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It is with sincere appreciation and admiration that I pen this brief foreword and introduction to the record of the families of Samuel and Frank Southall, so pains≠takingly and inclusively gathered and compiled by Mr. J.A. Cooey, {**address removed for privacy**}, Jacksonville, Fla.

Mr. Cooey is a grandson of Samuel Southall. His has been an arduous task that only a dedicated person would undertake and pursue to completion as he has done.

There remain some unanswered questions regarding the first and second families of Seabourn Southall that we hope may be answered, but it is entirely possible that they may never be answered.

Notable among these questions are (1) who were the two members of Seabournís first family other than Samuel, Frank, and Andrew Southall, (2) and did these as yet un≠identified Southalls have any descendants.

Another question as yet unanswered and one that there is little likelihood will ever be answered is whether or not Seabourn Southall had brothers or sisters, and if so, their names, dates, and descendants if any.

All of the Seabourn Southall clan owe much to Mr.Cooey for his genealogical research, and I am sure all of the recipients of a copy of it join me in thanks for a job well done and much appreciated.

0scar Clarence Southall
{**address removed for privacy**}
Lubbock, Texas 79410
Dec.16, l968


I.    SAMUEL M. SOUTHALL was born in the year of 1843. Married MARY STEVENSON, in the year of 1867. She was born in the year of 1849. To this union, eleven children were born. They were, WILLIAM S., LOUISE T., MARY JANE (Mollie), MINNIE, EMMA, LOTTIE J., J. BENJAMIN, JAMES ROBERT, MAGGIE and ADA SOUTHALL. One daughter died in infancy, un-named.

They raised their children on a farm in what is commonly known as Rocky Ford section of Lowndes County, about twelve miles southwest of Valdosta, Georgia. Samuel died on Nov. 23, 1919. His wife died on Feb. 26, 1929 and they and their infant daughter are buried in the New Redland (Baptist) Church Cemetery on the Rocky Ford-Valdosta road in the Rocky Ford section.

    1.    The first child of this family was LOUISE T. SOUTHALL, born 1868. She married WM. A. ADAMS, born 1867. Louise died in 1945. Her husband died in 1953. They had eight children.

    l.a.    Their first was SUSIE, born 1891. She was twice married, the first time to a man named BROWN. They had one son, CECIL BROWN, address not known. This marriage ended in divorce. Her second marriage was to a McINTYRE. They had two children, a son and a daughter, LARRY and RUBY. Their addresses are not known either.

    1.b.    The second child, FANNIE was born in 1902 and died in 1931. No other information available on her, as to marriage or children.

    1.c.    The third child, ELLA, married FRANK COODY. They had a number of children but their names or whereabouts are not available, but it is known that ELLA lives in the Rocky Ford section of the County of Lowndes.

    1.d.    The fourth child, MARY LOU, born 1894, married a man named WARD, whom she later divorced. There were no children. MARY LOU died, in l958.

    1.e.    The fifth child was JOHN, born in 1898 and died in 1948. He was unmarried.

    1.f.    The sixth child, BERTIE, born in 1900, married ROWAN WILSON, who was born in 1891. He died in 1952. There were no children by this marriage. BERTIE resides on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

    1.g.    The seventh child, RUBY, was born in 1905 -- died in 1924. She was unmarried.

    1.h.    The eighth child, IRWIN, born in 1908. He married DELMA GIDDENS. They had one son, IRWIN, JR., born in 1927 and died in 1932. IRWIN, SR., died in 1968. His wife resides on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia. All deceased members of the ADAMS family listed above are buried in New Redland Cemetery.

 2.    The Second child of SAMUEL and MARY SOUTHALL was WILLIAM S. SOUTHALL, who was born June 11, 1871. Married SUSIE COODY, born Jan. 26, 1876, in 1893. To this union was born, eight children, namely: JAMES ERVIN, ANNIE MAE, ROY GORDON, ARTHUR WILLARD, WILLIAM PERRY, WILLIE CURTIS and CORA LEE SOUTHALL.

    2.a.    The first child of WILLIAM S. AND SUSIE SOUTHALL was JAMES IRWIN SOUTHALL, born March 7, 1895. In the spring of 1917, he was married to

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NINA BELL GRAVITT. She was born October 29, 1894. To this marriage was born five children, whose names are as follows; JIMMIE LEE, J. D. BERTHA MAE, ANNIE CLIFFORD AND LeROY SOUTHALL.

            2.a.(1)a.    The first child, JIMMIE LEE, was born May 15, 1918 and was married on Sept. 24, 1933, to DAVID CARL WATKINS, SR. They reside on {address removed for privacy} Valdosta, Georgia., and have five children. The first child of JIMMIE LEE AND CARL WATKINS is BILLY JACK WATKINS, born July 24, 1934. He was married on Dec. 26, 1954 to FLORENCE LOUISE ALLEN. They have three children, JACK ALLEN WATKINS, born Nov. 3,1956. WILLIAM DAVID WATKINS born Dec. 31, 1959 and LAURA KIM WATKINS, born March 21, 1963. Their address is {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

            2.a.(1)b.    The second child is DAVID CARL WATKINS, JR., born Sept. 22, 1937 and was married to CAROLYN ELIZABETH MOORE on Sept. 21, 1958. They have two children, DAVID CARL WATKINS, III, born Aug. 31, 1960 and CARLA ELIZABETH WATKINS, born Oct. 13, 1964. This family lives on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

            2.a.(1)c.    The third child is FAYE ELIZABETH WATKINS, born Sept. 5, 1939, married to LEON LaRUE BRYAN on Nov. 19, 1957. To this union was born three children, **TAMMY** ELIZABETH, born Nov. 23, 1960. LEON LaRUE, JR., born May 17, 1963 and KENNETH LEWIS, born Oct. 26, 1967. Their address is {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

            2.a.(1)d.    The fourth child is NINA BARBARA WATKINS, born July 5, 1941. On August 1961, she married WILLIAM OTIS JACKSON. This couple have two children, BARBARA SUZANNE, born July 15, 1962 and WILLIAM OTIS JACKSON, JR. born Feb. 20, 1966. They reside at {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

            2.a.(1)e.    The fifth child is JIMMY LeROY WATKINS, born Nov. 2, 1946 and was married on Nov. 10, 1967 to BARBARA ANN HALL. They have one child, LESIA ANN, born Oct. 2, 1968. Their home is on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

        2.a.(2)    The second child of JAMES IRWIN AND NINA BELL

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SOUTHALL was J. D. SOUTHALL, born Nov. 26, 1919 and died, Jan. 19, 1920. Buried in New Redland Church Cemetery.

        2.a.(3)    Their third child is BERTHA MAE SOUTHALL, born Nov. 22, 1920. She married DAVID CASWELL STEINBERG on April 7, 1940. Their current address is {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia. This couple have five children, namely: BERTHA MAE, CAROL MARIE, JAMES MILLER, DAVID CASWELL, JR., AND CHARLES ROBERT STEINBERG. CAROL MARIE was married on Mar. 12, 1967 to CHARLTON THEO MIZELL, born Jan. 11, 1943. They have one daughter, LISA MARIE, born March 12, 1968. This family resides at {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia.

        2.a.(4)    The fourth child is ANNIE CLIFFORD SOUTHALL, born March 2, 1923. She is married to ALBERT C. NEWCOME and have two daughters, CHERYL AND GAILE. They reside at {address removed for privacy}, Miami, Florida 33142.

        2.a.(5)    Their fifth child LeROY SOUTHALL, born September 28, 1925, and was married on September 4, 1948 to HAZEL NELL ISAAC, who was born on May 4, 1927. They have one son, JAMES EDWARD SOUTHALL, born January 3, 1950 and one daughter, JAN ELIZABETH SOUTHALL who was born on July 31, 1960. The family resides on their farm on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia 31601. JAMES IRWIN SOUTHALLíS wife NINA BELL, died on January 5, 1926. She is buried in New Redland Cemetery. Later, he married SALLY ROWLAND. They live on the original farm site where SAMUEL M. AND MARY SOUTHALL raised their family, on {address removed for privacy}, Valdosta, Georgia. To this union, three children were born; WENONA, FRANCES JUANITA AND ALICE MARIE SOUTHALL.

        2.a.(6)    Their first child, WENONA SOUTHALL, born October 1, 1928, married HERBY J. LANOUX, on June 15, 1947. They have two children, NONA ANN LANOUX, born June 9, 1948 and HERBY J. LANOUX, JR., who was born April 22, 1951. Their address is {address removed for privacy}, Dinsmore, Florida.

        2.a.(7)    The second child is FRANCES JUANITA SOUTHALL, born July 30, 1931 and on June 15, 1952, married WAYNE CAMPBELL. They have two daughters PATRICIA ANN, born on May 26, 1958 and DEBORAH LYNN, born on Aug. 22, 1962. Their address is {address removed for privacy}, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

        2.a.(8)    The third child is ALICE MARIE SOUTHALL, born Feb. 3, 1937 and on March 15, 1957, was married to CHARLES EDWARD CARTER, born August 31, 1938. They have three children, RHONDA MARIE

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Source: Compiled by Mr. J.A. Cooey, ca 1968.
Submitted Jan 2004 by Ron Hooper.

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