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Southall Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Southall Manuscript

Prepared by Sallie Southall Cotten, ca. 1916
Re: Descendants of James and Elizabeth Southall and other Southall Family Notes

[Note there are a total of 21 pages]

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Quarterly, gules (red) and or (gold)mon a b[en]d ar., a martlett between two cinquefoils of the first crest. A rock, sable.

The martlett was borne by those who went to the Holy Land to fight the Turks and Saracens; i.e., the Crusaders.

The martlett seems to have been the same as a martin -- with long wings and short legs, much used in armorial bearings. When drawn with tufts of feathers instead of legs, it was the distinctive mark of the fourth son.

I received a photocopy of this manuscript 17 Feb 1990 from Virginia Roberts. Transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek. Some portions of my copy are difficult to read as it appears to be photocopy of a typewritten carbon copy. Anything in brackets in my transcription [ ] are either my notes, items I am unsure about or cannot read.] I used a computer spelling checker to check for typos but have not yet checked my transcription for omissions from the original manuscript. As with all genealogical material, you should verify information whenever possible with the source or original document[s].

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