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Southall Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Southall Genealogical Report

Prepared by Mrs. Mary Hinton Kerr
for Mrs. Louise K. Minor


Re: Southalls in North Carolina, circa 1972


Born 1805 in North Carolina (Supplied by Client)
Married, in Warren Co., N.C. REBECCA RIVES (various spellings). [written in margin -- "Rebecca b. 27 Jan. 1810"]
Warren Co., N. C. Marriage bond 4 December 1829 (Bondsman Gordon Cawthorne)
Proof of marriage: Warren Co., N. C. Deed Book 27, p. 114. 15 Nov. 1836
William Rives of Warren Co., N. C. to his daughter Rebecca Southall - gift of a negro girl already in possession of her & her husband Holdermon Southall ......

Client states that he came to Tennessee 1848-9 and that he came from Raleigh, N. C. according to family tradition. From the following deed, it would appear that he left Warren Co., N. C. after 23 Dec. 1846, perhaps after Feb. Court 1847.

Warren Co., N.C. Deed Book 29, p. 320. 23 December 1846
Holeman Southall & John D. Tucker to Howell R. Moss - all of Warren Co., N.C. sale of 159 acres of land in Warren Co., N.C. adjoining Len H. Bullock, William Paschall & others. Wit: John C. Green, Jr., Jas. E. Pattillo. Acknowledged February Court 1847 (But it does not state whether it was acknowledged by both of the grantors and John D. Tucker could have been acting for Holman Southall by force of the Deed of Trust given him 10 Sept. 1845 in which this same tract of land, as well as cattle, crops, furniture, one negro woman, etc. were mortgaged to pay debts to John H. Bullock & Benja. Norwood, Jr. It could have been at this date, 10 Sept. 1845, that he left Warren Co., N.C. and there is no record to show where he went - whether to "Raleigh" or to Tennessee.)

Client also states that his oldest son, her great-grandfather William Henry Southall was born 8 November 1830 in North Carolina and that his marriage bond stated that he was born in Franklin Co., N.C. It is possible that he could have been born in Franklin Co., which adjoins Warren Co. at the north and Wake Co. (the location of Raleigh) at the south - because his father was married in 1829 and did not buy land in Warren Co., N.C. until 1835: (An examination of records of Franklin Co. indicated?)

Warren Co., N.C. Deed Book 26, p. 515. 14 Nov. 1835

Alexander Williams of Sumner Co., Tenn. to Holeman Southall of Warren Co., N.C. $519.183/4 for 159 3/4 acres in Warren Co. on both sides of Deep Creek adjoining William Paschall, John Watkins, Jr., Bullock, Jno. Dowling.

Wit: Nathan Milam & John E. Twitty. Pr. by John E. Twitty Nov. Court 1835; Reg. 8 Dec 1835

Ibid. 16 Nov. 1835. Holeman Southall of Warren Co., N.C. to Henry Woodworth, Trustee, of Granville Co., N.C. Deed of Trust on the land lately purchased of Alexr. Williams, adjoining William Reaves, John Watkins, Jr., Len Bullock, John Dowling & William Paschall, for purchase price of this land.

Wit: Benja. Norwood, Jr., Francis Williams, Willis Arrington.

Proved by Willis Arrington, 24 Nov. 1835; Reg. 8 Dec. 1835 (same day as above)

The last document is given particularly to show that it is witnessed, and proved, by Willis Arrington who was a brother of Ann Arrington who married HENRY SOUTHALL and so an uncle of Holman Southall if he can be proved to be a son of Henry Southall. This is the only indication in the records to prove this surmise that I have found so far - but there is every indication that this will prove to be so.

On the next page I will give records of Henry Southall and it is the sincere hope of this researcher that proof can be found that he was the father of Holman Southall, 1805-____. It is my belief that this proof may possibly be found from a careful scrutiny of the census readings for:

1. Henry Southall - 1800 [date 1800 is circled & line drawn to note in bottom margin "In 1790 - I think he is in listing in Halifax Co. N.C. in his father's household"], 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 (he must be listed somewhere in 1840 - if not in his name he would appear in the 70-80 category in some listing). I would be pleased for my client, Mrs. Minor, to send the readings she has and will, if so commissioned, search the listings lacking.

2. Holman Southall - 1830, 1840

3. Oher [sic] names with whom Henry could be listed in 1840 if he is not in the listing for Holman.

Virginia State Library Archives Accession #27958; Submitted by June Southall and Carol Atkinson. Transcribed 17 Apr 2002 by Susan Shields Sasek.

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