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Richmond Standard

October 9, 1880

Note:  Numbers in [Brackets] are the generation numbers that were printed in superscript in the article.   Items in {Curly Brackets} are either items I could not be read or I was not sure about or my notes

{Column 1 of article}

Southall Family of Virginia

The Southall family in its own proper patronymic and in its extensive connections has been no less distinguished in essential State service and in the learned professions, and literature, and science, than esteemed for the exemplification of social worth. The ancestor of the family in Virginia was Daisy Southall [1], who married Martha, daughter of Nathaniel Vanderwall, of Henrico county, and had issue:

I. James [2], of Williamsburg, colonel in the Virginia line during the Revolution; married Frances Jones, of "Mulberry Island," Warwick county, Va.

II. Turner [2], of "Fairfield" Henrico county; a member successively of both branches of the Virginia Assembly for a series of years during the Revolutionary War and afterwards. He was a zealous patriot and highly useful citizen, being frequently elected to local offices of trust and importance. By act of the Virginia Assembly of June 4, 1779, when the seat of government was removed from Williamsburg to Richmond, he was appointed one of the directors to carry the same into effect and to locate the public buildings. He married Elizabeth Barrett.

Issue of Colonel James [2] and Frances (Jones) Southall:

I. John [3], aide-de-camp to General Thomas Nelson during the Revolution; died {unmarried}.

II. Elizabeth [3] married Colonel John Dangerfield of Alexandria

III. John [3], d. s. p.

IV. George [3], died unmarried.

V. Frances [3] married first, Peter Skipwith Randolph, of "Chatsworth," James river; issue: William Beverly [4], married November 18, 1815, Sarah, (born February 23, 1797, died April 18, 1819) daughter of Thomas Rutherfoord, and had issue Elizabeth, [5] died 1840; married second, Colonel Richard Adams, Jr., of Richmond; had no issue by the second marriage.

VI. Anne, [3] married Thomas Mutter, of North Carolina

VII. Peyton Randolph, [3] married Helen Maxwell McCaulay.

Issue of Elizabeth [3] (Southall) and Colonel John Dangerfield:

I. James [4]

II. John, [4] married ---- and had issue: I. Frances, [5] married R. A. Belfield; II. Lucy B., [5] married W. S. B. Henry; III. Georgiana, [5] married Dr. Walter Douglas and had issue Frances B. [6].

III. Mary, [4] married John Battaille, of Kentucky, and had issue: I. John, [5] II.

William W., [5] III. James E. [5]

Issue of Anne [3] (Southall) and Thomas Mutter:

I. James, [4] d. s. p.

II. Thomas, [4] d. s. p.

III. Fanny, [4] married Miles Macon

IV. Elizabeth, [4] married William M. Waller and had issue: I. Ann, [5] d. s. p.; II. John, [5] III. Lucy Ann, [5] married Archibald Govan, who died ----; IV. Fanny, [5] married David Caldwell, who died ----; V. Eliza, [5] married Alexander Duval and had issue: I. Alexander [6] and daughters.

Issue of Peyton Randolph [3] and Helen Maxwell (McCaulay) Southall:

I. Peyton Alexander, [4] married Clara Crockett; no issue.

II. Eleanna M., [4] married Samuel F. Bright, of Williamsburg, Va., and had issue Robert. [5]

III. George Washington, [4 ] died unmarried.

IV. Helen Matilda. [4]

Issue of Turner [2] and Elizabeth (Barrett) Southall:

I. Stephen, [3] major, married Martha Wood.

II. Philip, [3] married Jane Nelson.

III. Anne Barrett, [3] married first, John Shelton, grandson of Sir Ralph Shelton; second, Captain Peter Foster, of the Revolutionary army.

IV. Pleasant, [3] died unmarried.

V. William, [3] died unmarried.

VI. Cynthia, [3] married Henry Toler.

VII. Pauline, [3] married Calhoun Jones.

VIII. James Barrett, [3] of Isle of Wight county; married twice and had issue by his first wife, ----- Whitfield; married second, ----- Todd. Issue: I. Nancy, [4] married Everett Todd and had issue; II. Lina [4] married Robinson Todd and had issue; III. Dianna, [4] married Mallory Duxon and had issue.

IX. Elizabeth, [3] married Thomas Underwood, of Goochland county.

X. John, [3] married Phoebe, daughter of Dr. John Harris, of Herefordshire, England.

Issue of Major Stephen [3] and Martha (Wood) Southall:

I. Lucy Henry, [4] married Hon. Charles Cutts, United States senator, of Portsmouth, N. H.

II. Martha Wood, [4] married Nicholas Biddle Van Zandt, of New York, author and statistician.

III. William, [4] died unmarried.

IV. Philip Turner, [4] of Amelia county; married first, Frances Wilson, daughter of Osborne Lockett, of Prince Edward county; second, Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel Samuel Webster, of Nottoway county.

V. Valentine W., [4] distinguished lawyer; Speaker of the House of Delegates of Virginia for a number of years, and member of Virginia conventions of 1850-1, and 1861 (secession), and frequently of the Virginia Assembly. Married first, Mary Anne, daughter of Alexander Garrett (issue, William G., [5] died in infancy); second, Martha, daughter of James Powell Cocke.

VI. Louisa J., [4] died unmarried.

Issue of Philip [3] and Jane (Nelson Southall:

I. Charles, [4] married -----.

II. Courtenay, [4]

Issue of Anne Barrett, [3] Southall by her first marriage with John Shelton:

I. Alexander, [4] died unmarried.

II. Harriet, [4] married ----

III. John Shelton, [4] married ---- Boyce and had issue I. John, [5] who married Amanda McRae.

IV. Turner Southall, [4] married ----

V. Philip, [4] married ----

Issue of Cynthia [3] Southall and Henry Toler:

I. Richard Henry, [4] a distinguished editor connected with the Lynchburg and Richmond press -- particularly with the brilliant John Hampden Pleasants, of the Whig.

Issue of James Barrett [2]{sic--should be generation #3} and ---- (Whitfield) Southall:

I. James Barrett, [4] M. D.: married first, Mary Frances Whitfield (issue died in infancy); second, Mary Louisa Tazewell

{Footnotes at end of first column:}

In the Vestry-Book of Henrico Parish the name occurs August 17, 1751, as Dacy Southall, and his lands are located between Gilly's creek and Great Westham, on James river. It appears again November 4, 1755, as Dasey Southall. See Vestry-Book of Henrico Parish, edited by R. A. Brock, pages 91, 103.

Nathaniel Vandervall appears as a resident of the same locality as Daisy Southall July 16, 1743, and April 7, 1760 -- Vestry-Book Henrico Parish, pp. 65, 115.

{Column 2 of article}

(issue, I. Mary Whitfield, [5] married January 8, 1879, George Watson James, journalist, editor and proprietor of The Richmond Standard); third, Martha Jefferson Tazewell (Issue, II. Louisa T., [5] married Eugene F. Cordell, M. D., of Baltimore, Md., and two other children who died in infancy.

II. Turner, [4] married Alice Annie Wright and had issue: I. Turner, [5], II. James [5]

Issue of George Watson and Mary Whitfield [5] (Southall) James:

I. Louisa Tazewell, [6] born December 24, 1879.

Issue of Dr. Eugene F. and Louisa T. [5] (Southall) Cordell:

I. James Southall, [6] died.

II. Eugene, [6]

III. Martha T. [6]

Issue of John [3] and Phoebe (Harris) Southall:

I. Pleasant Turner, [4] married L. Catherine, daughter of Captain James Allen, of Essex county, and granddaughter of Captain Thomas Latane Allen, (of Huguenot descent,) of the Revolutionary army, and had issue:

I. Edward Ruthven, [5] died in infancy.

II. Frances E. Baughan, [5] died in infancy.

III. James Allen, [5] died in infancy

IV. John Howard, [5] married Agnes {C. or G.}, daughter of Colonel J.B. Strange, member of the Virginia Secession Convention of 1861 and of the C.S.A.; {can't read next line on my copy, approximately 10 words or less}

issue: 1. Helen Temple, [6] II. Beverley Strange. [6]

V. Edwin Ruthven, [5] died in infancy.

VI. Frances Harris, [5] died in infancy.

VII, George Allen, [5]

VIII. Kate Latane. [5]

Issue of Lucy Henry [4] (Southall) and Hon. Charles Cutts:

I. Priscilla Olive, [5] died in infancy.

II. Samuel Holyoke, [5] married Maria Southall De Krafft.

III. Stephen Southall, [5] married Ann Walker, of Kenyon, Ohio.

IV. Martha Henry. [5]

Issue of Maria Wood [4] (Southall) and Nicholas Biddle Van Zandt:

I. Dolly Payne, [5] married John William, son of Cornelius De Krafft, and grandson of Frederick Von Krafft, of Deliah on the Hill, Saxony.

II. George Clinton, [5] married Sarah Barbour, of Kentucky.

III. Rosalie Martha, [5] married first, Canfield Smith, of Washington, D. C.; second, James M. Smith, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. No issue.

IV. Charles Cutts, [5] died in infancy.

V. Virginia [5]

VI. Nicholas Henry, [5] U. S. and C. S. navies, married Jane Henry Meredith Cabell.

VII. Joseph Anderson, [5] married Gilbertine Livingston Thompson, granddaughter of Smith Thompson (Secretary of the Navy of the United States and Justice of the United States Supreme Court) and Arietta, daughter of Daniel D. Tompkins, Vice-President of the United States. Issue: Arietta Livingston.[6]

Issue of Philip Turner [4] Southall by his first marriage with Frances Wilson Lockett:

I. Stephen Osborne, [5] LL.D., Professor of Law at the University of Virginia.

II. Philip Frances, [5] of Goode's Bridge Amelia county, married Eliza Jane Goode.

III. William Valentine, [5] died in infancy

Issue of Philip Turner Southall [4] and his second marriage with Elizabeth Webster:

IV. Anthony Webster, [5] died unmarried.

V. Lucy Henry, [5] married William Richard Wood and had issue

VI. Joseph Wills, [5] surgeon C. S. A., married Rosalie ----- of Mecklenburg county.

VII. Giles Miller, [5] died unmarried.

VIII. Frances Winston, [5] captain of cavalry C. S. A. (Stuart's command); married Ellen D. Sullivan.

IX. Valentine W., [5] captain C. S. A. Stonewall Brigade; died of wounds received in the battle of Gettysburg.

X. John Turner, [5] married Frances Walthall, of Prince Edward county, and had issue.

XI. William Wood, [5] {my copy "smudged", not sure if text is missing or it's just a line on my copy}

XII. Edward, [5] died in infancy.

XIII. Edward Henry, [5] died.

Issue of Valentine Wood [4] and Martha (Cocke) Southall (his second marriage):

I. William Henry, [5] married Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Joseph Allen, of Richmond, and has issue.

II. James Cocke, [5] LL.D., distinguished scientist and author; editor Central Presbyterian; married Eliza Sharpe; issue, James P. C. [6] and Evelina Henry. [6]

III. Stephen Valentine, [5] colonel and adjutant first division of the C. S. army; married Emily G. Voss and has issue.

IV. Lucy Smith, [5] married Charles Sharpe, of Norfolk, Va., and has issue.

V. Mary M., [5] married first, John Thompson Brown, colonel first division C. S. artillery, who was killed at the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864 (no issue); second, Colonel Charles S. Venable, LL.D.; served on the staff of General R. E. Lee, C. S. A., Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia; author of educational works; has issue Charles, [6]

VI. Florence Carter, [5] died unmarried.

Issue of Philip Frances [6] {sic--should be generation #5} and Eliza Jane (Goode) Southall:

I. Philip Turner, [6] died in infancy.

II. -----, [6] died in infancy.

III. Frances Lockett, [5] {sic--should be generation #6} died in infancy.

IV. Philip Turner, [6]

V. Robert Goode. [6]

VI. Stephen Osborne, [6] died in infancy.

VII Frances, [6] died in infancy

VIII. Stephen Osborne, [6]

IX. Mary Eliza [6]

Issue of Lucy Henry [5] (Southall) and William Richard Wood:

I. Philip Southall. [6]

II. Lucy Alfred. [6]

Issue of Francis Winston [5] and Ellen O. (Sullivan) Southall:

I. Ellen Elizabeth [6]

Issue of John Turner [5] and Frances (Walthall) Southall:

I. Edward Valentine, [6]

Issue of William Henry [5] and Elizabeth Anne (Allen) Southall:

I. William Henry, [6] died in infancy.

II. Joseph Allen, [6]

III. L. Lyle. [6]

IV. Valentine Wood, [6]

V. William Henry, [6]

VI. Thompson Brown. [6]

Issue of Colonel Stephen Valentine [5] and Emily G. (Voss) Southall:

I. Mary Stuart [6]

II. Martha Cocke. [6]

Issue of Lucy Sarah [5] (Southall) and Charles Sharpe:

I. Florence, [6]

II. Martha, [6] died in infancy.

III. William Willoughby. {no generation #, should be 6}

IV. Mary Thompson, [6]

Issue of Dolly Payne [5] (Van Zandt) and John William De Krafft:

I. James Whitcomb, [6] married Jane Iv{es}, of Michigan, and has issue.

II. Maria Southall, [6] married Samuel Holyoke Cutts, of Washington, D. C.

III. Nicholas William, [6] married Mary Vaughan, of Amelia county, Va., and has issue.

Issue of George Clinton [5] and Sarah (Barbour) Van Zandt:

I. Elizabeth Southall [6]

II. Henry Harrison, [6] died unmarried

III. Maria Southall, [6]

IV. Rosalle Mabel [6]

And others, names unknown.

Issue of Nicholas Henry [5] and Jane Henry Meredith (Cabell) Van Zandt:

I. William Cabell, [6] died January 14, 1872, aged seventeen.

II. Henry Meredith, [6] died in infancy.

III. Mary Garland, [6]

IV. Jeannie Cabell, [6]

V. Elvira Bruce, [6] died February 1{2}, -----

We shall welcome additions to and corrections of the above.

R. A. Brock.

Photocopies of article submitted 13 Aug 1999 by Carol Atkinson. Transcribed 13 Mar 2002 & proofread 1 Apr 2002 by Susan Shields Sasek.

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