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Southall Bible Records



[first column of marriages]

W. P. Sharp and Julian Southall were married on the 22d Oct. 1835
Geo. W. Meadors and Judith W. Sharp were married on the 18th April 1860 by Geo. E. No[f]f.
B. T. Clayton and R. F. Sharp were married on the 7th January 1861 by Joseph Lindsey
S. J. Sharp & B. M. Gaines ?[underline under ?] again to C. H. Ridley January 16th 1879 (89?)

[second column of marriages]

Wm. H. Sharp and Ada Celene Ridley were married Mar. 26th 1879 by Rev. A. E. Cooper.
S. P. Pryor and Jessie A. Sharp were married October 19, 1904 Wednesday by J. W. Carlton
Thomas C. Sharp & Sina A. Russell were married Oct. 25, 1922 in Spring Hill Methodist Church
Margaret S. Pryor - Chas. Armstrong married April 21, 1940 Sunday, Flemingsburg, Ky. Pres. Church by her father, S. P. Pryor.


[first column of births]

James S. Sharp was born the 6th of July 1836
Mary J. Sharp was born on the 1st of January 1838
Infant Daughter born 8th January 1839
Rebecca F. Sharp was born on June 13th 1840
Judith W. Sharp was born on the 18th February 1842
Sarah J. Sharp was born on the 5th of August 1845
Amanda P. Sharp was born on the 5th of Dec. 1849

[second column of births]

Wm. H. Sharp was born on the 16th of January 1854
Ada C. Sharp born Sept. 11, 1857
Wm. P. Sharp - Father - was born 16th March 1804
Julian Sharp - Mother - was born on the 17th June 1809
Julia Amanda Sharp born Feb. 13th 1881
Mary Porter Sharp born November the 8th 1882
Charlie Ridley Sharp born June 28th 1884

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[first column of births]

Sallie Pansie Sharp born April 11th 1887
Willie Celene Sharp born the 26th May 1889
Tom C. Sharp born Dec. 16, 1891
Charles Henry Pryor born Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 9, 1907
Margaret Sharp Pryor born Athens, Ala. Nov. 20, 1912
Thomas Clayton Sharp, Jr. born [info deleted for privacy by Susan S. Sasek as individual may still be living]
Charles Russell Sharp born [info deleted for privacy by Susan S. Sasek as individual may still be living]
Charles Darnall Armstrong born [info deleted for privacy by Susan S. Sasek as individual may still be living]
James Southall born 18th April 1777
Judith Wilkin(er?)son Southall born 12th May 1780
John Southall born 26th Nov 1799

[second column of births]

Mary Southall born 13th Nov. 1801
James Southall born 25th Dec. 1803
Rebecca Southall born 1st Nov. 1805
Payton W. Southall born 19th Jan. 1808
Julian Southall born 17 June 1809
Eliza Southall born 3 Nov. 1811
Mack W. Southall born 23 Dec. 1814
Martha Ann Southall born 27 May 1817
P. H. Southall born 23 Dec. 1819
Nancy Southall born 16 March 1822
Sara J. Southall born 29 Jan. 1824


[first column of deaths]

James S. Sharp died on the 12th of Dec. 1840
Mary J. Sharp died on the 6th of Jan. 1843
Infant Daughter died on 4th March 1839
Amanda P. Sharp died November the 5th 1875
Wm. P. Sharp, our father, died September 14th, 1883
Julian Sharp, our mother, died April 15th 1888
Judith W. Meadors died October 27th 1897

[second column of deaths]

Rebecca F. Clayton, Sept. 24th 1912 Died and buried in Jackson, Tenn.
Sara J. Ridley died June 8, 1925
James Southall died 14th June 1845
Judith Wilkin(er?)son Southall died Feb. 7, 1852
Peyton W. Southall died 5th Sept. 1846
Nancy Southall died 4 Feb. 1847
Mary Porter Sharp died July 29, 1883
Chas. Ridley Sharp died Aug. 4, 1916
Julia Amanda (Jessie) died Dec. 5, 1919

Submitted by June Southall, 28 Apr 1990.  Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

I have photocopies of typed material -- I don't know the source/where (or if this was) this was originally printed or who typed the documents that I have photocopies of.  The top of the first photocopy reads:

"contributed by Mrs. Guy W. McMaster, Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The frontispiece of this Bible, owned by Miss Celene Sharp, [address deleted by Susan S. Sasek], Nashville, Tennessee, reads as follows: 'The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised The Text Conformable to the Standards of the American Bible Society. - Nashville, Tenn. Published by E. Stevenson and F. A. Owen, Agents For the Methodist Episcopal Church, South - 1856' "

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