Southall Correspondence, 12 Feb 1906 Letter from Nannie Southall Todd

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Southall Correspondence

12 Feb 1906 Letter from Nannie Southall Todd

Isle of Wight Co. Va.

Smithfield Feb. 12, 1906

Mrs. Robert Cotten,

At the request of Mrs. Turner Southall of Hampton Va., who received your letter nearly two months ago, and soon after turned it over to me, I now write and enclose you some facts and records of the Southall family. You will see that there are many breaks as there are undoubtedly many mistakes in the longer record, which I send, and which is a copy of a published account in some Richmond paper, cut out some years ago and given to me. The shorter one is one copied from an old record also given me, and taken, I think, from an old family Bible. I myself am descended from James Barrett Southall of Smithfield, Isle of Wight Co. Va. If you examine the record closely you will see that he was the son of Turner and Elizabeth Barrett Southall of Fairfield Henrico Co. Va., he James Barrett Southall being my grandfather. I have always understood that we had Southall relations in Murfreesboro but I think if you will again refer to the record you will find you are the descendant of my grandfather’s brother, Major Stephen Southall and Martha Wood, one of whose sons was Philip Turner Southall of Amelia Co. Va. I suppose you are aware that there are Southalls (our cousins) still living in Amelia, and they doubtless can give you further information. If these records are correct, and so far as I know they are, then you will see that our common ancestor was Dacy or Daisy Southall, whose name “occurs in the Vestry Book of Henrico Parish in 1751." As you requested I had the records copied in the best way I could get them done here, and the cost of same was about 80 cts. As you will see by the record I am descended from James B. Southall of Isle of Wight (Smithfield), by his second marriage with Miss Mary Moore Todd of this place. There are of course many omissions in our own immediate record, which would have been filled if I had known the record was to have been published. However of course we have our own record. I hope you may be helped by these I send, and would like to know when you receive them, and if they are satisfactory. Mrs. Turner Southall is in great trouble as her daughter is hopelessly ill. She herself was a Miss Shelton of Hanover Co. Va., and as you will see, a cousin of ours.


Nannie Southall Todd

Submitted by Cathy Harris Helms

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