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Southall Bible Records

Family Bible Record of
Susanna Swepson Southall

Publication and Printing information: The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations diligently compared and revised. With marginal readings, references, and chronological dates. New York: Published by Thomas Mason & George Lane, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, at the Conference Office, 200 Mulberry Street. James Collord, Printer. 1837.

Inside front page: Mrs. Susanna Swepson Southall Precious Bible March 1840

Family Record - Marriages:

T.J. Southall and Susan S. Sims were married the 15th day of September 1831.

Sallie S.S. Southall and Robert B. Cotten were married the 14th day of March 1866.

Susie J. Southall and Benjamin W. Baley were married, September the 4th 1866.

Mattie T. Southall and Joseph W. Butterworth were married the 29th day of October 1867.

R.J. Southall & Savannah Franklin married Oct. 19 1870.

Thomas J. Southall married Mary Holley.

Mollie E. Southall married Charles J. Blount, 1890.

Mattie L. Southall & Jesse Field Hill married Nov. 29, 1903.

J. Richard Southall married M. Belle Attaway.

Jesse Field Hill & Mattie L. Southall married Nov. 29, 1903. (noted on last page)

Richard F. Hill married Catherine Jopling June 14, 1930. (noted on last page)

Thomas A. Hill married Louise Lee Aug. 8, 1934. (noted on last page)

Family Record - Births

Thomas James Southall was born the 9th day of August 1809.

Susan Swepson Sims was born the 26th day of February 1814.

Elizabeth Rebecca Southall was born January the 3rd 1833.

Mary Ann Southall was born April the 25th 1834.

Susan J. Southall was born the 1st day of July 1839.

Martha Thomas Southall was born the 4th day of February 1842.

Sally Swepson Sims Southall was born the 13 day of June 1846.

Julia Dromgoole Southall was born the 20th July 1850.

J. Richard Sims Southall was born August 29, 1852.

Elizabeth Rebecca Moore was born the 3rd day of April 1849.

John James Moore was born Sept. 21, 1850.

William Thomas Moore was born Feb. 24, 1853.

Carey W. Butterworth was born the 22nd day of October 1868.

Agnes Leroy Cotten was born March 7th 1867.

Robert Randolph Cotten was born July 19th 1868.

Frederic Lewellyn Cotten was born March 20th 1870.

Julian Swepson Butterworth was born May 10th 1870.

Paul Sims Butterworth was born July 7th 1872.

Little sister was born Jan. 11th 1875, died on 19th.

Infant boy born Oct. 5th 1876, died the same day.

Olie Thomas Butterworth born May 17th 1878, died 1930.

Richard F. Hill born July 26, 1906. (noted on last page)

Susie Savannah Hill born Oct. 29, 1909. (noted on last page)

Jesse Wiley (Billy) Hill born June 24, 1912. (noted on last page)

Thomas Arthur Hill born Aug. 20, 1914. (noted on last page)

Katharine J. Hill born Jan. 6, 1935. (daughter of Richard F. Hill and Catherine Jopling) (noted on last page)

Anne Louise Hill born Sept. 2, 1937 (daughter of Thomas A. Hill and Louise Lee) (noted on last page)

Mary Susan Hill born Aug. 18, 1938 (daughter of Richard F. Hill and Catherine Jopling) (noted on last page)

Family Record - Deaths

E.R. Moore infant daughter of Bettie and William Moore died July 1849 aged 4 months.

William J. Moore died March 5th 1855.

Julia D. Southall died May 31st 1855.

Frederic Lewellyn Cotten infant son of Robert R. and Sallie S. Cotten, died April 22nd 1870. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Julian Swepson Butterworth died July 5th 1871.

Little sister infant daughter of W. & Mattie Butterworth died Jan. 11th 1870.

Infant boy died Oct. 5th 1876 son of W. & Mattie Butterworth.

Susan Swepson Sims Southall died Nov. 6 1872 in her 59th year.

Mary A. Southall died June 4th 1884.

Thomas James Southall died Jan. 8th 1886.

Willie T. Moore died Oct. 6th 1886 in Augusta GA.

Savannah Franklin Southall died April 11, 1905.

Richard J. Southall died March 8, 1930.

Susie Southall died March 28, 1888.

Allen Devine Southall died Dec. 8, 1894, 2 years old.  

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