra,maria , mysis, myfis Curtis whom passed away from enteritis three months of arriving in Maryborough, buried in Maryborough Cemetry Queensland.George Archer son of William and Hannah later went on to Cooktown to Laura rial workings as a Railway Guard, he later married Kate Gant, and after death of Kate Gant married Deborah Winchester i have a ged com file and am able to send in the future if you are interested, any information you are able to send much appreciated ,many other Archers are mentioned in the ged com file residing banbury oxfordshire cropredynorthamptonshire,appletree regions,midlands,


Name: pam coleman:   cookiesparky56
Date: 2005-07-02
Ancestor Name(s) walter emerson coleman
Date(s) and Location(s) 1860 census amelia va, mannboro
i am interested in father of walter, listed in census as c.o.coleman. i believe his first is chamberlayne. i am just begining my search. thanks!

Name: Lois Acheson-Kaplan:   lcorrene
Date: 2005-06-29
Ancestor Name(s) Acheson, Reeves, Skelton, Sheffield
Date(s) and Location(s) Virginia mostly
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
Comments: I gathered some family info from your tree today... thanks for the data.

Mostly along the Sam Skelton family... as we have not been able to track much of anything about him.

While going through and adding the data to my data, I updated/corrected some for some of the items with the Acheson and Skelton families... which may have also included some Sheffield data.

As my mother was Colene Acheson (Skelton), I am very familiar with some of the entries.

I hope you are OK with this. I have data out on, and some pictures. I have been away from this endeavor for awhile and am now just getting back to it. We seem to draw a blank on Sam... and I am really puzzled.

Sam was my grandfather and lived with my parents for awhile... I barely remember him... but my confusion is I have a picture of a Milton and Wilton Skelton celebrating their 81st birthday... and I don't recall this as my grandfather... none of the information indicates this... so I am going to pull out my newspapers and pictures and try to resolve this.

If there is any info I can provide you, please let me know. I hope to make another trek to Alexandria and around this fall to look into more libraries, etc.

I will be updating my pages asap.


Lois Acheson-Kaplan


Name: Jeanette:   jd1505
Date: 2005-06-28
Ancestor Name(s) Abigail Hubbard Lyon
Date(s) and Location(s) 1815 - 1897 NY, KY, IN
Any information would be welcomed.

Name: Melinda Carroll (JOSLIN) Cohenour:   mecohenour
Date: 2005-06-26
Ancestor Name(s) Lew Wallis "Wall" Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) m. Flutie Creek 4 Feb 1896, Lamar, Barton Co., MO
Incredible site! This is truly a gift to all family researchers. Thank you.

No clues exist in my family files for the birth date, state, death date or location, census data or anything else related to my Great-Grandmother's first husband and the father of her only child, Nora Viola Alexander (Carroll, 1st husband; King, 2nd husband). To my knowledge Wall moved to California in about 1920 or so, married and fathered a son named Tommy. I believe his second wife's name was Vera. I have not been able to identify Tommy Alexander and his line down or locate Wall Alexander on any record.

If you or any visitor to your site has information concerning Lew Wallis Alexander, Nora Viola Alexander, or Tommy Alexander, please share it with me.

Again, thank you for contributing a valuable resource!


Name: Tony Roberts:   aorrocks
Date: 2005-06-14
Ancestor Name(s) John Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) b. 1728 Mecklenburg Co., VA. d. 29 Jan 1777 Augusta, Richmond, GA
My 7G grandfather is John Shields from Mecklenburg County, Virginia and I happened upon your website through John married Margaret Thomson. John's parents are James and Elizabeth Cobbs Shields. James' father is Daniel Shields. I have looked through your site and didn't find a match but thought maybe I had overlooked it. Nice web site. Tony ~ GA

Name: Lorraine Peckham:   tryway
Date: 2005-06-13
Ancestor Name(s) Nathan and Nellie Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) tyrrell county,nc ?
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please) Genealogy .com
I really love this site,thank you.Question?My great grand mother Annie C. Alexander was married to Charles C. Blount 1890 in tyrrell county.Her parents where Nathan and Nellie,it shows on the marriage records that her parents where deceased at the time of this marriage.Can anyone help me find Nathan and Nellie,the marriage took place at the residence of David Alexander of Scuppernoong Township,nc-Thank you for any help.

Name: Joyce Pleasant:   pleasant
Date: 2005-06-01
Ancestor Name(s) John Probus
Date(s) and Location(s) 1876 Cornwall England
Looking for John Probus from Cornwall England married to Sarah Catherine Sands originally from Scotland around late 1870's

Name: Nancy Wickham:   ribena123
Date: 2005-05-29
Ancestor Name(s) Wickham , Bird
My Dad's name is Wickham and my mother's maiden name Bird.
My great grandfather was from England and my great grandmother from Canada on the Wickham side. On the Bird side great grand parents from France and Ireland. Names Le Deux (not sure of speeling) and Degnan.


Name: David Tatum Jr:   Spydermandave
Date: 2005-05-29
Ancestor Name(s) John Calhoun Tatom [Great Grand Father]
Date(s) and Location(s) Richmond VA, 1st Company Richmond Howitzers
I am searching for his Resting Place to insure that he recieves the Honor he deserves!

Name: Sherry Lotan:   slotan
Date: 2005-05-04
Ancestor Name(s) Susan Southall
Date(s) and Location(s) cherokee indian tribe-not sure of date, 1800's
I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Susan Southall, a cherokee indian maiden (reportedly stolen from the reservation by my great grandfather, sir name Sparkman). I understand she left, with her brother, and married my great grandfather. No one is sure of the history nor the exact names of anyone other than Susan. I have a picture of both and she is very much indian. I assume they lived in TN as this is where my grandfather was raised and my father born. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My father was born in 1926 and the middle of 12 children. This would make my grandfather born approx. 1880's and my great grandfather in 1850's. This is all an estimate on my part for, as I said, not one member of my fathers family can give me any other information. Thank you, Sherry Sparkman Lotan Ortonville MI. slotan

Name: Cathey Alexander Green:   cgreen2603 aol.comm
Date: 2005-04-26
Ancestor Name(s) Capt. William "Rowan Bill" Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) b. Dec 25, 1746, Cecil Co., MD
does anyone know who his parents were--I know alot about him, but nothing on his parents, siblings, etc.

Name: Marilyn Primero:   primero
Date: 2005-04-20
Ancestor Name(s) James Alexander (Weaver)
I must tell you that I stumbled onto your is the BEST!!! Good Work!!!

Name: Phyllis Wedgeworth:   Dwedgewort
Date: 2005-04-14
Ancestor Name(s) Charles Phillip Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) Died 1847 Cannon Co., TN
Charles Phillip Alexander was married to Kesiah (Sullivan?). I do not know who Charles' parents were. He was in Warren Co., TN 1830 Census and Cannon Co., TN 1840. He died in Cannon Co., TN in 1847. Court records show that he and his wife, also deceased, had 14 children: Mary Adaline who married John William Crane, Nancy who married John A. George, Margaret, Sarah, Berry, William, Martha, Rebecca, Surelda, Marcus, Isabella, Cyrus and Laura.

At the time of his death, Charles was the guardian of the children of William Sullins/Sullivan of Warren Co.,TN. I am wondering if perhaps Kesiah was also a Sullins/Sullivan and was related to William.

I think that maybe Charles was related to Archilus ALexander who was also in Cannon Co., TN.


Name: ~Virginia:   vathomson11
Date: 2005-04-06
Ancestor Name(s) William & Ann (Rodes) THOMSON
Date(s) and Location(s) 1700s, Louisa Co., VA
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
Samuel Thompson, Jr., b. 1734, married Anne Jennings, died 1779 in Amelia Co., VA, possibly a nephew of Waddy Thompson, Sr.; Samuel married Ann Jennings.  His will is recorded in Amelia Co., VA 1 Sep 1779 and was executed by brother-in-law Joseph Jennings and son-in-law Christopher Robertson.  Children included in will were:  Jennings Thompson, Nancy Thompson; other children not named included Waddy Thompson, went to Kentucky.  Waddy's daughter, Mary Pulliam Thomson, married ???.  They had Captain Ed Porter Thomson, who married his first cousin on his father's side, Marcella Pitts Thomson.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Thomson, married John Orr.  Samuel Thompson of Hanover Co., VA, in 1747, deeded land to his son William Thompson.  William Thompson, son of Samuel of Hanover, will was recorded in 1788 and mentions children:  Rhodes Thompson, William Thompson, Clifton Thompson, Asa Thompson, John Thompson, David Thompson, Ann Thompson, Mary Thompson, Eunice Thompson, Lydia Thompson, Sarah Thompson.

William Thompson who married Elizabeth. <---THIS IS WRONG. William THOMSON married Ann Rodes, dau. of John & Mary (Crawford).


Name: Lucy L Butler:   lbutler13
Date: 2005-04-04
Ancestor Name(s) Col George Alexander & son, George, RW Soldier - b 1764
Date(s) and Location(s) Sugaw Creek, Mecklenberg,NC , 1760-1815
Your Web Site is truly a joy to find. It may help me with background for my Alexander line.



Name: Linda Hosford:   lkhos
Date: 2005-04-04
Ancestor Name(s) John Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) b 1792 Warwick,In d 18 sep 1854 Gibson,In
I'am looking for John Alexander's family. Parents, brothers or sisters. His Wife's name is Virginia Devin.

Name: stephanie Lewis:   hlewis2
Date: 2005-04-02
Ancestor Name(s) Cashion Webb
Date(s) and Location(s) wilkesboro nc area, 1875-1890
My great grandmother, Dianah C. Webb, was married to J. Estes Cashion in (Lechter?) Ky.(unknown marriage date)she died in Ky, 1969. My grandfather, Hugh Henderson Cashion was born in KY 4/23/1904 and died in the 1990's. Shortly thereafter, J. Estes Cashion left, eventually going to (or back to?)the Wilkes or Mecklenburg area, he remarried(who?)and had several children,& grandchildren. I think he died in 1960's-1970's. Can anybody help with our missing link??

Name: margaret (chig) gilley stein:   chiggilley
Date: 2005-03-29
Ancestor Name(s) elizabeth (betsy) bailey
Date(s) and Location(s) 1855 (approx) birthdate = kentucky
betsy bailey was my great grandmother, un fortunately i never found out much about her when mother was still alive. she married william creech 1878 or 1879 , can you help me on this ? if it is any help here are most of their children
margaret(my grandmother)garfield,william jr, joe floyd, parlee,cynthia, grant and della. do you know who her parents were? would appreciate any info

thanks so much
chig gilley stein


Name: john southall:   d3ntist
Date: 2005-03-25
Ancestor Name(s) Southall: parishes of Old Swinford, Pedmore, back to c.1660
You have a fantastic site, I have read with fascination about the Virginia Southalls. Where abouts did this branch of Southalls originate in England and when did they arrive in the US?

Name: sue crunk:   scrunk04
Date: 2005-03-23
Ancestor Name(s) dorcas reese alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) 1807 mecklenburg co. n.c.
just want to thank all of her decendents for their postings and genealogy sites for their help in my research. keep up the good work and god bless you all. sue

Name: Gina Gentry:   ggentry
Date: 2005-03-17
Ancestor Name(s) William {Bill} Butler
Date(s) and Location(s) around 1920s-30s,from southern Mo.
I am trying to find this man,he is my grandfather.Would you know any thing about these Butlers?
Thank You!
Gina Gentry


Name: Vonette J Curtis:   vonet
Date: 2005-03-15
Ancestor Name(s) Shelton
Date(s) and Location(s) 1740-Present
I am searching for a researcher named Vera Andrews. I am interested in W I Shelton and Willie Susan Stone.
Vonette Shelton Curtis


Name: Lori East:   eleast
Date: 2005-03-13
Ancestor Name(s) John East & Louisa Brennan
Date(s) and Location(s) 1870 - Albany, Linn County, Oregon - Census
According to the 1870 Albany, Linn County, Oregon state census - John & Louisa East had 5 children. (1)Jane 1854 in Washington Ter, (2) Henry 1859 in California, (3) Samuel 1863 in California, (4) Walter J. 1866 in Oregon, and (5) James 1869 in Oregon. The son, Walter J. East, married Lauretta Burres and they had a son, Walter Archie East, born 4 Apr 1892 in Albany, OR.

Name: Denise Cook:   d_cook51
Date: 2005-03-11
Ancestor Name(s) Mary Jane Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) b: 17 Sept 1849; m: 28 Oct 1882, Rockwall, Texas; d: 21 Aug 1892, Rockwall, Texas
Miss Mary Jane Alexander married George Jefferson Keahey (his second wife) on Oct 28, 1882 in Rockwall, Texas. They had 3 children: Joe Keahey (b: 23 Sept 1883),Mary Keahey (b: 7 Jul 1885), and my grandfather - James Jefferson Keahey (b: 17 Dec 1887). This is all we know about our great-grandmother.

Name: Susan Opp:   susieqopp
Date: 2005-03-08
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel M and Frank Southall
My father, Jack Allen Watkins, is listed on the Southall genealogy. He married a Lisa Kim Harris on Janurary 28,1976. They have three children: Christine Meshalle Watkins (Born August 8, 1976), Jaclyn Susan Marie Watkins (me) (Born January 25, 1979), and Billy Jack Watkins II (born May 13, 1982). Jack's sister (Laura Kim Watkins) married a Randy Harry Lindsey and they have one child (Lauryn Victoria Lindsey born on April 22, 1988). Jack's brother William David Watkins had two children (Mindy Louise Watkins born on September 1, 1991 and a William David Watkins Jr born on December 30, 1994).

I am the daughter of Jack Allen Watkins and I married a Christopher Patrick Opp on July 6, 2002 and have one child-- Victoria Lisa Opp, born on December 30, 2002.

My sister, Christine Meshalle Watkins married a Terry James Limb on Feburary 14, 1996 and has one child--- Dakota Michel Limb born on May 16, 1996.


Name: Ann Batdorf:   dbatdorf
Date: 2005-03-05
Ancestor Name(s) Eanes, Meadows, Gauldin, Bullins,Boulding Lawson, Mabe,
Date(s) and Location(s) 1851 -2005 Pittsylvania and PE, Va to Rockingham and Stokes ,NC
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
I have several names to mention hear in hopes someone will connect, would love to find family connections. The following is brickwalls in my family lines. Thanks for any help or information you can share.

James R. Meadows born 1831 in Prince Edward,VA. married
Elizabeth Colley in 2/2/1850 in Prince Edward,VA.

John H. Gauldin born in Pittsylvania,Va. married Sarah J.Meadows, children: Fannie, Walter,John,Olie and grandson Sallie. The Gauldin family listed in 1910 Census for Pittsylvania.

I do have the Edward Eanes book of descendants of Henrico and Chesterfield Counites, if I can help someone or you have additional information would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get that updated and to publish a new book. Thanks for sharing.
Please contact me dbatdorf

We have a Meadows Reunion every year in Eden, North Carolina and would love to find our families so we
can connect with all our families lines.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks so much for any and all help with these families.
Best wishes.
God bless you all.
With love and prayers,


Name: Kristine Miller:   ericberg52
Date: 2005-02-28
Ancestor Name(s) Cordell Hullamaweekma Indian Chief cival war
Date(s) and Location(s) cival war time eastern states
He cordell hullamaweekma was shot off his hourse and killed in cival war. Named A trader due to marriage of white woman?? Noone Knows What happend or who she is. They had a daughter they shortend her nane immiediatly to Elizabeth Hull In 1869 Hullamaweekmas Daughter Hull Married John Miller They had a daughter Gertrude Miller Born 1884 died 1984 I have some more facts anything would be much apprieciated been stuck in dead end for wile thank you much

Name: R Davis:   rerjdavis
Date: 2005-02-26
Ancestor Name(s) Rumsey Davis
Date(s) and Location(s) Stewart Tn
My grandfather Rumsey Davis Or Rum Davis had a barber shop in Stewart,Tn, in the early 1910-1925.Had two sons. Roy W Davis Born 1900(my father) and Ira Elvis Davis born 1903.Thanks in advance.

Name: Jan Pace:   jjpjgp
Date: 2005-02-25
Ancestor Name(s) Jackson Pace
Date(s) and Location(s) B. May 10, 1815 Bedford Co VA
Looking for Parents of Jackson. Father John Pace mother could of been Polly (Elizabeth?)or Mary. John died when he was but a child brought up by mothers brother? Left Va in 1840 worked in a tabacco factory in Va and also in Warren Co MO for about 3 years and than went to Ohio and into WI. was married on Aug 5 1847 to Mary Allensworth in Grant Co WI.

Name: Ryan Pridmore:   ppridmore
Date: 2005-02-24
On this website I found the diary of William Shields which was given by James Shields. It said at the end of the document that what he had was only what was sent to him. I read his story about how he came about the diary and I still have a question. Is this all that anyone has of this diary. I am very interested because I have done research of the area in which this man is from. Thank you very much for your time. Ryan

Name: Colleen Lucas:   clucas
Date: 2005-02-24
Ancestor Name(s) Winnie Gwendolyn Cowan
Date(s) and Location(s) 1800s-NC and MO
Wondering where you found out her middle name from?

Name: Gwen Gathings:   Wyneelyn
Date: 2005-02-22
Ancestor Name(s) John Gathings and Philip Gathings
Date(s) and Location(s) 1826/27 Henry, Perry, Decatur County
According to my info John and Philip moved with their wives Martha and Nancy to TN from Anson County NC. I have a listing of John's children. I am a descendant of Charles W. Gathings. I am looking for info on his siblings. I have some info John Joseph and Amanda. Am interested in finding info on Philip's children and John and Martha's other children. Thanks - Gwen Gathings

Name: judith macgregor:   judithmacgregor
Date: 2005-02-19
Ancestor Name(s) Jacob Alexander and wife Francis
Date(s) and Location(s) c1799
I am descended from Andrew Alexander born 12 july 1799 son of Jacob & Francis Alexander at Killymallaght, Glendermott, Co. Derry Ireland. As a soldier in the Queens Own 5oth Regiment of Foot Andrew and his wife and family came to Sydney Austalia. I am looking for Jacob's marriage and birth. Has anyone come across him in their research? They were Presbyterian and attached to Masonic or Orange Lodges.

Name: Larry Binns:   LARBIN6770
Date: 2005-02-18
Ancestor Name(s) Lt. Col John Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) VA. Militia, American Revolution, Loudoun Co.
Who was this man, and who does he belong to? Thanks.

Name: Larry Binns:   LARBIN6770
Date: 2005-02-18
Ancestor Name(s) John Alexander/Susannah Pearson
Date(s) and Location(s) VA.
Researching the above individuals, my 6th gr. grandparents...Daughter, Anne, m. Charles Binns of Loudoun Co., VA. Thanks.

Name: David Harlow:   Teviot
Date: 2005-02-18
Ancestor Name(s) Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) New Hampshire
I have a photo on a card of a very young child. On the reverse side it has the name Phoebe Alexander. She is standing in a very ornate wicker type chair. I do not remember where the photo came from. Any clues?

David Harlow


Name: Sharon L. Francone:   slfran
Date: 2005-02-12
Ancestor Name(s) William Everett Davis
Date(s) and Location(s) 30 August 1830 Arkansas
William Everett Davis was actually born in 1880. He is the brother of Joseph Bedford Davis and Walter Winn Davis. Joseph Bedford Davis was my husband's grandfather and he was married to Mary Ann Young. The parents of the Davis brothers were Joseph M. Davis and Martha (Mattie) Evelyn Clifton. I have more information on the Clifton family.

Name: Phyllis Blackburn:   blackgarr
Date: 2005-02-11
On page 9 at The Battle of Waugh Farm, where can I find the
"official Confederate report"? I am writing a hobby article
hopefully to be printed in the Batesville Daily Guard and
I maintain that the Waugh Fight was on February 18, 1864 as does Brightwell Families of north Arkansas website. A diary by Elvina Maxfield also agrees with the date of the 18th, but the War of the Rebellion, official records puts the battle on the 19th. Please tell me where I can find the complete report.


Name: Jerry (Adams) Bradley:   www.JerryBradley9 CS.Com
Date: 2005-02-09
Ancestor Name(s) Henry Bunyan Adams
Date(s) and Location(s) Died 8,1930, Rocky Mount, NC
Henry Adams operated a store in Rocky Mount, NC in the 1920's. He sold patent medicines, and had a soda fountain. He had five brothers and two sisters, all of whom are deceased. I am trying to locate a picture of him. If anyone has such a picture or knows of someone whom I may contact for such purpose, hopefully, I shall receive a response. He was born in 1894, and died at the age of 46 in August, 1930. He is buried in Pinview Cemetery, Rocky Mount, NC. Thank you for your consideration.

Name: Jerry Bradley:   www.JerryBradley9 CS.Com
Date: 2005-02-09
Ancestor Name(s) Hattie Whitehead Bradley
Hattie Bradley is the deceased mother of my deceased father, Dewey F Bradley. I believe she died in the "fifties." I further believe she may be buried in a cemetery in or around Scotland Neck, NC. I would very much like to locate her gravesite. All of her decendants are deceased. Thank you for your consideration.

Name: Sandra:   sandrarowell
Date: 2005-02-08
Ancestor Name(s) John William Weaver
Date(s) and Location(s) 1871 Floyd Co, VA
I am the gggdaughter of John William Weaver and Mary Francis Wickham.. we must be related..

Would love to hear from you



Name: Mary(Shields)Kube:   kube
Date: 2005-02-06
Ancestor Name(s) Christopher Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) d. 1802
Really like the site. Would like to know if you have a copy of the Book Shields and Stwert Families, 7 Feb 1858 By William C. Shields. If so can I get a copy. Thank you

Name: Elizabeth Clow:   eclow
Date: 2005-02-05
Ancestor Name(s) Elizabeth Fox Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) 1832 Tuckahoe, NJ
I am looking for any information on Elizabeth Fox Shields, daughter of John Shields. Can you help?

Name: Pat Peckenpaugh:   ppaugh
Date: 2005-02-03
Ancestor Name(s) Greenville Arthur
Date(s) and Location(s) Virginia
I am trying to find the death date/burial of Greenville Arthur. I cannot find him past 1887 in Scott Co. VA., yet I read where some think he died in Franklin Co. VA in 1902. Can someone document this for me? I know when his wife Frances died but where is she buried?

Name: Kenneth Purviance:   kenshipur
Date: 2005-01-29
Ancestor Name(s) Nina June alexander
My mother was born Nina June alexander in keokuc iowa i think she had 3 three sisters 2 brothers her parents died inBrook park minnasota i dont know her parents names I think she married my faTHER RB Purviance in iowa date unknown

Name: Ann Batdorf:   annbatdorf
Date: 2005-01-28
Ancestor Name(s) James R. Meadows, Elizabeth Colley
Date(s) and Location(s) James b.1831 PE.Va and Married 1850 PE.Va.
Would like any information about this family. Also John Henry Gauldin. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.
Please contact me at annbatdorf

Name: Frank Davila:   inkspotbb62
Date: 2005-01-22
Ancestor Name(s) William I Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) FEB. 12, 1935, Water Street, Gettysburg, PA birth of Nancy J. Shields
On your Shields family Tid Bits there is no mention of William And Sarah Shields' birth of ther nineth and final child Nancy J. Shields on February 12, 1935 at their home on water Street, Gettysburg. And Nancy's marriage to Frank Davila on his return from the Korean War at St. James Luthern Church on York Street, Gettysburg. Rev. Gresh performed the marriage. Date was November 22, 1953. Nancy J Shields Davila gave birth to their first son Daniel T. Davila on December 21, 1954 at the Naval Hospital in Portmouth, VA

Name: Catherine East:   hamboz
Date: 2005-01-21
Ancestor Name(s) Isaac (Mansfield ) East 1 and 2
Date(s) and Location(s) 1.son of Isaac East, born Ohio, 1818 2. son of Joseph East, born Virginia 1817
I am the a great niece of Ernest East and have discovered a new revision of his compilation done in 1956. In it, he asserts that the Isaac East who married Nancy Roads in Ohio and died in Sinking Spring Ohio is the son of JOSEPH East, son of Thomas and Obedience East.---Not Isaac (Mansfield) East, son of Isaac and Joyce East, who was born in Adams Co. Ohio.

Have you ever come across this possibility in your research? Naturally I want to confirm this information, since until now, I have assumed that Nancy Roads married Isaac Mansfield East. The two Isaacs were born around the same time which makes it very confusing.


Name: Bob Kinsey:   rakkinsey
Date: 2005-01-17
Ancestor Name(s) Christian Künzÿ
Date(s) and Location(s) 1693-1774,Oley,Alsace Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania
I am looking for information on my Switzerland ancestor,
Christian Künzÿ and the line that migrated to Daleville,Virginia around 1783- Johannes,Johannes,Jacob,Otey T Kinsey,Jacob Otey Kinsey,
William Marshall Kinsey....etc..


Name: Heather Thurber:   mommyhugz
Date: 2005-01-16
Ancestor Name(s) Cannoy/Canoy/Knoy family
Date(s) and Location(s) Mainly Virginia and Illinois
I inherited my grandmother's geneology this past summer (40+ years worth!!!), and after spending quite a while organizing it, I am beginning to copy the family group sheets onto more current and clean copies. It is an extremely time-consuming task, and I imagine it will take me a couple of years to get through it all. My maternal great-great grandmother married into the Cannoy family (Lonnie and Nannie Cannoy). I would love to hear from anyone related to the Cannoy family.

Name: Mary Lou:   orangebabe27398
Date: 2005-01-16
Ancestor Name(s) John Stevens and William Stevens married Gore
Date(s) and Location(s) 1700 to 1850
I am looking for a John Stevens 1745 Virginia and his son William John Stevens 1770 married Catherine Gore in Virginia. Any info greatly appreciated. Mary Lou

Name: Donna Seay-Cottrell:   daddysgirlone1
Date: 2005-01-12
Ancestor Name(s) Lucy Lewis and James Seay
Date(s) and Location(s) , Amelia County, Virginia
I descended from tis line by a son Mathew Seay, and grandson James F. Seay. Other names are George Washington Seay and Lucy Draper, Toney Stoval Seay and Helen Stanley. Anyone else following this line? Will share all information that I have traced so far. Send inquiry to Donna Seay-Cottrell.

Name: Donna Seay-Cottrell:   daddysgirlone1
Date: 2005-01-12
Ancestor Name(s) Mathew Seay and Elizabeth Ham
Date(s) and Location(s) 1764-1797, Amelia Cty,, then Halifax/Pittsylvania Ctys.
Migrated from Amelia, Virginia and finally to Henry County, Virginia. Grandson James F. Seay died in Farmville General Hospital of Pneumonia during the War Between The States November 24, 1862. Searching for name of James's father. Mother was Mary(Polly)Seay, Mathews daughter. Mathews sons were Abner and Mathew Jr.

Name: Laurel Taffe Carr:   laureltaffecarr
Date: 2005-01-12
Ancestor Name(s) William Carr Gideon Carr 1st post explanation
Date(s) and Location(s) Albemarle Co
Sorry about the last posting I left space between Meekins Line and Nancy's line but it came out all as 1 sentence when posted
Meekins had 2 children Alvin come from
Rachel Carr and Jame Easthman
to Mary Ann Eastham
Bernard Carr and Nancy Rothwell
to Overton Carr

Gideon has 2 children he comes from
Meekins explained above and
Nancy Carr who married Benjamin Thurman and had
Susannah Thurman who married John B Rothwell
They had Nancy who married Bernard Carr (s/o Meekins)


Name: Laurel Taffe Carr:   laureltaffecarr
Date: 2005-01-12
Ancestor Name(s) William Carr and Gideon
Date(s) and Location(s) Albemarle Co VA
My husband comes from 2 brothers on his grandmothers side he comes from William Carr (son of William Carr and Unknown Chiles) and his grandfathers side is from Gideon (again s/o of William Carr and Unknown Chiles) The first William who married an Unknown Chiles is from New Kent Co VA. Capt William Carr (the 2nd William) the son, married Elizabeth (some say Catherine)Winston. Gideon Carr married Susannah Unknown.
We decesend from William to his daughter Mary who married Nicholas Crenshaw to their son William Crenshaw and Henreitta Saunders (have doc to back that) to their daughter Elizabeth who married David Watts to their son David Crenshaw Watts (known as Granger) (his 2nd marriage) and Cynthia Jane Herndon to Laura Ann Watts who married Strother Coleman Pritchett to their daughter Ruby Estelle Pritchett. Ruby Married Alvin Basil Carr.
Alvin's line is
William Carr and Unknown Chiles to Gideon Carr and Susannah
to their two children Meekins and Nancy Carr
Meekins line is Nancy's line
Meekins and Nancy Wood Nancy Carr and
2 children of Meekins Benjamin Thurman
1st child is Susannah Thurman &
Rachel Carr m James Eastham John B Rothwell
daughter Mary Ann Eastham daughter Nancy Rothwell
2nd child
Bernard Carr who married Nancy Rothwell
son Overton Carr

Overton Carr and Mary Eastham married
they had Bernard Overton Carr who married Sarah E "Sallie"
Ballard (d/o William C Ballard and Nancy Craig Via)
They had Annie Belle Carr who was not married but had Alvin Basil Carr who married Ruby Estelle Pritchett Our intertwined line!!!!!
I am try to discover who Elizabeth(or Catherine) Winston Parents were.
Capt William Carr was born 1707 and Eilzabeth abt 1710 she died before 1751 as William remarried to Susannah Brooks. Her last child was born in 1742 Right now I have her as d/o William Winston and Sarah Dabney. Some say Issac but the dates don't seem to add up to her life. Her 1st child was born about 1730 so it seems she married 1728-30 Can any one help.


Name: Peggy Tobin:   tnt642
Date: 2005-01-08
Ancestor Name(s) White, Layne, Lane, Bryant, Chenault
What a fantastic site. I don't believe my relatives are listed but this is a great place for those that do have relatives here. Also I like the info on Amelia Co. Fascinating!

Name: dolores redding:   reddingwilliam
Date: 2005-01-06
Ancestor Name(s) washington demascus lafayette southall
Date(s) and Location(s) dob 5 apr 1830
his daughter clara elizabeth was my grand mother. you have her fathers place of birth as N C but 1910 cencus list her fathers birth place as VA ? clara married phillip cosminsky they had 4 children that were listed in the 1910 cencus my father was harris keener cosminsky dob 21 jul 1909, died 17 mar 1957. i am having a really hard time finding cosminsky info, any you could share would be welcome

Name: Jean Hoffman:   twillweave
Date: 2005-01-06
Ancestor Name(s) James Brady Aliff son of David Aliff son of ??Thomas Aliff
Date(s) and Location(s) Roanoke, Virginia
Greetings... Was wondering what your source was for David Aliffs parents.... seems to me that our James Brady Aliff was the sibling of your Elizabeth Aliff... James and new wife Catherine are living with David Aliff in Roanoke in 1850. An Elizabeth is living at the same address and a Thomas Aliff is next door. Would appreciate anything you could send my way.


Name: Janis:   redwingers
Date: 2005-01-04
Ancestor Name(s) Eleazer Green Clay
Date(s) and Location(s) born abt 1814-1816 Missouri
I got to your Eleazer Clay bible page using the ancestor name above. Can't believe this name could be that common. I do not see any location/state on your page. Any idea where your Eleazer Green Clay was born, lived, or died? Mine lived Iron County, MO and moved to Wayne Co. IL. Willing to share info. if match.

Name: Connie Fleming:   ckf
Date: 2004-12-29
Ancestor Name(s) Christopher Shields, George Allison Shields, George Harris Shields, Richard Rufus Shields, Jewell Shields Kidd, Connie Kidd Flem
This is an excellent site, I have not been working on my genealogy for some time, but do have a good bit on the Shields line .... Have you found any connection with Christopher Shields back to England?

Name: Deidre Muir:   thistlestickslb
Date: 2004-12-27
Ancestor Name(s) Telitha East
Date(s) and Location(s) b. virginia, parents b. NC. lived in Lincoln,Pike, Marion co. Missouri
Telitha East was born about 1837 in Virginia.
She married George Plummer in 1854 in Lincoln co. Missouri.
She married Josiah Jayne(s) in Lincoln Co., Troy Missouri in 1859.
Died in Hannibal, Marion Co. Missouri in 1900.
I was hoping to find other East families in these counties who might have info. on the family.
There was a Joseph East in Lincoln Co. Missouri who also had a daughter named Talitha or Telitha but she was about 10 years younger than my Telitha.


Name: Bill Davidson:   tunnelm
Date: 2004-12-22
Ancestor Name(s) Davidson/Davison Family
Date(s) and Location(s) Charles City County, VA 1680s-1800s
Mary Davidson of Charles City County, VA (CCCo) was the apparent wife of Solomon Davidson (she was probably his second wife, based on some clues; Solomon died by 1772). Mary was a niece of Benjamin Dancy's (per Benjamin's CCCo will in the 1760s, as I recall). Mary's will was probated in 1793 in CCCo, VA, and her executors were "friends" Furman Southall and Henry Southall, and witnesses included Elizabeth Southall, John Southall and Edward Davidson. Mary's children were listed as Mary Major, William Davidson and Elizabeth Davidson. Another (probably older) Elizabeth Davidson had earlier married a Mr. Philips in CCCo, and a David Davidson (born in the early 1760s, apparently; was one of at least three David Davidsons in CCCo) had married a Mary Maza Philips. Other known Davi(d)sons in CCCo included David (d. 1687; was married to Sarah), Alexander (d. after 1690; wife was apparently Jane; Alexander MAY have not been related to the others), David (d. 1756), Ezekiel (d. 1762), Philemon (d. 1773), Stephen (probably died by about 1795, though there may have been two Stephen Davidsons in CCCo), Edward, Sr. (d. before 1815), Edward, Jr. (d. after 1815) and Henry, Clara and Nancy Davidson (all three died in the 1800s). Does anyone know if any of the Davidsons married into the Southall family? There was a Hezekiah Davidson in Cumberland County, VA from about 1757 until his death there in 1793. He had a son named Philemon Davidson, and he died in 1810 in Cumberland Co., VA. Hezekiah Davidson was in Albemarle County, VA before Cumberland Co., and I wonder if Hezekiah was part of the above CCCo Davidson family? Hezekiah was married to a Tabitha, and it strongly appears that she was Tabitha Childers (who had a Philemon Childers in her family). There was a Philemon Childers in CCCo in the late 1600s, as well as a Philemon Bradford in CCCo by at least the early 1700s. Any "blood connection" to the Southalls?

Name: Suzanne:   suzip45
Date: 2004-12-22
Ancestor Name(s) Austin Crump
Date(s) and Location(s) 1850 - 1910
My Ancestor was Austin Crump. I have only his death cert. He died in NYS but was born in Richmond Va. to Charles and Mary Crump who both were listed as being born in Charles City , VA. a great aunt insisted that Grandmother kept Austin's Civil War uniform underglass in their home and she would look at it when she visited. I believe that Austin may have been born sometime in the 1850's and would not likely have been old enough to serve during the war..But perhaps his father or other male relative served. There is also the possibility that his wife was not sure of his age. I would love to find this family. thank you

Name: Jena:   catscradle777
Date: 2004-12-15
Ancestor Name(s) BROWN / LOVE
Date(s) and Location(s) Iowa / ILL
Iam searching for records on GEORGE H BROWN--Born In Iowa-Married STELLA LOVE--Birth late 1800'---m--early 1900's, They were in MINN--ILL, they both died in ILL--around Rock Island. THANK YOU for your help

Name: Jena:   catscradle777
Date: 2004-12-14
Ancestor Name(s) PHILLIPS / ANTHONY
Date(s) and Location(s) LIVINGSTON CO,I LL 1863
I have LEVI T PHILLIPS dob 1842-3--LOUISA ANTHONY dob 1841-2--Married in 1863--CHILDERN--Leslie,Betsy,Lurisa,Lewis,Perdia. 1880 cenus--
Louisa Died--Levi then remarried in Bureau CO, ILL to Louisa HAMM-around 1889,Thank You for ANY help tracking these family's back in time.


Name: Jena:   catscradle777
Date: 2004-12-14
Ancestor Name(s) Nathan Anthony / Rowena(Rowenah) Larner
Date(s) and Location(s) 1818 --------- 1823-24
I have a Nathan Anthony 1818-1819 m Rowena(Rowanah)Larner 1823-24,---I have tracked them to Livingston Co, ILL, --Cencus showes more childern then George-Louisa-1841-Margaret-1843,James-1844,Mary A-1847,Lorenzo-1849,Ruth-1854,Harriet-1855,Lucretia-1856, 1880 then has George and Ida--And a James Larner 53 in the home--Can ANYONE connect


Name: rose hollingsworth:   snowbird43616 aol.ccom
Date: 2004-12-10
Ancestor Name(s) frank theobald
u put a page on your site for mr about my grandfather..i have found his obituary and would like you to add it to the page..
thank you
rose hollingsworth


Name: Ann Batdorf:   dbatdorf
Date: 2004-12-08
Ancestor Name(s) James R. Meadows
Date(s) and Location(s) Born 1832 Prince Edward, Va.
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful site. I would appreciate any help with the following. James R. Meadows born abt 1832 in Prince Edward, Va. married Elizabeth Colley abt 1852 in Prince Edward, Va.. Needing info on parents of both of them. Thanks for any help.If I can help in any way I am happy to share information. God bless you. Love and prayers, Ann Batdorf
*Please contact me at dbatdorf

Name: marian:   mariankntt
Date: 2004-12-02
Ancestor Name(s) shield
Date(s) and Location(s) england
just a quick question, as ive been to so many sites and they dont deal with English questions.
Do you have Shield's from England on here please.
If so I am trying to trace my family from Surrey England
would love to hear from anyone who can help
all the best


Name: pamela holt:   holt157
Date: 2004-11-30
Ancestor Name(s) jopson. harrison,tupper.grosser.seymore.
Date(s) and Location(s) 1800s 1900smanchester england liverpool lancashire
looking for information on the jopson family.
i don't know a lot about the jopson family only that my father john jopson was born in manchester as my grandfather william jopson born in 1891 died in 1942 and great grandfather thomas jopson was also born in manchester they lived around denton and owned pet shops.
i thing the jopson were from the lake distsricts.
my father john is one of 8 children six brothers and one grandmothers name was alice harrison born in 1893 and died in 1944.she was an only child to thomas harrison and ellen seymore.
i hope that someone can help me with some information on the family.


Name: pamela holt:   holt157
Date: 2004-11-30
Ancestor Name(s) william jopson. thomas jopson
Date(s) and Location(s) 1800s 1900smanchester england liverpool lancashire
looking for information on the jopson family.
i don't know a lot about the jopson family only that my father john jopson was born in manchester as my grandfather william jopson born in 1891 died in 1942 and great grandfather thomas jopson was also born in manchester they lived around denton and owned pet shops.
i thing the jopson were from the lake distsricts.
my father john is one of 8 children six brothers and one grandmothers name was alice harrison born in 1893 and died in 1944.she was an only child to thomas harrison and ellen seymore.
i hope that someone can help me with some information on the family.


Name: Joseph Mayson:   joeymayson
Date: 2004-11-29
Ancestor Name(s) Thomas Kearney Glenn
Date(s) and Location(s) 1868 Vernon Miss-1946 Atlanta, Ga
Have a lot of my late wife's family history (back to 15th cen France and 17th cen Scotland) which I would like to organize for our daughter. Need objective advice on best geneology program and service(s) available. Thanks, jm

Name: Gerry Langfitt:   Trident432
Date: 2004-11-28
Ancestor Name(s) Edward Estabrook
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
Edward Estabrook was born in England and came to this country in the early 1600's.

Name: Timothy McDowell:   MEinDENVR
Date: 2004-11-28
Date(s) and Location(s) Born c 1730's VA
I am curious as to how concise the listing of Rev. John Thomson's children is on the website. WILLIAM T THOMPSON, my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather, born in VA, c 1730's, I have believed to be a possible child of his as well. My evidence of this is without great substance of information though. I am hoping someone might hold a key of information towards this premise. I know it was extreemly common during that time to name one's children with the given names of one's siblings. William T Thompson named three of his children respectively, Elizabeth, Jane and Sarah. All given names listed on the website of children (and possibly his siblings) of Rev. John Thomson. Can anyone help me?

Name: Jena:   catscradle777
Date: 2004-11-27
Ancestor Name(s) Louisa ANTHONY
Date(s) and Location(s) Livingston CO, ILL
HI THERE, I have LOUISA ANTHONY m LEVI T PHILLIPS-1863-Childern-Leslie b 1865--Betsy b 1871--Lurisa b 1873--Lewis b 1842--Predia b 1877--Is this a connection--Lewis is my GGrandfather. LOUISA ANTHONY is listed as one of Nathan's childern--1850 .

Name: Denny Seitz:   dseitz
Date: 2004-11-22
My name is Denny Seitz. I'm the president of the homeowners' association at Tanners Creek.

I'd like to speak with someone regarding the historic chimney that is located in our neighborhood that once was part of your church, or the site of the first sermon at Hopewell Presbyterian.

My home number is (704) 875-2430. It's best to call during the evening. If an evening call is not possible, you can reach me via cell phone during the day at (704) 619-5143.

Thank you


Name: James R Pollard:   jpollar adellphia. net
Date: 2004-11-20
Ancestor Name(s) James Baker Pollard
Date(s) and Location(s) Plot 56a
The spelling of his name is wrong on the City Cemetery, Roanoke, VA map. The incorrect spellling is pozzara, correct name as stated above.

Name: Angela Carson:   JCarson988
Date: 2004-11-18
Ancestor Name(s) Lucy East, John O(wen) East
Date(s) and Location(s) Lucy b:2/15/1901-d:2/1972 John b:9/20/1829-d:4/10/1909
I am in a sort of quandry. My great grandmother is Lucy East Robb. I have found some family trees that have John O. East as her father. I have more info. on him that suggests that he is probably her granfather. I can't find anything about him after the 1880 census. I have found her in the 1920 census under circumstances that match family stories. My grandfather doesn't really remember anything about his family. John had 3 sons with his wife Nancy that have been backed up by the 1860,1870 and 1880 census. They are George F.,David A., and Nethaniel(spelling right)M. I am thinking that one of them could be Lucy's father. I can't find any trace of any of them after 1880 though. I do have a second wife for John by the name of Martha Eleanor Pillow. They were married in 1907 and he died 2 years later. You will notice that the marriage was 6 years after Lucy's birth. Martha remarried in 1920 and my grandfather remembers her and her second husband, so they were still around. I just can't tell if lucy was his daughter or granddaughter. I am really pretty new to this, so I thought that you might have some of the info that I need, or may have some suggestions as to where I might be able to look.

Angela Carson


Name: Dawn Grist:   dawngrist
Date: 2004-11-18
Ancestor Name(s) Southall, Butler, Stoddard, Etc.
Hi Susan,

It's been a while, life is very busy. I wanted to let you know, I am getting ready to purchase a farm and when I checked into prior owners, I found a ton of "Turner's" that originally owned the land. Some of the names match ours but I am unable to confirm it is the same line.

Do you know if any of "our" Turners lived in / owned land in what is now Culpeper County?


Name: Carnez Neal:   go2cneal
Date: 2004-11-13
Ancestor Name(s) Osie Nadell Barlow
Date(s) and Location(s) Roanoke, VA
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
My fiance Carnez Neal asked me to find his biological father George Daniel Scales.

We have since visited Roanoke, Virginia and met the Scales Family...

George Daniel (GD) Scales is the son of John Willis Scales and Osie Nadel Barlow. John Willis Scales was the son of Tom Scales of Eden, NC which is Rockingham County.

For the full story with pictures:


Joi Dickerson


Name: Theresa Rogers Griffiths:   theresagriffiths
Date: 2004-11-10
Ancestor Name(s) EAST, ROGERS, RUSSELL
Date(s) and Location(s) Bef. 1850 - Lincoln and Adair and surrounding Counties in Kentucky
Joseph EAST b.February 22, 1793 Lincoln Co, KY. married
1st wife Nancy RUSSELL on January 25, 1821 in Lincoln Co, KY. He married 2nd wife Mrs. Nancy ROGERS about 1837 place unknown. They were all living in Adair Co,KY.
Nancy(Russell)EAST died 1835 in Afair Co,KY.
Believe Nancy's 1st husband is Hiram ROGERS who also died in 1835 Adair Co,KY.
Would like to find out more about any of these lines!
No info to small!

Theresa Rogers Griffiths


Name: Kathy Bauwens:   vvdahl2000
Date: 2004-11-08
Ancestor Name(s) Trimble & Holbert
I have the location of several Trimble graves. But I am looking for Francis Marion Trimble gravesite. Also William Holbert.
Thank you,

Name: peggy gough:   pegsue1313
Date: 2004-11-07
Ancestor Name(s) james william cornett
Date(s) and Location(s) b.1834 henrico co. va./d.aug.29,1862 manassas/civil war
i am looking for buriel place of james.he was killed manassas(groveton)2nd,civil war.i hope someone can help me,he joined up 2/1862 was killed aug.1862.he was in courtney light artillery,private.he was married&had three children

Name: Deb Bonner:   d_bonner312
Date: 2004-11-06
Ancestor Name(s) Lucinda Southall
Looking for info on the parents of Lucinda Southall, Born abt 1830 in VA, married Jesse Trent 25 Mar 1850.

Name: mriter:   jriter
Date: 2004-11-05
Ancestor Name(s) Robert Jones
Date(s) and Location(s) July 1861
Robert Jones died at the Battle of Bull Run in the Civil war in July 1861. Any info on him would be appreciated. Thank you

Name: Marlys:   momarlys
Date: 2004-11-05
Ancestor Name(s) James Robertson & unknown
Date(s) and Location(s) 1740 perhaps Scotland
Looking for James Roberts, perhaps b. ca 1740 in Scotland no info on wife 1 known child: John (Lampkin or Lumpkin ?) b. ca 1800 probably WAshington DC Georgetown. m. Elizabeth Turvey on Dec 20, 1826 Washington DC (source: DCmarriage records) John d. 1893 GEorgetown, Wash DC named as Lamkin on marriage certificate. children: James Randolph b. Oct 1828, William H. b. August 8 2842 & Francis(or Frances - male) b. 1884 probably all in Georgetown, WAshington DC.
Looking for wife of James and his ancetors and/or siblings.l.
Supposedly came with two brothers who were Royalist printers in Edinburgh (family handwritten notes)




Name: Helen Jenkins:   ajenkins3
Date: 2004-10-29
Ancestor Name(s) Charles Mc Callon Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) 1867 - 1920 Tennessee
Charles Alexander was a song leader who travelled the world and put hymn books together. He visited my Great Aunt in Melbourne Australia. He was related. He is from John McKnitt Alexander's tree however I don't know how this connects to us. Our family came to Australia in the 1800's from Northern Ireland. I would like to know if he kept up with family in the Donemanagh area of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Apparently his tree is discussed in a book: Early Alexanders and Cloyd's Creek: Blount County Tennessee. Does anyone know of this man's tree, which links with the Politician Lamar Alexander?

Name: Morris Miller:   mocat3
Date: 2004-10-29
Ancestor Name(s) Mary Sharp Alexander, John McNitt Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) 18 Apr 1850 to 30 Mar 1939
How do you add/submit *.jpg's or other info to this site?

Name: Brady Wooten Kerr:   jbk6397
Date: 2004-10-29
Ancestor Name(s) Kerr, McClure, McCracken, Crockett
Date(s) and Location(s) 1770s-to present
Link to Your Web Page (Genealogy and family links only, please)
I am trying to learn something about the McClure Family of Mecklenburg Co., NC. David Cyrus McClure;b.1800;married Nancy Jackson 1-24-1823 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. David died in 1836. Only have information for one son born to them-James L. McClure;b.7-5-1823;married Esther Caroline Jamison 6-9-1847. Does anyone know where these people are buried? I know they lived in the Sugaw (Sugar) Creek section of Mecklenburg Co.

Name: teresa:   teresarhodes50
Date: 2004-10-27
Ancestor Name(s) Emma Dobbins
Emma Keele Dobbins grew up in Hickory County MO-moved to Kansas 1904 and then on to Seattle Wa.
I was wondering if related to Dobbins in Bible -it's my understanding she had 15 siblings-I know of Emma and louisa


Name: Leslie:   stexasl
Date: 2004-10-24
Ancestor Name(s) Lucas Clell Watkins
Date(s) and Location(s) Aug 20, 1901 South Carolina
I'm searching for any family of my grandfather, Lucas Clell Watkins.We know that he was born in SC about 1901 but do not have the names of his parents. He married Ione Elizabeth Ridenour in OK in 1926.He served in WW1 and died in a VA hospital in 1945-46.Any information would be helpful.

Name: Virginia Stultz:   virginiastultz
Date: 2004-10-22
Ancestor Name(s) Holdford, Southall, Tucker,
Date(s) and Location(s) Halifax County, NC, Amelia Co Va.
Because the Washington D.L. Southall History was torn a mistake was made on who his sister Harriett married. It was Littleberry Holdford, bond 21 Nov 1849, Halifax Co.NC. This correction was sent to Carol Atkinson of Panama City Fla. when we coresponded a few years ago. Littleberry was my ggfather.Harriett's father was Jesse son of James Southall 1801 will Amelia Co Va. I need marriage date of Jesse and #2 wife Caroline Branch Tucker. She was from Lunenburg Co
Va. Caroline was born 1799 not 1777. The date in WDL history is missread due to 9's not being closed at top.


Name: Janice DiMarco:   joestwin
Date: 2004-10-20
Ancestor Name(s) Elizabeth Boone
Date(s) and Location(s) 1791-1850
Most sources list Jacob, son of Squire Boone as Elizabeth's father, yet you have him listed as John. I wonder what source you used or if Jacob and John are the same. I am trying to associate Elizabeth with Squire but don't want to jump to conclusions. I have information on Elizabeth and her spouse if you are interesed.


Name: Paula Witt:   PrincipalPaula
Date: 2004-10-12
Ancestor Name(s) George Anderson, James Henry Anderson
Date(s) and Location(s) 1835?? Fluvanna Cty., VA
Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.


Name: CarolynSenn:   Nascarwife24
Date: 2004-10-03
Ancestor Name(s) jesse pollard and ellen battle
Ellen Battle-her dad james montgomery battle dob Dec 30,1820,in Indiana, he was married to Mary(jolly)A.Reel her dob May 13,1825 in Tenn

Name: Mollie Stiff:   molls0109
Date: 2004-09-30
Ancestor Name(s) Mary "Molly" Lewis d/o Joel Lewis s/o David B Lewis possibly son of John Lewis (Councilor)
Date(s) and Location(s) New Kent Co,VA and Hanover Co., VA
I know that Mary "Molly" Lewis married James B Stiff and that her parents were Joel Lewis and Sarah Chiles. Joel's dad was David? b Lewis who married Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Terrell (I think!) I keep coming back to Col. John Lewis who married Elizabeth Warner, but I can't pull them all together. I am not sure that the Joel, Sarah, David or Betty are the right people so any info. would be very much appreciated!

Name: v. martin:   vjmartin
Date: 2004-09-28
Ancestor Name(s) lydia jenkins (1)and joseph james jenkins(2)
Date(s) and Location(s) 1877 devon england--- warkleigh devon 1825
I believe lydia is a decendant of joseph,whois mentioned as a "mason"in 1825.Any help appreciated.

Name: Deborah Mayberry Smith:   Deborocka
Date: 2004-09-26
Date(s) and Location(s) Moore's Church Cemetery, Rte. 360
I have a listing partial listing of graves at Moore's Church Cemetery, I sent them to the webmaster at USGENWEB-AMElIA, quite a while ago, but haven't seen them posted, and put it on Rootsweb Message Board today,Would you be interested. I'm sure there are mistakes.
Deb Smith


Name: Martha Ritchie:   marfa613
Date: 2004-09-25
Ancestor Name(s) Robert Burch
I am looking for information on Robert W. Burch. He was the son of Peter L Burch and Martha A. Davis Burch. His sister, Mary Lea married William T. East, son of Thomas and Elizabeth East. Robert was born in Virginia but came to Daviess County, Kentucky to farm there. His wife was named Harriet but I have no information on her last name or where they were married. They had no children and when Robert died my grandparents took in Harriet and took care of her until she died. She left my grandparents an item that Robert carried with him during the Civil War.

Name: Vi (Seay) McAllister:   Vmcall
Date: 2004-09-18
Ancestor Name(s) James Seay, Sr.
Date(s) and Location(s) Amelia Co., VA prior to 1800 then Spartenburg, SC 1801-1840
Amelia Co. History you posted on the Seay Genealogy Page -- I'm looking for the Amelia Co. History pamphlet.

Name: Jeanette McGrew:   JeanetteMcGrew
Date: 2004-09-16
Ancestor Name(s) William Smiley Pharr Henderson
Date(s) and Location(s) Grant co., Arkansas
I am trying to help Ruth Henderson Henry find information reglating to her grandfather, William Smiley Pharr Henderson. It is said that he lived in the Grapevine, Arkansas area and was buried in Clement cemetary in Grant co. However, the cememtary does not have a listing for him and no grave has been found. The obituatry of Ruth's father, Wiliam Edward Henderson, gives her grandfather's name as Samuel P. Henderson and the grandmother as Linnie Caroline Woods. If anyone has information regarding this family, please let me know.

Name: Ed Miller:   cem7320
Date: 2004-09-13
Ancestor Name(s) Mariana Mayo Anderson
Date(s) and Location(s) 03/30/1764-07/17/1849 Richmond,Virginia
If not for an unattractive portrait of my g-g-g-g-grandmother,Mariana Mayo Anderson, passed down through the family,I don't think I could have traced the lineage.Mariana was the widow of Nathan Anderson(06/23/1764-10/31/1834.)She is buried in the same grave as her son, John Anderson(11/12/1788-07/20/1849)in Shockoe Cemetery in Richmond.They died within days of each other in a cholera epidemic.Luckily my great grandfather made notes of how to find the tombstone as this is now a city cemetery and there are no grave location records.

Name: Jo VanSickle Nabong:   Nabong123160
Date: 2004-09-11
Ancestor Name(s) Rev Malachi Van Sickle [Great Grandfather]
Date(s) and Location(s) Born 1856 , Petrolia, Lambton Co. Ontario, Canada
Looking for any information on Rev Malachi Van Sickle born in Petrolia in 1856, orphaned in 1866 and probably raised by sister Mary married to an oilman James Perkins.

Name: Diane Laster:   nankus
Date: 2004-09-09
Ancestor Name(s) Stephen East
Date(s) and Location(s) B-1770-1780 Va. Lived In S.C. before 1800
Great website! Looking for information on Stephen East born 1770-80 in Va. Father's name Benjamin b-abt. 1745-50 in Va. Stephen was in S.C. before 1800. He married Theresa Ray. I believe Benjamin was married 3 times. 1st wife unknown. Then came Ann Hill and a Patience. I don't know the order. Can anyone help?

Name: Judith Day:   famday1
Date: 2004-09-08
Ancestor Name(s) Waddy Thompson, Jr. ?/Rosalee Snead
Date(s) and Location(s) 1800s;Greenville, SC (Laurens)
I am a descendent of a slave owned by the Thompson family in Greenville,SC. Quite a bit of research has been done beyond the 1860 Census, but little is available to construct prior to this date. There is also confusion as to the identity of the the two (or more) W.T., Jrs. in Greenville, SC.,i.e., 1798-1848 (Congressman) and 1847-1882 (Physician). Please share any additional information on these men.

Name: Shirley Owens-Fletcher:   clyde783
Date: 2004-09-07
Ancestor Name(s) Paul Conan Adams
Date(s) and Location(s) born Aug.12,1901, died October 8,1960
I have tried before to reach you. Paul Conan Adams was my Daddy's half-brother. I need to communicate with you about this family, Please.
Sincerely, Shirley Owens-Fletcher


Name: ardith:   ardienga
Date: 2004-09-06
Ancestor Name(s) ralph william wingo
Date(s) and Location(s) died in tuson arizona buried in galesburg, ill.
[RE: genforum genealogy 1071]

ralph william wingo was my grandfather married bertha jordon
or spell gordon. kanas had 10 children divorced ralph died
in tuson arizona buried in galesburg,ill. bertha died/buried
in galesburg, ill. want to know who my great grandfather is?
family lived in oklahoma,kanas,ill,and wingo said to come from virginia.would like to know all family tree before ralph, and all family tree up to date.


Name: Terry Smith:   tsmith130
Date: 2004-09-05
Ancestor Name(s) HUNT MCBRIDE
Date(s) and Location(s) 1800's forward Bedford/Franklin/Pittsylvania Counties, NC
Stephen Hunt and Mary ?
Thomas McBride and Catherine Hunt
Obediah McBride and Eliza Saunders
Henry Thomas McBride and Elizabeth Ann Maxey
George Washington Williams and Rainey Nancy McBride
Robert Lee Smith and Eula Gladys Williams
Nelson Eddy Smith and Terry Lee Meece


Name: Charlene Knox:   cknox
Date: 2004-09-03
Ancestor Name(s) Alexander/Kyle
Date(s) and Location(s) Fayette County, Tennessee
Searching for any information on my GG grandfather, William J. Alexander born 1836-1837 in Tennessee. His father (name unknown) was born in NC. William married Martha Ann (Mattie) Kyle dau of Bartley Kyle and Susan Mowery abt 1865. They had 5 sons that I know of; Emmit (my ggf) born 5/27/1870, twin to Emmit, William, James and Bernard. They lived in Hickory Withe, Fayette Co., Tennessee and both are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, Fayette Co., Tennessee. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Name: Mary Avary Whittier:   mwhittier
Date: 2004-08-31
Great site. For some reason am unable to locate your transcribed Amelia County blooklet - any help appreciated. Mary

Name: Jim Robertson:   jrpjrob
Date: 2004-08-29
Ancestor Name(s) John Haynes, Jr.; Nancy Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) About 1798, Georgia or (perhaps) Virginia
John Haynes, Jr. and Nancy Shields were married around 1798 in Georgia, although it may have been Virginia. They had seven children, including Nancy who married James C. Motley in 1817. Does anybody know anything about this Nancy Shields?

Name: Bryan Egnew:   begnew
Date: 2004-08-28
Ancestor Name(s) Ephraim Alexander and Lucy Parry
Date(s) and Location(s) married 1818 Knox County, Tennessee
Looking for any other descendants of this couple.
I am 5th great grandson.


Name: Casey Archer Oliver:   CaseyO
Date: 2004-08-28
Ancestor Name(s) Watler Thomas Archer Sr. is my great grand father
Date(s) and Location(s) born 9 May 1897 Jonesboro, Clayton Co, Georgia
This is a great web page! Thanks!

Name: Cecie Ballinger:   cecieb71
Date: 2004-08-24
Ancestor Name(s) Terry Mullins/Lucy Ballenger,Ballinger
Date(s) and Location(s) Halifax County, Va. 1766
Mullins,Ballingers, Terry & Champness families travel together in Va. as early as 1695 in Goochland, Halifax & several other counties. In 1800 moved to Wilkes County, NC. Any information on these families would be GREATLY appreciated. They moved to Rockcastle County in the early 1800's. I am mainly researching the Ballinger name. Thanks.

Name: Rea:   4katiebug
Date: 2004-08-21
Ancestor Name(s) Wall, Watlington,
Date(s) and Location(s) Halifax, Va
Just found out we'er not Walls, we are Wall, from George Wall and Nancy Watlington, her father was Frances Watlington.

Name: whvance:   rockinvr
Date: 2004-08-21
Ancestor Name(s) Major william vance
Date(s) and Location(s) approx1700 in penn.
[RE: vance family]

You seem to be the most informed of all the site . can you steer me inthe correcr direction. I cant find when my family came to Ca.
Thank You for any help,


Name: BJ Reese aka Beej--Fireflower:   FyrFlowr6231">FyrFlowr6231
Date: 2004-08-20
Ancestor Name(s) Ballenger/Burton/Lee of NJ/Alcorn/ Burtch/Estell anf variations/Van Meter
Date(s) and Location(s) 1760 VA/NC 1811 JeffersonCo, / Henry Co..IN to current time
I do not have a web page as my research (some) is still to unstable/unproven. Had some get out that was still in research and got a relitive in trouble. So records/ documents are in files on computer and in cabinets and note books on shelves.
I however do share with other researchers. I live in AZ, Apache Junction born/raised in Henry Co. IN. New Castle and Cadiz. Would like to hear from anyone that is researching any of my surnames listed. Some I have much others maybe a page or two as in m. certs.
Other counties I have researched in are Rush, Hancock, Shelby,Delaware, Wayne, Ripley to name a few.
No relation to the Lawerance Co.,IN Burton's as have found no connection as yet.


Name: Dana Henderson Stovall:   whispertreedks
Date: 2004-08-17
Ancestor Name(s) William Lee Henderson, son of John and Ann Sample Henderson
Date(s) and Location(s) b. Jan 04 1808, Mecklenburg County, NC
I noticed that the Hopewell Cemetery listing shows Ann Henderson, age 56, wife of John Henderson, died May 29, 1830 and a John Henderson who died May 23, 1842, age 62 yrs, 10 mo. I believe these to be the parents of my William Lee Henderson. William married Eleanor Selina Shelby, and this family is found in the 1850 census for Mecklenburg Co. After birth of 5 children, moved to Perry Co., AL. About 1879, William, Eleanor and all of their childrens families moved to Smith Co., TX. I need help in finding out who William's siblings and their families were, and whose child John Henderson (his father) was and who his siblings were. I will be coming from Texas to Raleigh, NC this weekend, but I don't know if I will be able to get to Mecklenburg county or not. Thanks Dana

Name: AudreyMoebius:   AudreyMae150
Date: 2004-08-17
Ancestor Name(s) Stirewalt,Johanes, JohnAdams, Allison, JohnColumbus, Henry A.
Date(s) and Location(s) From 1732 - Rowan Cnty, N.C.
Looking for Grace Stirewalt, born May 1894 - no death record Daughter of Henry A. and Laura Stirewalt Thank You

Name: margie:   dwellwood
Date: 2004-08-12
Ancestor Name(s) William T Robertson, Sr. and his wife Ms. Harkness
Date(s) and Location(s) 1865 immigrated to US from Dumfries Scotland
Their son William T Robertson Jr shows up in 1910 on the Lexington, Fayette County, census. He was born 26 sep 1846 or 1851. I have been unable to find any information on them prior to 1910. Many allied families came from VA. Hunley, Yates (Yeatts), McCubbin, Krebs, Linder, Urfer. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: Thelma Fussell Dunn:   ThelmaF37
Date: 2004-08-12
Ancestor Name(s) George Correll and Melinda Wimmer Correll
Date(s) and Location(s) b. 17 July 1845 Mongomery Co. VA
I once saw pictures of George Correll and Melinda Wimmer Correll on you web site. I can't find them again. Could you help me locate them again. Thank you in advance. Thelma

Name: Wilma Alexander Patecell:   wilpate
Date: 2004-08-08
Ancestor Name(s) William Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) Born Nov. 10, 1778; Died Feb. 28, 1852 in Hall County GA
I am searching for the names of the parents of William Alexander who supposedly was born in VA and died in GA. He was my 4th gr grandfather. He married Sara (last name unknown)who was born in SC. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Name: Donna Butler Hoover:   Apachedancer
Date: 2004-08-06
Ancestor Name(s) Robert Asa Butler Sr. and Jr.
Date(s) and Location(s) @1703-1790 VA, NC, MD
I have been searching for all available information on my family. According to family records, I am descended in a direct line from Robert A. Butler through to Gabriel Butler from Alabama to my father Chub Poole Butler in Texas who recently passed away on May 12, 2004. In my searches It appears that our line originated from VA then migrated to NC. However some records indicate that Robert Sr. was born in MD. The Latter Day Saints say that Robert Sr's father was William Butler married to Rachel White and Sussannah Hartwell. But, I have been unable to verify this. I am new to ancestry tracing and was hoping that maybe you could help me. Our family records/members tell that we are distant cousins to Emily Stoddard. Thanks, Donna

Name: Phebe:   Phebem
Date: 2004-08-04
Ancestor Name(s) Long and Masoner
Date(s) and Location(s) 1850 Tn and then KY
In working on our LONG and MASONER lines we came across the 1850 KY census that lists a Emaline Brightwell living with the Long family. You have it listed on your site.

as this family came from Meigs Co TN we are wondering who this Emaline Brightwell is and how she would be connected.

There is a Nancy Brightwell widow of Leonard who is living two houses away from Tavner Masoner in the 1840 Meigs Co census and a William Brightwell further down on that same page.

Could she have been a Masoner that married into the Brightwell family?


Name: Renee Farkas:   farkasr
Date: 2004-07-28
Ancestor Name(s) Charles E. Wingo
No, I am not a descendant. However, I live at 114 East Franklin Street, once owned by Charles E. Wingo and I am very interested in my homes' history and Mr. Wingo's history.

Name: Gene Alexander:   Ealexander
Date: 2004-07-26
Ancestor Name(s) Alexander
I have my Alexander geneology in PDF format for emailing. Would you like me to send to you via Email?
Gene Alexander


Name: Frankie Meyer:   eisencres
Date: 2004-07-24
Ancestor Name(s) Catherine Harper Chambliss
Date(s) and Location(s) VA, NC, TN
Looking for the parents of Catherine Harper, b. Greenville,VA. Date unk. 1/m to David Chambliss, they
moved to NC. David died leaving Catherine and a dau Patsy.
2/m to James Lovell, Davidson Co., TN. They had 4 children, Catherine d. ca 1804? James Lovell married
his step-dau, and had 4 more children.


Name: John Walker:   nicenonya2
Date: 2004-07-21
Ancestor Name(s) Archellas "Akelius" Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) 1806 NC aft 1880 Cannon Co.,TN
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Archellas Alexander married Elizabeth______1812 VA died aft 1880 Cannon Co.,TN.Children:Martha P.(Travis),Elizabeth J.(Mears)(b.10/7/1835,my gg grandmother),James Dan(abt 1837),William T.(b.1839 mar. Rebecca Finley),Mary A.(b.1840),Henry Clay(b.1843),Sarah(b.1846),Mary(b.1849),Boyd?Looking for someone with this line of Alexanders to exchange data and some old photos I have going back to Archellas.

Name: norma perdue:   roses34p
Date: 2004-07-20
Ancestor Name(s) edwards caldwells long and knapp
somewhere in your line, you missed Esther Stoddard who married Aaron Burr's father as in Vice President. been researching him for a few years his date of birth 1736 1856

Name: pat inman:   pman47932
Date: 2004-07-19
Ancestor Name(s) Richard Henderson the Quaker
Date(s) and Location(s) Dana, Indiana
My henderson's are from ireland to ohio, carolina's and indiana, pat.

Name: jaimee:   ask4jaimee
Date: 2004-07-19
Ancestor Name(s) Joshua Shields
Date(s) and Location(s) 1777 Ireland-Ohio-Pa-Wis.
I am researching him and his children. I don't know where they were before Ohio, besides Ireland, in Ohio until at least 1820 ish, then in Erie,Pa. 1850ish in Sauk Co and Juneau Co Columbia Co in Wisconsin. Children I do have are Charles 1810, Elizabeth 1812, James 1815, Isabelle 1816, Samuel 1818, Julia 1820. They were born in Perry Co. Ohio area and some in Ashtabula. Any relation to anyone? Later Samuel and Charles moved to Dunn Co Wisconsin. Thanks. Jaimee

Name: SarahC:   Shadowseeker
Date: 2004-07-18
Ancestor Name(s) Daniel McAulay/McAuley Prudence Alexander, Erixanna Alexander, Benjamin Brown
Date(s) and Location(s) 1802-1805 Mecklenburg Co North Carolina
Fantastic Website!! Thank you so much, the site is a treasure find. I posted on your message board the following information. Daniel McAulay/McAuley & Prudence Alexander, they are buried in Gilead Presbyterain Church Cemetery. Looking for information on their daughter Erixanna that married Benjamin Brown Jan 7 1828. Doing DAR application work, need the paper link from Erixanna to Daniel. Would love pictures of thier headstones if someone is near there. Thank you for the pictures from that cemetary that you did post. I was sorry to see that Daniel and Prudence were not among them. Thank you again for this website....Sincerely Sarah C

Name: Eleanor Shaifer:   eshaifer1
Date: 2004-07-16
Ancestor Name(s) Archibald Garrick McDougal
Archibald Garrick McDougal m Elizabeth East
1. Eleanor Mildred McDougal m Edmund Dewitt Patterson


Name: Cecil Wiggins:   cgwenwig
Date: 2004-07-12
Ancestor Name(s) Martha Nancy Alexander
Date(s) and Location(s) Oct 18, 1845 - Jan 03, 1883 Meck. NC - Sumter Co., AL
Martha Nancy Alexander was my great aunt. She married my grandfather's brother, Joseph Theodore Shelby on Dec 18, 1872. She is buried with parents, William Simeral and Isabella Elizabeth Lee (Ibbie)Alexander in Elizabeth Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Sumter Co., AL. William was one of the builders of the present church in 1858. Sadly, it is now empty except for a horde of bees covering a 2-foot span up near the roof line outside! I was just there taking pictures - of the bees too! There are a number of other Alexanders and related kin buried there, as well. Including a Hezekiah Alexander, reads Born about 1800, Charlotte North Carolina. The headstone looks like a more recent addition. Would be curious to know placed it, along with three others, same type, no dates, for Hattie Louisa Alexander, Octavia Jane Alexander (believe she may be 1st wife of Martha's brother Eli Ezekiel,) and Kate Alexander McNair. Re: Eli E. - wife was Susan Harriet Mundy, sister to Mary Ann Mundy who was my Joseph T.'s second wife after Martha died. Good hunting everyone!

Name: Cynde:   ckijr1224
Date: 2004-07-11
Ancestor Name(s) Mary "Polly" Gregg
Date(s) and Location(s) (B) Franklin Twnshp, Adams County, PA 01-01-1803 or 12-31-1802
Searching for parents and siblings of Mary "Polly" Gregg, born in Franklin Twnshp/Adams County PA. Father's name is unknown, but born in Ireland. Mother's name unknown, born in PA. She married Bannister Pool on 06-05-1819 in Franklin Twnshp/Adams County, PA. They eventually migrated to Eastern OH and then onto NW OH where they settled and raised their family of 14 children. Died in Edgerton OH 10-21-1884.

Name: Cynde:   ckijr1224
Date: 2004-07-11
Ancestor Name(s) Bannister Pool
Date(s) and Location(s) (B) VA, 12-19-1782
Looking for parents and siblings of Bannister Pool. Born in VA, lived for a time in PA, married Mary "Polly" Gregg in Franklin Twnshp, Adams County, PA on 06-05-1819. Entered War of 1812 in 1814 from PA. Migrated to Eastern OH and then onto NW OH where he raised his family of 14 children. Died in Edgerton, OH 9-10-1869.

Name: margie:   dwellwood
Date: 2004-07-11
Ancestor Name(s) Booker, Tabb, Peyton, Hunley, Robertson, Johnson, Taylor, Hubbard, Webb
Date(s) and Location(s) Amelia County VA from the beginning till 1800's
I have many more VA surnames in my direct line and my husband has some as well. Please email for a list of these surnames.

Name: Virginia Waltman Heck:   vheck
Date: 2004-07-10
Date(s) and Location(s) 1836,Quitman,Clarke Co.,MS,-now,Ponca City,OK
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All the above surnames can be accessed via my web page & there are separate pages for each surname & how it is related to me & all my ancestors. My Alexander link is Samuel W Alexander b, 1899,Gulfport,MS who married my aunt Rowena Waltman,b,sept 9,1901 Clarke Co.,Ms.
Hope this helps.


Name: tim nicholson:   laidbackryder
Date: 2004-07-09
Ancestor Name(s) nicholson, john-grady- or william
Date(s) and Location(s) north georgia, tenn. carolina's
trying to join sons of the cofederate. need help tracing family.

Name: Timothy Lee Robinson:   trobinson42
Date: 2004-07-08
Ancestor Name(s) Bessie Edmonds Perry m. Charles Edwards Fairbanks Wall
Date(s) and Location(s) March 17, 1911; Baltimore, Maryland
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My mother was ELLA ELIZABETH (WALL ) ROBINSON, her mother was BESSIE EDMONDS (PERRY) WALL. My Mom & Grandmother have been deceased, and my moms brother ROBERT EMORY is deceased. However, their sister LAURA ESTELLE (WALL) MORITZ is still living at 80 some years at a retirement village in Carroll County Maryland. I myself live in Catonsville, Maryland where most of the family resided, outside Baltimore.

Name: Kay Henderson:   khtootsie
Date: 2004-07-07
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel J. Bacon, Marion Bacon, William H. Bacon
Date(s) and Location(s) Indian Territory, Oklahoma,Ohio
The Bacons I am related to established Midtown, CN and a split occurred sometime around Civil War when some members went South and were in KY, later moving on to OK territory.
One ggrandfather married into the Chickasha Indian tribe and the line became part Indian from there on. Need to trace the grt uncles who served with Stan Waite in War as part of Cherokee Mounted Rifles.


Name: Al Conner:   Azconner
Date: 2004-07-07
Ancestor Name(s) Alexander B. Cochran
Date(s) and Location(s) Thornrose Cemetery
Alexander Boys Cochran is VMI Class of 1859 -- although his attendance was for 10 days only. His birthdate should read 10 May 1836, not 1886. If you would like to reveiw his biographic summary as of 7 Jul 2004 contact me at e-mail above.

Name: Sandra Casey Burbank:   kburbank7
Date: 2004-07-06
Ancestor Name(s) Cecily Reynolds Baily Jordan Farrar
At "our adorable" Cecily's plantation, there is a bit of one of her gowns on display, I hear. ;-)

Name: Cathy:   hawkchaser
Date: 2004-07-05
Ancestor Name(s) Danny Southall
Date(s) and Location(s) D.O.B 1940 W.Virginia
Not sure what line im related to. I think it might be from the William Joel Southall line that owned the railroad car company. My father looks like William jr.

Name: Frankie Meyer:   eisencres
Date: 2004-07-04
Ancestor Name(s) David Chambliss and wife Catherine Harper
Date(s) and Location(s) 1790's Halifax Co., North Carolina
Would like the name of Catherine Harper Chambliss, wife of
David Chambliss, parents. I believe she was born in
Greenville, Virginia, and they were married in Halifax,

Will exchange material.


Name: Sharon Orr Duncan:   sbduncan
Date: 2004-07-02
Ancestor Name(s) Alexander Orr and Jane McKnight
Date(s) and Location(s) 1774-1857
I am always looking for links to the Orrs and McKnights, so I would appreciate any help.

Alexander's Orr's parents were Robert and Jean ____ Orr. Any additional information?
Jane McKnight's parents were James McKnight and Eleanor McEwen. James' father was William Alexander McKnight and his grandfather was Alexander Sanders McKnight. There HAS to be an Alexander connection between these families!

Would appreciate any help.


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