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Departed this life on the 14th February last, in the 28th year of her age, Mrs. Mary Ann Southall, consort of Field T. Southall of Amelia county; after a severe illness of three months.  She embraced the religion of Jesus Christ in the early part of her life, was happy in his love and testified to all that she was a Christian in heart and in life-and often was found happy and shouted the praises of her God- She bore her last illness with much resignation and Christian fortitude.  She retained her strong mind to the last agony of death.  As long as she could utter, her speech was exhort her friends to meet her in heaven.  It was truly affeeling.  Just before her departure, she bid farewell to her husband and little infant with a kiss; and to all who stood around her bedside and shouted the praises of her adorable Savior and left the world without a sigh or groan, and fell asleep in the arms of her adorable Savior, and is gone to enjoy the pleasure for which she was born.  Religion is good in health but far better in the hour of death.  She left a husband and a little infant, and numerous friends to bemoan their loss.  She was the daughter of Daniel Mann and Phebe, his wife, of excellent family of Amelia county and state of Virginia.

This was printed in the Richmond Enquirer, Richmond Virginia, Saturday, Mar 2, 1822

Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Fuller.

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