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Southall Miscellaneous Research Records

Colonel Turner Southall

Research Notes and Transcriptions by Madeleine Eckert

David Lambert worked on the the inventory of Turner Southall's will, along with John Henry Strobia, Sr. (whose son, John Henry Strobia, Jr. married David and Sally Lambert's daughter, Anna Maria Lambert); and also Samuel Ege (David Lambert's brother-in-law). David and Sally Lambert's son, Gen. William Lambert (1789-1853), Mayor of Richmond 1840-1852, married Mary Ann Pickett (died 1837), daughter of George Pickett (1751-1821), below.

My g-g-g-g-grandfather, George Pickett (1751-1821) (by the way, he was the grandfather of CSA Maj.-Gen. George E. Pickett), wrote the following letter, which includes a reference to Col. Turner Southall, to the governor. This letter can be downloaded and seen as a TIFF file on the Library of Virginia web site.

Richmond 7th November 1784

Sometime in the year 1779 the Executive directed Colo. Miles to take a large lumber house belonging to COLO. TURNER SOUTHALL in this City for the purpose of Repairing guns & the house was to be Returned to him in the like good order. This offer with Colo. Miles agreement was laid before the Executives some time last winter and they directed Capt. Henry Young to have the house put in Repairs at that time there being a large Quantity of Publick hemp in the said house, prevented Capt. Young from having the said house repaired. I should be much obliged to you to have this laid before your Hon(or)ble Board and that you will give instruction to have the house repaired agreeable to bargain.

I am your Humber Serv(an)t,

Geo Pickett

Also, here's documentation from "Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume II," by Beverley Fleet, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1988.

Page 262:

1804 Dec. 19 - Revolutionary papers concerning Major Thomas Armistead. 9 papers. Very fine Revolutionary Items.

Page 366:

The petition of Major Thomas Armistead. Archives Division. Virginia State Library, Richmond. King and Queen County Petitions. 19 Dec. 1804.

(NOTE: Thomas Armistead, assigned ensign of a company of volunteers in the county of King and Queen, commanded by Capt. George Lyne: that his company, being united, by the order of the committee of safety, with a company of minutemen, was in service at Hampton in September 1775, when it was attacked by the British that your petitioner afterwards did duty, as a volunteer in the 7th Virginia regiment, in the company of Capt. Gregory Smith, at the time of the declaration of independence that in the same year your petitioner was appointed third lieutenant of marines and performed garrison duty with the said regiment in York Town: that your petitioner was then turned over to the first Virginia State regiment, commanded by Col'o George Gibson: which regiment in the year 1777 was attached to General Muhlenburg's brigade in the continental army: that the enlistment of men having expired in teh winter of 1780, your petitioner returned to Virginia to recruit...)

Page 367:

...Certificate of George Pickett Esq In the Summer of 1781 there was a Report that General Arnold with a large force of British Soldiers were coming to Richmond in consequence of which all the vessells that Lay at and below Rockets fell down the River to a place called Cox & dale: there they met General Arnold the Enemy commenced a fire with cannon on our vessells from the south side, and in a very little time they took possession of one of our armed vessells, and turned the cannon on the Remainder of our vessells-at this time the Commanding officer (Col'o Inness) ordered Major Armistead with all the Troops under his Command to go to the Waters Edge and to defend the vessells to the last Extremity. Major Armistead did take his post on the water Edge and as near the vessells as he could get and continued there from about ten o'clock in the forenoon till dark-he was Exposed to the Enemy fire the whole day-and kept up a Continual fire on the Enemy-near night COL'O TURNER SOUTHALL came to me and said it was Col'o Innes orders that Major Armistead should Bring his men of the Ground and desired me to go to him with these orders-this I did and found Major Armistead Exposed very much to the Enemys fire, and was told that several of his men were killed and wounded. I told Major Armistead that it was the Commanding officers orders that he should Bring his men of the ground as there was little or no chance to save the vessells-they at that time being abandoned by the Capts and Saylors. Major Armistead answer was that he had hopes of saving sum of the vessells that lay nearest the shore, he continued thru Untill I came away and left him there Given under my hand this third day of Jan'y 1805 Geo Pickett Endorsed: George Pickett Esqr Certificate Jan 3d 1805.

Lastly, information from the SAR Patriot Index 1999 Edition CD-Rom. Turner Southall was, indeed, a Colonel:

Turner Southall (#) 436675
Born 1736 VA
Died 1791 VA
Wife 1: Elizabeth Barrett
Wife 2: Martha Vaudewall
Child: James B. Southall married Alice Ann Wright

Notes for Turner Southall
DESC Dickson, William M
ANC #007057
DC #00557
DESC Staton, Edward Ewing
ANC #079973
CO #00991
SAR FILE REF: #2674 1SN GED 15 Jun 1999

Notes for Elizabeth Barrett
SAR FILE REF: #2675 1SN GED 15 Jun 1999

Notes for Martha Vaudewall:
SAR FILE REF: #2676 1SN GED 15 Jun 1999

Notes for James B Southall:
SAR FILE REF: #2677 1SN GED 15 Jun 1999

Transcribed & Submitted by Madeleine Eckert

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