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Southall Military Records

Miscellaneous Southall Military Research Notes

Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions, Virginia Genealogical Society, 1982 reprint

p. 114:  Thomas Southall:  File 397.  Northampton Co. Court Records 1786-1799.  Thomas was a private in the 9th VA Regiment who died in service either in Feb or Mar 1777.  Elizabeth Southall was his widow and had a child around 10 years old (from 11 Oct 1786 deposition).  Elizabeth was alive between 1786-1799.  Pension was authorized.

p. 7:  Sep 1794:  John Southall, et al appointed to examine pensioner Jasper Bedolph.

p. 1:  P. Southall attested to 10 June 1783 deposition re Jacob Alford, Albemarle Co.

p. 5:  P. Southall notation to file of Benj. Barbee, Culpeper Co.

p. 19:  P. Southall made copy of discharge re Miles Cardiff, Rockbridge Co.

p. 27:  P. Southall made copy of discharge re John Corbett, Henrico Co.

p. 32:  P. Southall made copy of discharge re James Davenport, Louisa Co.

p. 48:  P. Southall witness re Francis Gray, Caroline Co.

p. 57:  P. Southall, et al, endorsed warrant re William Hogan, Goochland Co.  [Note -- John Shelton was present at the Feb 1787 court session.]

p. 124:  P. Southall, et al, endorsed warrant re Henry Townsend, Shenandoah Co.

Virginia Regimental Histories Series, 18th VA Infantry, James I. Robertson, 1984

p. 78:  A. J. Southall; Co. E, Cumberland Co.; mustered 12 Jul 1864; entered Chimborazo Hospital 24 Aug 1864 for debility and died there on 5 Sep 1864.

p. 78:  William W. Southall; Co. C, Nottoway Co.; no muster date; surrendered 9 Apr 1865, Appomattox.

Virginia Regimental Histories Series, 12th VA Infantry, Wm. D. Henderson, 1984

p. 157:  John A. Southall; enlisted 18 Mar 1862, Petersburg; private, Co. C, "Petersburg New Grays"; sick in hospital Jul 1862 - Aug 1862; died in hospital 2 Aug 1862 of typhoid fever.

Richmond Volunteers, The Volunteer Companies of the City of Richmond and Henrico Co., VA, 1861-1865, by Louis H. Manarin and Lee Wallace, Jr., 1969

p. 86:  George D. Southall; private; Purcell Battery; mustered 20 May 1861.

p. 123:  R. P. Southall; private; Governors Mounted Guard; mustered 8 May 1861.

p. 274:  Henry C. Southall and Wm. A. Southall; both privates; Richmond Light Infantry Blues; mustered 17 Jun 1861.

p. 293:  Henry Southall; private; Varina Artillery.

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution [sss note -- need remainder of source info]

p. 696:  Index:  Furney Southall, pp. 163 and 20; John Southall, p. 558; Stephen Southall, pp. 160, 180, 595, and 6068

p. 20:  Pierce's Register (NC Certificates 89, 501-91, 938):  #89414, Furney Southall

p. 163:  10th Regiment, Col. Abraham Shepard.  Furney Southall; Rank -- Pt; Co. Raiford's; Dates of enlistment & commission -- 5 May 1781; Period of service:  2 years W [?what does "W" stand for?]; Occurrences -- Pt. Sep 1782.

p. 558:  Army accounts of the NC line -- settled by the commissioners at Warrenton 1786.  #1819 John Southall; received by William Faircloth; no remarks.

p. 160:  10th Regiment, Col. Abraham Shepard.  Stephen Southall, Lieutenant; ?Coleman's Co.?; Dates of enlistment & commission -- 1 Apr 1778; Occurrences -- resigned 4 Oct 1778.

p. 180:  NC Revolutionary Army accounts, Vol. II, Book AA -- Ferney Southall, soldier.

p. 595:  Army returns -- list of officers that served in the 2nd Battalion since 9 Jan 1778.  Field Officers:  48.  Stephen Southall; date of commission -- Apr. 1st [1777]; no remarks.

p. 606:  Roll of Capt. Benj. Coleman's Co., 2nd NC Battalion, commanded by Col. John Patton, White Plains, 9 Sep 1778:  Ben Coleman, Capt.; Sam'l Budd, 1st Lt.; Stephen Southall, Lt.

Notes from various sources by Susan Shields Sasek, 11 May 1990.  My notes or items I was unsure about are in brackets [ ].

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