The Life of Washington D. L. Southall, Manuscript dated 7 Apr 1853 - Transcription

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The Life of Washington D. L. Southall
Manuscript by W. D. L. Southall dated 7 Apr 1853

My ancestors came from England and was among the first Settlers at old Charles City on the James River in Virginia. My father, Jesie Southall was the son of James and Elizabeth Southall, and was born in Denwodie County, Virginia, 30th of August 1780. Was married to Elizabeth Riddick in Gates County, N. C. 23rd day of October 1804. She gave birth to one child and the Lord took the child up with its mother. He was again married in Wedlock to my mother. Caroline Branch Tucker was the daughter of John and Edith Tucker of L _______ (possibly Ludenberg) County, Virginia, born 11th of April 1789. My father then moved with his brother, Daniel Southall, to Enfield, Halifax County, North Carolina, I was born soon after they arrived at the beautiful mansion in the __________ known as the Southall place. I soon was a little boy with all the pleasure that life could __________ upon my youthful heart. I __________ some ten years within the light of my dear parents and their home. I knew grief only by name. I was then sent off to __________ school in Edgecombe County, this State. During this time my father by misfortune in paying security money failed in business. He then opened an __________ (this at the bottom of the page and is torn and browned to such an extent that it cannot be read.)

[Page two]

Raligh Rail Road __________. There were seven four horse cars then flying from Wilmington in connection with the -ete--bury Road. The passengers Eat Dinner and Supper at the station which give my father a chance of making a very Good support for the family and school his young children. The railroad was then finished to Enfield. He then was appointed agent to _________ at that place which office he held until death. I went in the Railroad shop to learn the trade when I was 14 years old worked until October 1845 when my dear father died and left my mother and sisters alone. I __________ __________ to them until January __________ when my dear mother died in peace and is now laying with my father in the ---age grave yard at Enfield. Our home was then broke up and we parted never to meet again together in this _____ ______ ______. My sisters went on train with my aunt in Prince George County, Va. My oldest sister then married John M. Hopkins and moved to Holly Springs, Miss, (This would have been his sister Lucinda). My sister Harriette was then married to L. B. Waldrop of Halifax County this state. I then with my little sister Martha returned to Williamsburg and sent her to school and I finished my training and then to Halifax in 1848. Spent a time with my brother. Open a grocery store _______ _______ _______ 1849. I spent time

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with George my Brother. Thence to Wilmington and back to my _____ (could be trade). In the year 1852 I was on Steamer F________ as engineer commanded by Capt David Scott of P________. I left the boat in December and the first of January 1853 came to Onslow County, assisted my brother in putting up a steam mill for I.I. Ellis and on the 19th of March commenced running the mill of I. I. Ellis for fifty dollars pr month board and washing found _____. So ends to this date the 7th of April 1853.

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Submitter -- I originally received this from Virginia Roberts, but had no reference for it. Then I received an updated copy from Carol Southall Atkinson that she transcribed and typed from the original document that she has in her possession.  Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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