John Southall Deed of Gift to Turner Southall, 16 Apr 1816, Cumberland Co., VA

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Southall Deeds, Land Records, etc.

John Southall Deed of Gift to Turner Southall

John Southall

Deed Book 13, Page 274

To: Deed of Gift

Turner Southall

This Indenture and Deed of Gift made the 16th day of April 1816 Between John Southall of the County of Cumberland of the one part and Turner Southall of the aforesaid County of the other part Witnesseth that the said John Southall for the love and affection that he has and do bare [sic] for the said Turner Southall his son, do by these presents freely and volu[ntarily] give unto the said Turner Southall and to his heir_ and assigns forever One hundred 24 3/4 Acres of Land lying and being in the aforesaid County of Cumberland lying the north side of the Cartersville road adjoining the land of John H. Jones [,] James Allen [,] Billey Lipscombe (f N) and Shadrack Oakley To have and to hold the above land with its appurtenances and he the said John Southall for himself his heirs and assigns do hereby Warrant and defend the right title Interest and claim of the aforesaid One hundred and twenty four and 3/4 acres of land to be Indefe[ssiably] good unto the said Turner Southall and to his heirs and assigns forever, from the claim and demand of all persons or any person Whatsoever In testimony whereof he the said John Southall do hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above Written

John Southall


Thomas Hobson Jr
H. H. Robinson
John Baughan

19th April 1816. This Deed was exhibited in the Clerks Office of Cumberland County acknowledged and admitted to record according to law


M. Woodson Jr. D Clk

A Copy --


Betty R. Walton, Deputy Clerk,
Circuit Court, Cumberland County, Virginia

Submitted by: Virginia Roberts, 28 Aug 1990. Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 8 Apr 2002

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