Southall Correspondence, 14 Dec 1983 Letter from Dorothy R. Putney

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Southall Correspondence

14 Dec 1983 Letter from Dorothy R. Putney of the
Cumberland County Historical Society

Letter addressed to Mrs. Southall of Cumberland, VA

Cumberland County Virginia and Its People

page 150, "Mallory - Southall", by Mrs. K. W. Southall, Jr.

"In 1870 [William] Mallory traded his farm near Tinker Mountain [in Rockingham County] for "Auburn", 535 acres on Walton's Mill Road, Cumberland; present house built 1881-82. Reduced acreage owned, 1982, by Gordon Miller. --- Virginia Mallory married Ira Isham Southall, member of old widely related Cumberland family.

"Southall. John (1) in Cumberland by 1788; large landowner; d. 1828. Son, Cary (2) inherited 100 acres adjoining Cartersville Road and bordering Flippens Mill Pond. Cary, 1793 - 1876, married Mary Maddox, (4) 1796 - 1886. Son, William (3) 1828 - 1889, in Civil War; married Elizabeth Parker, (4) 1834 - 1872; parents of Ira (4) 1859 - 1932. Ira married Virginia Mallory (3) 1863 - 1931, lived at "Auburn", 3 children: 1. Martha (5) 1881 - 1965, married Joseph Wine; son J Albert (6) b. 1909, 2 children. 2. Emma (5) 1882 - 1962, not married. 3. Kenneth William, Sr. (5) 1889 - 196{4}, married Inez Roane, 1882 - 1952; 2 children, Kenneth, Jr. (6) b. 1916, 2 children; Ira Roane, (6) 1918 - 1965, 2 children

"In the late 1930's the property descending from John Southall (1) to William Southall (3) was purchased from William's heirs by C. A. Stonnell, also descendant of John (1). A small log house, still standing (1982), was believed by Mr. Stonnell to have been built by Cary (2). The 2-room building is covered with siding; 2 stories plus loft; stone chimney; boxed stairway; modern addition. Nearby field stones mark graves of Southalls, Parkers, and Browns, near neighbors, all related. The only identified grave is that of a Stonnell."

Note: Two pictures accompany Mrs. Southall's article: one of "William and Christina Mallory with children Virginia and *Willie" and one of "Auburn" - built 1881-82 by William Mallory."

There is much more to Mrs. Southall's article concerning the Guthrey, Parker, Mann and Meador families.

Mrs. Southall has also written an article on Mt Hereb Church in which the Southalls played a prominent part (Church of the Brethren).

P.S. There are no Southalls living in Cumberland County now
The Southall place is owned by Mr. Gordon Miller [address deleted by Susan S. Sasek for privacy], Cartersville, VA 23029

Gordon lives in the Southall house "Auburn" built in 1881 - 1882 by William Mallory.

When my mother taught at Boston School she boarded in the house "Auburn" with Southalls who lived there then (some time between 1902 - 1910). As a child I remember visiting Miss Emma Southall and Mrs. Marth Southall Wine who were still living there, and they visited in our home --


I believe this was sent to me by Virginia Roberts, but need to find my original copy to verify that. Online transcription 19 Apr 2002 by Susan Shields Sasek.

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