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Southall Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Southall Genealogical Report

Prepared by Mrs. Mary Hinton Kerr
for Mrs. Louise K. Minor

Re: Southalls in North Carolina, circa 1972

[Page 2]

(and of the HOLMAN SOUTHALL who could be his father)

Warren Co., N.C. Marriage bond, 28 July 1798
HENRY SOUTHALL & Mary Arrington - Bondsman Henry Arrington (Note/MHK - Mary's brother)

Warren Co., N.C. Will Book 15, p. 208.
Will of James Arrington. 21 Dec. 1807; May Court 1810.
Names sons: Willis, James & Henry and, among others, dtr. Mary Southall

Warren Co., N.C. WB-29, p.216. In final division of estate of James Arrington, in 1826, Henry Southall received $761.36 for share of his wife Mary.

There is no record of the purchase of the only tract of land owned by Henry Southall in Warren Co. This may be due to the fact that two of the Warren Co. deed books were burned and they covered the period 1798-1804.
Henry Southall is listed in the Warren Co., N.C. tax lists for 1811, 1812, 1813 & 1814 - with 172-1/2 acres of land, 1 white poll & 3 blacks 1811 &'12, 2 Bl. 1813 &'14

Warren Co., N.C. Deed Book 29, p. 51. 26 Feb. 1845. Henry Southall of Warren Co. mortgages (Thomas Davis, Trustee) 172-1/2 A., "the whole tract" where he lives and 1 negro man, his household furniture, farming tools, cattle, crops & a fan mill for debts owed to Furney Southall & William C. Clanton (James Southall security on note). Wit: James Southall. Proved by James Southall 1 March 1845

(There is no record to show that Thomas Davis sold property under this Deed of Trust.)

Warren Co., N.C. Deed Book 29, page 96. 23 May 1845. Deed of Trust from Henry Southall of Warren Co. to J. Buckston Williams of same, listing all of the above property except the land for debts to Allen Tucker and Furney Southall. Wit: James Southall. Pr. by James Southall May Court 1845.

1850 Federal Census - Warren Co., N.C.
#727. HENRY SOUTHALL Age 82, born in N.C. Farmer Value of property $116.
MARY SOUTHALL Age 74, born in N.C.

(From above, Henry Southall was born in N.C. 1767/68 - so could have been the Henry Southall who was witness to two wills in Halifax Co., N.C. in 1788. This leads us to Halifax Co. and to records there - (and in Warren Co.) - of an earlier Holman Southall who may be Henry's father - and who may be the Holman Southall whose marriage bond is of record, in 1760, in Sussex Co., Va. It was this Holman Southall who confused me when I first wrote you that your Holman did not appear to be the son of Henry.)

After a more careful examination of the records, I am in agreement with you that Henry Southall & Mary Arrington Southall were the parents of your Holman and of the James, John & Pherney (Furney) whose marriage bonds are in Warren Co. It may be that the documentary proof cannot be found but I will keep looking, and will cooperate with you in any way you see fit, to the best of my ability.

At another time, I will be happy to discuss your RIVES-TURNER ancestors with you. Do you have a copy of the letters from Mary Turner Rives to her son Robert in which she gives so much family information? I have some Bible records which fit into it - as to the children of Stephen Reuben Turner.

I hope the above will help a little. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this - and have not included what I have from Halifax Co., N.C. It may be that further research there would be productive - but you never know. Let me know your reaction to the above.

Sincerely -

Mary Hinton Kerr
[address deleted by Susan Shields Sasek]

Virginia State Library Archives Accession #27958; Submitted by June Southall and Carol Atkinson. Transcribed 17 Apr 2002 by Susan Shields Sasek.

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