Southall Correspondence, 17 Mar 1916 Letter from Mrs. James Southall

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Southall Correspondence

17 Mar 1916 Letter from Mrs. James Southall


March 17, 1916

My Dear Mrs. Cotten,

I can’t tell you how much I do appreciate your prompt reply to my letter, and all the information that you have given me. I fear I shall not be able to add any thing to your vast amount of data, tho be assured, if in my search I find anything atall [sic] touching your line I shall certainly let you know about it.

Unfortunately the two left in my husband’s family know very little. I’ve written them again and hope to get something more to work on. I do not know whether they were named for Patrick Henry as a kinsman, or just because he was a noted statesman. I wrote to Post Master at Amelia and a Miss Sadie Southall who is Post Master there replied, and gave me your name and address also Rev. Stephen O. Southall Dinwiddie Va. I have written to him, but have had no reply yet.

In looking through some N.C. Historical Registers the night before your letter came, I found an extract from your “White Doe” which I enjoyed very much or rather the Prologue. I’m sure it must be very beautiful and I congratulate you your writing something that will give so much pleasure to so many people.

You have gathered so much information about the Southall family that I’m going to ask if you know anything about the Searcy Family of N.C. I am a descendant of Reuben Searcy who I think was a Rev. Soldier. I’m anxious to establish the facts. He married Susan Henderson and their daughter Henrietta married my ancestor Sherwood Harris who was with Capt. Ashie Light Dragoons N.C. Army. He was my Gr. Grandfather and I have the line on down but am anxious to get the dates of his birth & marriage with Henrietta Searcy if possible. They moved to Ky from the county? of Richmond, and about 1791 the court records show that deed to 1200 acres of land was made to him by the executors of Col. Richard Henderson who was the ?ing spirit of the Transylvania Land Co., and I’m anxious to know the relationship between Col. Richard Henderson and my ancestor Susan Henderson who married Reuben Searcy, also if related & how to Richard Calloway whose daughter Elizabeth or Betsy married Samuel Henderson, brother of Col. Richard. A relation thinks we were ______? descended from either one or both of these men, but I can’t see it with what I have now. I have been informed that there is a Henderson Lineage book. I would be so glad to know where to locate one. The Henderson family came from Hanover Co. Va. about 1745 to Granville Co. N.C. then Richard & Samuel went on to Ky.

If you can give me any suggestions in regard to this Searcy-Harris-Henderson line, I’ll certainly appreciate it.

I find in the Clay Book, Page 159 -

Frances Wilson Lockett married in 1815 Dr. Philip Turner Southall of Prince Edward Co. Va. He was a son of Major Stephen Southall of the Revolution, and Martha Wood, and grandson of Col. Turner Southall and Martha Vanderwall.

Martha Wood was the daughter of Col. Valentine Wood and Lucy Henry, daughter of Col. John Henry the immigrant from Scotland, and sister of Governor Patrick Henry of Va.

Issue -

Stephen Osborne Southall
Philip Turner Southall M.D.

Pages 204 & 205 -

Stephen Osborn Southall B.L. & L.L.D. born in Jamestown Va. Dec. 16 1816 was graduated in 1841 from the Law School of the University of Va., 1852-3 represented Prince Edward County in the House of Delegates, was elected July 1864 Commonwealth’s Atty, not being little ? for political life, resigned in 1866 to accept a call to fill the Chair of Law in University of Va, where he died November 28 1884.

Page 205 -

Phillip Francis Southall, M.D. born April 6 1822, died Oct 6 1898 was the leading physician of Amelia Co. Va for many years. As a Magistrate and as a chairman of his political party he rendered important services. It is said of him “as a companion, a guest, a host, a charming anecdotalist and conversationalist, he was one of the most accomplished men of Southside Va.” In 1845 he married Eliza J. Goode, daughter of Col. Robert and Mary Hatfield (Loper or Lepere) Goode.


Philip Turner Southall M.D.
Robert Goode Southall
Stephen Osborn Southall
Mary E. Southall

Pages 215-16

Philip Turner Southall M.D. born May 18 1851. Entered Medical School of the University in 1872 and the following year graduated from the Richmond Medical College. He settled in Amelia and has an ex_____g? practice as a member of the Board of Managers of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum of Va.

Robert Goode Southall born Dec. 26 1852 was graduated in law from the University of Va in 1876 and the same year opened his office in Amelia. He was a delegate to the National Dem. Convention which met in Chicago in 1884 and also to the Convention held in St. Louis in 1888. He has been County Chairman of the Dem. Central Committee since 1883, and Commonwealth Atty since 1884.

Rev. Stephen Osborne Southall, born May 15 1858, educated at Henrico? High School and the University of Va. was graduated from the Virginia Theological Seminary in 1889. In that year was ordained to the Divinate? by Right Reverend F. M. Whittle and placed in charge of the churches in Tazewell Co., was ordained Priest in 1890 by Right Rev. A.M. Randolph, and accepted a call to Lunenburg Parish, Richmond Co. Feb. 12, 1891. At this time he married Nellie E. Southall, daughter of Capt. Turner W. and Ellen (O’Sullivan) Southall. In 1866 [sic - 1896?] he accepted a call to Rocky Mount Va. where he is now (1899) living. He is an intelligent genealogist, and has most generously contributed much valuable data to this work, for which he has the sincere thanks of the compiler.

What is your mother’s line? There are so many names in this large Clay Book. Might find something for you, and I’ll be glad to do it.

I don’t know that any of this is different from what you already have. But who is this Turner M. Southall and who is this Miss Sadie Southall, Post Master at Amelia. She says the address of this Rev. Stephen Osborne is Dinwiddie now. I’ve written to him. I also wrote to Prof. James P.C. Southall who was at Auburn for a number of years, but is now at Columbia University. He wrote me to write to Hon. Robert Southall, Amelia C.H. that he was sure his brother Rev. Stephen Southall was very familiar with this family history.

His branch is the Albemarle branch, derives from Valentine Wood Southall who moved there about 1800.

He says that in 1676 Henry Southwell or Southall (it is spelled both ways in the land deeds?) patented 700 acres of land “on Lynn Haven in Elizabeth City.” At the time Elizabeth City included what is now Princess Anne Co. lying on Lynn Haven Bay.

I am going to ask to keep the clipping from the paper a little while longer so as to copy some of the things. Will return it soon.

Hoping to hear from you again when convenient for you to write and that I may at some time have the pleasure of knowing you and having you know my two daughters.

I am,
Yours sincerely

Mrs. James H. Southall

One of my daughters is teaching music at Winthrop College, Rock Hill S.C. The other teaches Hist. & French here.
1722 5th Ave. Birmingham

[Envelope addressed to Mrs. Sallie Southall Cotten, Bruce?, Pitt Co. N.C. and is postmarked Birmingham Ala. March 18, 1916 with a 2 cent stamp.]

Submitted by Cathy Harris Helms

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