Philip T. Southall of Amelia Co., VA; Abstract of 1855 Will

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Southall Wills and Probate Records

Philip T. Southall
Amelia Co., VA

Abstract of Will

Will dated: 8 Jan 1855
1st Codicil dated: 30 Aug 1856
2nd Codicil dated: 11 Ma[r] 1857
3rd Codicil dated: 4 May 1857
Will recorded: 25 Jun 1857
Executors: Wife & Stephen O. Southall; Dr. Philip F. Southall if either wife or Stephen O. Southall dies
Witnesses: None. F. R. Farrar & Chas. Farmer swore to handwriting
Bond: $100,000.00 by Philip F. Southall, F. N. Watkins, [A. S. Dillin, C. C. Lockett & John T. Thornton]

Heirs and others mentioned:
son Stephen O.
son Philip F.
son Anthony W.
grandson Philip Wood
daughter Lucy Henry Wood
grandson Philip (son of Philip F.)
granddaughter Frances
son Edward Henry
7 youngest children

Land mentioned: in Chesterfield County called "Seven Oaks where Wm. R. Wood & his wife reside"

Source:  Amelia Co., VA Will Book 18, page 45 

Abstract made by Susan Shields Sasek from the Microfilm Records at the Virginia State Library Archives.

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