Southall Correspondence, 8 Jan 1906 Letter from Hon. Herman H. Southall

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Southall Correspondence

8 Jan 1906 Letter from Hon. Herman H. Southall

24 Guarantee St, Petersburg Va

Jan’y 8 1906

My dear cousin:

Your letter of Dec. 3rd came in due time, but sickness in the family and preparations for xmas hindered me from getting the information you desired regarding the Southall family. My Grandfather’s Bible, and indeed all of my father’s books, were destroyed during the war, his house burnt and Grant’s army camped on the farm for ten months before the evacuation of Petersburg. As the army passed up through the country Amelia C.H. or Clerk’s office was burnt with all the records, so I had to seek some old friends to aid me in this pleasant duty. I have not made a perfect record. As you will see your branch I could not trace. I had a letter from a friend in AL telling me your Aunt Mary Morecock was still living at Weldon alive and hearty. You can get much from her to aid you.

I hope to visit Weldon sometime but can’t say when, and will not defer writing you any longer. Our great grandfather was the same. James Southall and Blanche [SSC Note: “Eliz. - Cousin Sue’s Bible”] (I could not find out her maiden name) his wife. Their children were

Daniel Southall married Julia Riddick, Gates Co. NC
Jesse Southall married Elizabeth Riddick
James Southall
Stephen Southall married a Miss Clay
Henry Holman Southall married Nancy Tanner in 1790
These are my grandparents.

The daughters of James & Blanche [SSC Note: “Eliz.”] Southall:

Ann Southall married James Drake
Polly Southall married George Kidd

I have a faint remembrance of Grandfather speaking of his sister Fannie Claiborne (with accent on the i) but have not been able to trace her.

Ann Southall Drake had several children

Rebecca Drake married Walls of NC
Elizabeth Drake married Bowery of Charles City Co. Va
Lucy Drake married Liggon of NC
Mary Drake married Parker
Deedra? and Theoderick Drake

Elizabeth Drake Bowery’s daughter Miss Susan Ann Bowery, age 95 years, is in the “Home for Incurables” at Richmond Va. I visited her last week. She was delighted to aid me in tracing the Southalls. She says “they are the best people on Earth, the Bowerys were richer, but meaner.” Her brother Henry Holman Bowrey (named for my grandfather) married Bettie Waddill. Judge Waddill of Richmond is a descendant. Polly Southall Kidd had one son, Asa Kidd, who married Jane Sutherland. They had a son, George Kidd, who lived in Petersburg while your Father was at Jarratt’s Hotel. He died several years ago, was married. His sister Virginia married Addison Traylor who with three sons survives her in Petersburg.

Henry Holman Southall, Born 1769 died 1855 age 86

Nancy Tanner (d. Field & Blanche Tanner), his wife, married 1790 born 1772 died 1846 age 74

Their children -

Field Tanner Southall married Miss Mason? of Amelia Co. She had one son, Henry. She died soon after. FTS married again, Miss Watkins of Chesterfield Co., I think and moved South to Texas or Louisiana. His sons have visited Uncle Augustas’ sons in Arkansas.

Henderson Southall son of HH & NT Southall married Miss Julia Perkinson of Petersburg, moved South and died in SC. No issue.

Elisabeth (called Betsy) Southall married Richard Mann of Amelia Co. and moved South with her brother Augustas. Died without issue 1865.

Julia Riddick Southall married Coleman who died in a few months. No issue. She then married Capt. John S. Quarles of Charles City Co. who bought “High Rock” on the Appomattox river in Amelia Co. They had two children. Julia Louisa Payton who married John Fletcher Loving of Lovingston Va. Three children were born to them. Julia who married & died. Thomas - lost during the war, supposed to have been killed & Ella who is married (I will get his name soon) & lives in Baltimore. After the ? of Mr. L she married Sidney Coleman. Several children were born to them. Mr. C was killed in the State Capital at Richmond by the roof falling in. Mrs. C now resides in Baltimore.

Augustas Delop Quarles son of JS & JRQ married Isaetta Quarles of Richmond Va. Four children were born of this union, Charles Irvin, Mary, John & Dicea. Father, mother and four children have passed away. The mother was burned last winter, accidentally from an open grate in her home on Main St, Richmond. After burying all of her loved ones.

Noted Detroit Woman Dies.

Was born on the Battlefield of Waterloo, 93 years ago.

Detroit, Mich. March 24th 1909

Miss Mary Ann Sullivan, who was born on the battlefield of Waterloo, died yesterday at St. Luke’s Hospital. She was 93 years of age. Her father, William Southall, belonged to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and her mother accompanied the troops to the war. Just before the battle, Mrs. Southall started to cross the field to get some brandy for a sick soldier but was ordered back by the Duke of Wellington, who shouted to her, “Go back woman, the shooting has commenced.”

Terrified, the young woman ran toward a small grove, where she fell in a swoon, lying unconscious during much of the battle. When her plight was discovered there lay beside her a little daughter, who grew up to be the woman who died yesterday, here.

This is a written copy of a clipping from a Washington DC paper sent by Maud Southall Myers, of Washington DC, to her sister Sadie A. Southall of Amelia C.H., Va.

Hon. Herman H. Southall
  Hopkinsville Kentucky

Submitted by Cathy Harris Helms

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