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Southall Miscellaneous Research Records

Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants
Nell Marion Nugent


p. 45: WILLIAM ARMSTEAD, 450 acs. Eliz. Citty Co., 7 July 1636, p. 370. S.E. upon land of Mr. Southell, N.E. upon land of John Branch, E. upon the Cr. & W. into the woods. Trans. of 9 pers.: Ann his wife, Rowland Owen, Rich. Clements, Robt. Glenister, Yorath Dane, Rich. Banks, Robt. Kendall, Andr. Strecher, Gilbert Guy.

p. 51: HENRY SOUTHELL, 700 acs. upon the Chesopeian shore, within the Territorie of Lyn Haven, butting Nly. upon land of William Layton, Wly. upon the river. Ely. into the woods & Sly. upon the river. 25 Nov. 1636, p. 399. Trans. of 14 pers: Elias Light, Richard Light, Wm. Layton, Geo. Lento, Wm. Basnett, Jathen Right, Jon. Eves, Sarah Palmer, Jon. Duncome, Rowd. Buckly, Thomas Heath, Ralph Simpkins, Hannah Waddington, Alice (or Eliz.) Alcott. Note: Renewed in the name of Lt. Richard Popley. Rich. Kemp, Secr.

p. 61: LT. RICHARD POPELEY, 700 acs. Low. Co. of New Norf., 14 July 1637, p. 442. Upon the Chespopeian shore within the Territory of Lyn haven, Nly. upon land of William layton, Wly. upon the river, Ely. into the woods & Sly. up the river. Due in right of marriage with Elizabeth Southell (or Stethell - name altered), the relict of Henry Southell (?), to whom it was due for trans. of 14 pers.: Elias Light, Rich. Light, William Layton, Geo. Lentall, Willi. Bassnett, Jason Right, John Eves, Sarah Palmer, John Duncombe, Rowland Buckly, Tho. Heath, Ralph Simpkins, Hanna Waddington, Eliza. Alcutt.

p. 90: WILLIAM ARMESTEAD, 300 acs. Eliz. Citty Co., 16 May 1638, p. 564. E. upon the mouth of broad Cr., S. upon the back river, N. upon John Branch, a small Cr. runing [sic] between, & W. into the woods. Due by assignment from Leift. Richard Popeley, to whom it was due, viz: 200 acs. in right of Giles Jones for exchange of 100 acs. at Point Comfort Island & 100 acs. in right of Elizabeth, late wife to sd. Jones & now wife to sd. Popeley, which sd. Elizabeth lived here in the time of Sir Thomas Dale.

p. 167: HENRY BROOKE, Jr., Merchant to NICHOLAS BROOKE, assignment of the above. Consideration: 7,000 Lbs. Tobacco with cask. Mar. 3, 1645, Page 90. Witnesses: Samll. Abbott & Edm. Mathewes. Possession of the above plantation was delivered to said Henry by Elizabeth, the relict & admix. of said Popeley.

p. 325: JOHN LAWSON, the son of Rowland Lawson, 500 acs. Lancaster Co., 22 Nov. 1655, p. 14, (21). On the N. side & in the freshes of Rappa. Riv. about 12 mi. from the falls. Trans. of 10 pers.: Henry Berry, Pa: Cleash, Sarah Turner, Eliz. Sethell, N: Motheringe, Wm. Nicholson, Geo. Goodale, Jno. Mascale, Dan. Cooper, Kath. English. Renewed 8 Jan. 1663.


p. 231/232: CHARLES SAVAGE, 570 acs., Low. Par. of Surry Co., on Black Water brs., 20 Apr. 1682, p. 136. Betwixt major Marriot's land, in possession of Mr. Samll. Thompson, & Nicho. Sessums' land; &c. Trans. of 12 pers.: Miles Cooke, Tristram Southel, Abell Hatcher, Margt. Wms. (Williams), Eliz. Scott, Margery Goffe, Danll. Sweet, Tho. Boytes (or Baytes), Orrel Mechanister, Phillis Gary, Richd. Lane, Tho. Page.


p. 18: LEWIS PURVINE, 700 acs., Pr. Ann Co., 26 Apr. 1698, p. 132. Escheated from Henry Southall by inquisition under Wm. Randolph, Esch'r., &c.

p. 132: CAPT. NATHL. WEST, 1453 acs. (N. L.) K. Wm. Co; on S. side of Mattapony Riv., 13 Nov. 1713, p. 90. Beg. in Bull Sw; on Mr. Thomas Fox; by a gr. marsh, nigh head of Pasciman Tree Cr; on Jobs Cr; to William Douglas' Peach Orchard, Apple Orchard, & his cornfeild [sic]; along Mallory's line; on S. side of Sink Warwick Sw; to Anthony Hockett's plantation. Imp. of 34 pers: John Whitlock, Mary Hincock, Hannah Pillow, Margt. Thompson, Mary Harris, Saml. Moore, Margt. Coley, Pallister Bowles, Wm. Owen, Susannah Lockwood, Robt. Nickleson, Joseph Vicars, Eliza. Richardson, James Chaddock, Joseph Smith, Thomasin Dawson, Simon Lambert, Sarah Fudge, Rebecca Pitts, Andrew Bird, Peter Mason, Mary Exton, Richd. Burton, Mary Haurton, Wm. Turner, Eliza. Clay, Martha Southall, Richard Jones, Sarah Briskett, Martha Pattin, Lydia Hull, Mary Hopkins, Powell Autebus, Wm. Lucock.

p. 150/151: JOHN WOODSON & CHARLES FLEMING, 1278 acs. (N. L.), Henrico Co; on N. side of James Riv., called Elk Island, & land adjacent; 16 June 1714, p. 166. Imp. of 26 pers: John Plum, John Harper, John Green, Nathaniel Cock, Thos. Bates, John Davis, Geo. Thompson, Wm. Southall, Peter Dixon, Chr. Scoot, Wm. Hillard, Tho. Stoone, Nicho. Taylor, John Thomas, Wm. Geverson, Nich. Moltmain (?), Wm. Waldron, Jane Constable, Hannah Story, Anne Blessing, Anne Mills, Eliza. Lee, Thomas Rice, Mary Michell, Anne Skeposon, Ale. Ford.

p. 332: EDWARD SOUTHALL, 500 acs. (N. L.), Spotsyl. Co., in St. George's Par; cor. of Henry Downs' land; 13 Oct. 1727, p. 163.

p. 333: OLIVER SEGAR, of Middlesec Co; 975 acs. (N. L.), Spotsyl. Co., in St. George's Par; below the Mountain Run; on E. side of the Mill Run, in Maj. Augustine Smith's line; on Edward Southall & Thomas Tyler's line; 13 Oct. 1727, p. 172.

p. 342/343: WILLIAM BANKS, of K. & Q. Co; 590 acs. (N. L.), Spotsyl. Co., in St. George's Par; on S. side the Robinson River, in the 1st fork of the Rappardan River; adj. Henry Downs; Thomas Taylor & Edward Southall's land; 8 July 1728, p. 264.

p. 365: THOMAS WEYLAND, 504 acs. (N. L.), Spotsyl. Co., in St. George's Par., in the 1st fork of Rappardan Riv; adj. Michael Holt; John Broyle; & Edward Southall; on the Island Run; 28 Sept. 1728, p. 433.

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