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Southall Genealogy Charts


Descendants of John Southall

I made 3 box charts from the information in Dr. James Southall's chart, one each for John Southall, James Southall and Dasey Southall.  These box charts are based only on the information in Dr. Southall's chart, which is a very useful tool; however, please remember that in many instances, it is the assumptions of Mr. Southall (not meant as a derogatory comment -- I believe his chart is an excellent source for clues) and not necessarily fact -- all data should be researched more thoroughly.

Notes that I have added/made in my transcription or items I couldn't read (or am not sure about) are enclosed in brackets [ ].

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Chart by Susan Shields Sasek -- based on the information contained in Dr. Southall's charts; however I added the numbering system (in brackets) for clarity here.

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