Southall Correspondence, 31 Mar 1930 Letter from S. O. Southall to Mr. Tyler

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Southall Correspondence


31 Mar 1930 Letter from S. O. Southall to Mr. Tyler

31 March 1930

Amelia C. H. Va March 31 1930

My dear Mr Tyler:

I do not know whose daughter Edith, the wife of Dasey Southall, was -- I wish I did.

The old Southall Bible gives only the items:

"Dasey Southall and Edith, his wife, were married the 26 Jan'y. 1720 1/2" and "Edith Southall died 20 Jany 1782 in the 92 year of age." She was the mother of all of Dasey children. The Richmond Standard says Dasey Southall married Martha Vandewall, and Turner Southall married Elizabeth Barret. The author for some reason invertedly [sic] gave the Father's wife to the son, and the sons wife to the Father.

Beyond a doubt Turner Southall married Feb 3rd 1756 Martha Vandewall daughter Nathaniel Vandewall and his (1st) wife Martha Pleasants --

Martha Pleasant was a daughter of Joseph Pleasants & his wife Martha Cocke (Va Hist Mag. on the Cocke family)

Elizabeth Southall, daughter of Col. Turner Southall, was born June 19, 1780, and married Thomas Underwood of Goochland Co -- They were married May 13 1802 and had issue (as far as I know)

I. Elizabeth Underwood -- married Derr. & were parents of 1st Rush Underwood Derr
2. Arthur Derr.
One of these is gr.father of Miss Randolph Derr of Roanoke --
(she is authority for this)

II. William Pleasants Underwood moved to Surry in 1832 -- He married Elizabeth Virginia Cabanis, daughter of James Cabanis, clerk at Williamsburg -- He was clerk of Surry 1839 -- 1869 and had issue

I Ann Matilda Underwood
II Wm Southall Underwood
III James Cabanis Underwood
IV John Underwood
V Juliana Underwood married Joel Whitley -- & mother of Mrs. Jule W. Cabanis
VI Mary Coleman Underwood married Albert S. Edwards, Clerk of Surry Co 1871 -- 1922 -- They were Parents of Virginia (Edwards) Savedge
VII Charles Underwood --

Was Turner Southall a colonel in the army? I cannot say -- I do not know that he did any fighting --

In the calender of State Papers there are numerous letters from "Col Turner Southall" to Col Davies, the Governor, and Quarter Master &c.; but I cannot say exactly what his position was --

I believe I have answered all you [sic] question -- That is I have done my best How would you like a list of books in the study of a parson of about 1760? I should think it would be interesting to the Public

Yrs Truly

S. O. Southall

Source: Genealogy of Virginia Families, Vol. 3, pages 334 and 335 (from Tylers Quarterly Magazine). Copied 29 March 1986 at the Virginia State Library Archives by Susan Shields Sasek.  

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