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Southall Manuscript

Prepared by O. C. Southall of Lubbock TX
Dated 12 July 1967

Re: Descendants of Seaborn Southall


This brief and admittedly incomplete history of the Southall Family, as I know it, is written for the purpose of making a permanent record for posterity that the obscurity of the past concerning this particular branch of the Southall Family may not continue for ensuing generations. My brother, A. N. Southall has done more of the family research and is entitled to more credit for the information herein than I.

O. C. Southall
Lubbock, Texas

Seabourn (or Seaborn) Southall, the earliest progenitor of this branch of the family of whom we have a record was born February 20, 1815, according to an entry in his family Bible, now in the possession of Dr. Culver M. Southall, Lamesa, Texas. No place is listed as the birthplace. I was told by my father, Charley Davis Southall, youngest son of Seaborn Southall, that his father was born aboard ship enroute from England to North Carolina, U. S. A.

Certain it is that the name, Southall, is an English name and that the American branches of the family came to America from England originally. There is in England a town named Southall, now a suburb of London. Early English Court cases are of record in which Southalls were litigants. Modernly, a Southall firm is the purveyor of shoes, by appointment, to the royal family. Currently, in America, Southalls are citizens of Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma, British Columbia and Texas, and very probably many other states, though the name is not a common one.

It is not known if Seaborn Southall had brothers or sisters and if so who and

Submitted by June Southall on 5 May 1990, who received her copy from Hazel Hayes.  Transcribed 2 September 1990 by Susan S. Sasek -- I don't remember if I proofread my transcription or not (didn't find a note on the copy) -- you can compare it with the images of the documents that I have that I've placed below my transcription.  Although this manuscript is old, I still deleted addresses for internet safety/privacy from the online transcript and images.

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