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Helpful Genealogy Links

These genealogy or genealogy-related links will include some that I like and use often, links relative to information in this website, and some that I hope will help visitors to this site gain access to more information. This list is NOT intended to be a complete guide to genealogy resources online -- there are several other websites (some likes to these are below) that are designed for that purpose.

I'm starting the list with links from my "bookmarks" file & eventually will sort them into groups -- please bear with me during the initial "contruction" phase :)

Please note that these links are to off-site resources and I have no input or control over the content. If you discover that any of the links are no longer working or you feel they are not family appropriate -- please let me know.


I Dream of Genealogy

"Here you will find all the genealogy information you need, including free online databases, compiled family histories, vital record resources, famous and celebrity genealogies, lost and found family heirlooms, genealogy search, professional genealogy research services, and you can submit your own family's records to the free databases. You can also search at your leisure over 60,000 free online databases of marriage, birth, death, cemeteries and many others from the U.S., Canada, Ireland, England, and Australia."

The USGenWeb Project

". . . We are a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone. . . . "

Access Genealogy

"Access Genealogy is one of the few genealogy sites where free genealogy really means "free." Each week we put up many databases and genealogy books on our site which cost you nothing to search, access, read, and use in your personal genealogy search. This is our data, on our site. Not just links to someplace else. Yet we also go further... Our genealogy directory includes even more free genealogy resources that can be found across the web on a variety of subjects and locations. . . . "


"CensusDiggins genealogy records will always be free. . . .  More census records, marriage records, Civil War Soldier & Prison records, orphanage records and other databases will be added over time. . . . "

Bible Records Online

"979 Bibles Now {as of 27 Apr 2004} Online; {including} 4856 Instances of 3038 Different Surnames"

Civil War Rosters - All States

Genealogy Finds

"Genealogy help to find your ancestors and surnames in our FREE genealogy database of scanned and transcribed documents containing ancestor's names for your genealogy research."
My Southern History

Some of the surnames . . . and related lines are:

Adams, Barr, Bell, Blakely, Briant, Butcher, Cain, Collinsworth, Collingsworth, Coons, Craig, Cross, Dover, duSachoy, Duty, Evelman, Gardener, George, Hankins, Hardewyn, Hardin, Henry, Hogue, Holtzclaw, Ireland, Jolly, Jones, Joplin, Kilgore, Langston, Lawson,Lyon, Lyons, Marr, Noeller, Orendorff, Pate, Peebles, Perrin, Pettypool, P'Pool, Pool, Poole, Purvis, Ratliff, Rhodes, Rodgers, Rogers, Rossignol, Routen, Runnels, Saxon, Springate, Thibodeaux, Toliver, Tolliver, Turner, Weatherford, West, Wier, Wilkinson, Wilkerson, Wooten

Social Security Death Records Index


Social Security Death Records Index


1880 US Census


National Obituary Archive

"The National Obituary Archive™ is the world's largest repository of obituaries and death records with more than 55 million individual entries on file. Visitors may search the archive freely to learn about the deaths of friends or family or to explore relationships when building family trees or doing genealogical research."

". . . The site contains extensive interactive guides and numerous research tools for tracing family histories. On the site's WorldConnect Project contains more than 300 million ancestor names. The RootsWeb Surname List consists of a registry of over a million surnames submitted by more than 225,000 online genealogists. also boasts more than 27,000 mailing lists, almost 13 million postings on more than 138,000 message boards, and more than 11 million records in it's user-contributed database area."

Death Records Index -- Library of Virginia

". . . The Death Records Indexing Project is sponsored by the Virginia Genealogical Society. More than 60 volunteers, working in 15 states, are in the process of indexing the microfilmed versions of the local registers as part of a long-term, state-wide project to provide better access to local death records. Each index entry provides the name of the deceased, the date of death, information about slaves and slave owners if present, and the year and page number of the register where the death is recorded. As already mentioned, some information may not be available and some may vary from locality to locality. Once a city or county has been completed, database records are created from the indexing information and made available online via the Library of Virginia's Digital Library Program. The online database is fully keyword searchable and currently contains over 46,000 entries. . . ."

Bible Records Online; Archives & Manuscriptions Index -- Library of Virginia

New River Valley Historical Notes

" . . . historical resources page for the Upper New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia. (Ashe, Alleghany, Watagua and Wilkes County, North Carolina and Grayson County, and Southwest Virginia)."


". . . Genealogy & Historie Of The Eastern Shore) of Virginia"

The Rich and Famous in the US Census

"Over 250 census enumerations for well-known Americans--many before they were famous." 1850 - 1930

Mecklenburg County [North Carolina] - History & Genealogy by Christina Hunt

Tea 4 Two Cemeteries by Allen Wheatley

Thousands upon thousands of free headstone photos (135,781 as of 22 Jan 06).

Find A Grave
Millions of cemetery records contributed by site users.

Virtual Cemetery at
"The Virtual Cemetery Project is a collection of tombstone photos and a fully searchable archive of transcriptions. Members of the community contributed all of the tombstone photographs in this collection, and we encourage you to add your own."


Virginians - The Family History of John W. Pritchett

"Although he is a Texan, all of John Pritchett’s ancestral lines extend into Colonial Virginia. This site, the equivalent of a 3,300-page book, is devoted to the presentation of his Virginian heritage."

Colonial Virginia ANDERSON Families 

The East Families of The Southeast USA by John E. Young


The Genealogy Register

"Discover your ancestors with thousands of links to free online census records, passenger lists, vital records, obituaries, military rosters, surname homepages, and more! A new report is generated every 15 minutes."

" is a joint project of Stephen Wood (The Genealogy Home Page) and Matthew Helm (Helm's Genealogy Toolbox), authors of two of the oldest comprehensive genealogical web sites. It is designed to assist genealogists in finding information that is not readily accessible through traditional genealogical link sites. All search engines contained in are free to all users.

All Genealogy Sites

"Find genealogy sites, surnames, ancestors in the free genealogy sites directory "

Ancestry Connections

"This site is to help online genealogists contribute data and find data on specific surnames. . . ."

Clicking on the image below ranks this site:


Family Friendly Sites Genealogy Directory

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

"A categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet.
A list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online.
A free jumping-off point for you to use in your online research.
A "card catalog" to the genealogical collection in the immense library that is the Internet.
Your genealogical research portal onto the Internet."

Surname Springboard

"The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. . . . "


"This site provides the online genealogist with databases to assist them with their research online."


"Marriage records database and links to genealogy and history sites in a categorized genealogy directory of well-known and not-so-well-known genealogy and history sites to help visitors in their genealogy search to find ancestors and to find surnames can be found here."

". . . genealogical data exchange where visitors and researchers alike can go to find specific persons, and exchange specific data with one another. . . . With the goal of ensuring the permanent free use of genealogical data online, the Genealogy Exchange & Surname Registry TM is a community effort where visitors and project volunteers can contribute data for the free use of others."

Kindred Trails Worldwide Genealogy Resources

Not Just Links-- Genealogy Sites with Real Content

" . . . sites (in no particular order) have met the criteria of having real content on a majority of their pages and proudly display the Not Just Links symbol on their home page. . . ."



" . . . We are dedicated to helping all genealogists, from novice to advanced, improve their research skills. We offer free articles and Genealogy Courses to assist you. . . . "

Genealogy Today

"Enjoy our free articles on a variety of family history topics, share your experiences with a community of amateur and professional genealogists, . . . "

The Genealogy Home Page


"USGenNet IS a web-hosting service (ISP) for qualifying historical and historical-genealogical projects. USGenNet itself is NOT a historical or historical-genealogical project.
USGenNet is dedicated to providing free-access online websites for educational purposes, for public research and for the study of our national historical heritage."

Birthday Calculator

"Calculates birthdate from tombstone, death certificate or obituary and age at death."

Antique and Modern Commemorative FlagHolders & Plaques Found in Cemeteries

"This collection of photographs of Commemorative Plaques and Flag Holders found in cemeteries was begun in June 2000. Flagholders are present in most cemeteries and we tend to overlook them. We genealogists focus on the names and the tombstones and pay little attention to these markers. It isn't until we stop and take a closer look that we realize the diversity that exists and the local history that is preserved in the older markers. It becomes like a treasure hunt to tour a cemetery to find a marker you have not seen before. Some are old and rusted and some are brand new and shiny. Besides being interesting and reflecting history, the flagholders are really very beautiful and their diversity is captivating.." {SSS Note -- this site also helps to identify quite a few symbols/initials found on flagholders/tombstones}



RootsWeb Message Boards
A note of caution about the rootsweb message boards:  I have recently noticed that the administrators of the rootsweb message boards delete &/or move messages posted without notifying the poster.  When I noticed that a message I recently posted on a certain board was deleted (the message didn't contain anything against the message board rules), I wrote to the administrator of the board & did not receive a reply.  So I wrote to the administrator of a different board that I had a similar message posted on & I received a short, rude reply -- then she deleted the message I had posted on "her" board.  I wrote a follow-up e-mail to "whoever" (all I had was the e-mail address listed in the help section of the boards) is in charge of the surname boards & I have not received a reply.  I haven't noticed any similar problems on the genforum boards.


Site Meter

" . . . free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day."


"Advanced site search and navigation technology can be added to your website in minutes. You'll get high speed, high availability, hosted search technology from the company that pioneered the field. There's nothing to download or install. It's free and easy."


"Enable your website visitors to search your own site!  No software download needed. On-line setup in minutes.  A hosted Search Engine for your web site created on-line in minutes!"

If you would like link to this site, please link to the home page as the names and/or location of the pages may change as the site grows.
* Most of the information, images, etc. on this web site is NOT public domain -- it is placed here to help other genealogists with their personal research use only. The data and images are copyrighted either by myself, the submitter, or the source. NO PORTION of any of this web site may be copied, recopied onto any web site (or any part thereof) for any purpose; cached, redistributed, included or used in any format for public, commercial or profitable purpose without written permission of the copyright owner for each instance.
I am not necessarily related to or researching a person or family just because the name is on this site. I include items to help other researchers, and the site includes a substantial amount of information that other reseachers have generously sent to be shared with others. I believe that in addition to the quest to get information, genealogists and family historians should equally do something that they can to share information to further the research and knowledge of others. Please support and help free genealogy prosper by sharing your records and/or research -- if you can't put it online, find someone who can.
My sincere thanks to my "genealogical angels" -- all of the special people who have helped me in my genealogy research and those who have generously sent me their research and records to be shared with others. Please see the contributors page to view some of their names.
Always be sure to document your sources fully whenever possible -- genealogical information without sources is considered unreliable. And please give proper research credit to those to whom it belongs (you wouldn't want your work plagiarized by others would you?). Please remember to use the information you find on this site (and the internet in general) as a research aide -- I cannot verify the accuracy of the information.

I hope you find something within this web site to help you in your research. I add information to the site as I transcribe or scan more records, or as they are shared with me by others -- it's always a work in progress

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