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Southall Miscellaneous Research Records

Miscellaneous Southall Notes from Various Sources

1. Ref: William & Mary Quarterly, 1st series, Vol. 1, pg. 20:

"(30) John Dudley was captain in the Revolution. His nephew, James Southall, of Williamsburg, claimed his bounty land as heir. John Dudley, of Northumberland County, was a lieutenant in the Virginia Navy, and died in Elizabeth City, in 1797."

2. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st series, Vol. 16, pg. 140:

"MORECOCK. - Thomas Morecock, living in 1747. Thomas Morecock and Mildred, his wife, their deed to John Dancy 1771. [1] ..."

"[1] In one of the James City books occurs: "May 3, 1784, Henry Southall and Mildred Morecock, exors. of Thomas Morecock, dec'd., vs. Richard Booker." Mrs. Morecock's maiden name was probably Southall."

3. Ref: Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 13, pg. 207:


"23. Southall, James, for 85 diets furnished Capt. Lewis's Comp'y N. Kent Militia, 2. 2. 6."

4. Ref: Same, Vol. 15, pg. 87 (same article continued):

"May 13. Southall, Lieut. Henry, for pay of his Co. Chs. City Militia, 39. 16. 8." [note heading at beginning of page is dated 1777]

5. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 11, pg. 261:

Will of Col. William Greene Munford of Charles City Co., VA, dated 28 Feb. 1786, proved 3 May 1786. John Tyler, Esq. was named executor & Henry Southall & Pleasant Cocke were his securities.

6. Ref: Same, Vol. 7, pg. 62 - 63:

Will of George Marable, of Charles City Co. & Westover parish, was made 4 July 1776, proved 4 Nov. 1778. He named his wife & friends William Edloe & Henry Southall executors.

7. Ref: Same, Vol. 5, pg. 253:

"Committee for Charles City county, chosen 17 December, 1774."

31 men named, including Henry Southall.

8. Ref: Same, Vol. 25, pg. 155 - 156:

Lodge minutes:

"December 28, 5778 "Present ... James Southall, ..."

pg. 156: "June 24, 5779, being the Feast of the Holy St. John, the Baptist. Present ... The Lodge celebrated the day by the election of officers and proceeding to Brother Southall"s [2] at six o'clock for supper."

"[2] James Southall, who kept the Raleigh Tavern."

Note: An ad on page 156, indicates the Lodge was Williamsburg Lodge #6.

9. Ref: Same, Series 2, Vol. 9, pg. 58:

"*This Lieut. Richard Popeley is mentioned 17 times in Greer's Early Va. Imm., for the year 1637 and 1639. He was in Virginia as early as 1620, and in 1637 he obtained a grant of "700 acres in the Lower County of New Norfolk, on the Chesapean shore, within the territory of Lynhaven, which was "due him in right of his marriage with Elizabeth, relict of Henry Sothell" (Va. M. H. & B., VII, 192). Incidentally, it is doubtful whether Henry Sothell (or Southwell or Southall as it is variously spelled-the name occurs 8 times in Greer's volume), who was dead in 1637 left any descendants in Virginia (Va. M. H. & B., V, 72)."

10. Ref: Same, Series 1, Vol. 19, pg. 272-273:

Will of George Minge of Westover parish, Charles City Co., VA. Dated 19 September 1781.

Names Henry Southall and Wyatt Walker executors of Will.

11. Ref: Calendar of State Papers, Vol. 4, page 273:

24 April 1787, Charles City Co., VA

Affidavit of John Harwood: "Keeper of the Jail of s'd County, made before Henry Southall and John Colgin, magistrates, that Irby Phillips, a Prisoner, & c., was, by force and arms, rescued and taken thence by Persons unknown on the night of 17th December, 1786."

12. Ref: Same, Vol. 6, pg. 206, 208, 213, 214, 215, 217:

Disbursements from Augitor's Office. List of Warrants issued from this office between 1st October, '92, and Dec'r 31, 1792, (except interest warrants):

p. 206: 16 Oct. 1792: Hen. Southall - - - 9. 15. 6.

p. 208: 27 Oct. 1792: Hen. Southall - - - 5.

p. 213: 23 Nov. 1792: Hen. Southall - - - 5. 10.

p. 214: 1 Dec. 1792: Hen. Southall - - - 3. 10.

p. 215: 8 Dec. 1792: Hen. Southall - - - 4.

p. 217: 15 Dec. 1792: Henry Southall - - 3. 10

13. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 16, pg. 42:

"In November, Hanover County, under the lead of Patrick Henry, appointed its county committee as advised by congress, and the example was soon followed. Williamsburg elected the following gentlemen, in December 1774, members of the city committee: Hon. Peyton Randolph, Esq., Benjamin Waller, James Cocke, James Southall, James Hubard, Thomas Everard, Robert Nicholson, John Minson Galt, Robert Carter Nicholas [,] John Dixon, Benjamin Powell, George Wythe, John Tazewell and John Carter."

14. Ref: Same, Vol. 11, pg. 114-115:

Proprietors of Lots in Williamsburg in 1783. ... Southall, James. ...

15. Ref: Same, Vol. 7, pg. 122-124:

The Randolph Family by W. G. Stanard:

pg. 124: "Issue of William and Mary (Skipwith) Randolph, of Chatsworth: 7, Peter Skipwith, of Chatsworth, who married Elizabeth, daughter of James Southall, and had an only son, Beverly, of Chatsworth, who married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Rutherfoord, of Richmond, and died without issue."

16. Ref: Calendar of State Papers, Vol. 5, pg. 82:

17 Dec. 1789, Williamsburg. J. Madison to his Excellency, the Governor.

"Enclosing by order of the Directors of the Insane Hospital, the names of persons from whom to fill three vacancies in the Directory, occasioned by the death of Thos. Nelson & the resignations of Jno. Dixon & Henry Tazewell. He sends the names of Jno. Byrd, Jas. Southall, Benj'n C. Waller, Robt. Greenhow, and Champion Travis."

17. Ref: Same, Vol. 4, pg. 532:

15 Dec. 1788. James Shields, Gent., Appointed Sheriff of York County.

"Tendered James Southall, Gent., and John Drummond as his securities. The Court pronounced John Drummond insufficient, whereupon the said James Southall made oath that without covin or collusion he was unable to give security."

18. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 13, pg. 143:

Genealogical Notes.

"SOUTHALL.--The first of the Southall family in Virginia appears to be Dasey Southall, of James City county. He probably married the daughter of James Barrett, of Barrett's Ferry, and in the will of Stephen Southall, who died in Amelia county in 1748, there is mention of three of his sons and one daughter: (1) Stephen, who died in Amelia county, without issue, in 1748; (2) Philip, (3) James Barrett, under age in 1748; (4) Ann, married Robert Grant. James Barrett Southall resided in Williamsburg. He is said to have married Frances Jones. of Warwick county. See pedigree in the Richmond Standard October 9, 1880. In July 2, 1761, James Southall qualified in Warwick county on the estate of Mary Jones, deced. (Warwick County Order Book.)"

19. Ref: Same, Vol. 16:

Amelia County Marriage Records:

p. 37: August, 1795 -- Southall, Henry H. & Nancy Tanner

August, 1796 -- Southall, Stephen & Elizb. Clay. H. H. Southall.

June, 1803 -- Southall, John & Polly Hall.

March, 1805 -- Southall, John & __________.

September, 1827 -- Southall, James H., & Mary Pollard (d. of Nancy.)

p. 84: December, 1805, Coleman, Jesse, & Frances Southall, (d. of John).

p. 85: October, 1823, Coleman, Matthew, & Julia Southall, (d. of Henry H.).

p. 270: September, 1827 -- Mann, Richard & Louisa E. Southall. (d. of Henry).

p. 211: June 12, 1786 -- Kidd, George & Mary Southall, (d. of Jas.) Jno. & Dan'l Southall, Jesse Coleman.

20. Ref: Calendar of State Papers, Vol. 9, pg. 125:

29 July 1800. City of Williamsburg -- Jas. Southall ...

21. Ref: Same, Vol. 6, pg. 189 & 190:

p. 189: 14 Dec. 1792: "We, the subscribers, Justices of the Peace in the County of Charles City, ...." signed by James Southall & 4 others.

p. 190: 21 Dec. 1792: John Southall & 4 other "Gen. Jus." signed order of execution for Will, slave of Elizabeth Archer.

22. Ref: Same, Vol. 6, pg. 227:

28 June 1776, Williamsburg: "A warrant to James Southall for [#]23.2.6, for lodgin, prov's, and sundry necessaries furnished prisoners, & c."

23. Ref: Same, Vol. 8, pg. 162:

1 May 1776, Williamsburg. Mentions "the house of Mr. James Southall", as being "in the Main street from the Capitol as far as to include the house of Mr. James Southall, ...".

24. Ref: Same, Vol. 8, pg. 150:

3 April 1776, Williamsburg. "The Comm'ee being acquainted from General Lee that certain necessaries for keeping a Table were not to be procured, do direct that James Southall and Benjamin Powell be appointed to view and appraise such articles of the furniture at the palace as the General may want (which will be considered as purchased by him) and make report to the comm'ee."

25. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 5, pg. 250:

Committee for the City of Williamsburg, chosen December, 1774.

Includes James Southall, among the 15 chosen.

26. Ref: Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 33, pg. 86:

Query re ancestry of Mary Jones, widow of John Jones of Warwick Co. "July 2, 1761 James Southall is made administrator of the estate of his mother-in-law, Mary Jones. Securities, Benjamin Wills and Richard Cary."

27. Ref: Same, Vol. 35, pg. 349:

Re issue of thoroughbred horse, Morton's Traveller. "It will suffice to cite some of those which carried his name as well as his blood across the Rappahannock, the James, and the Appomattox into Southside and Southwest Virginia. Of twelve Travellers bred in Virginia, eight (known as Lloyd's, W. Jackson's, Lewis Burwell's, J. C. Burwell's, James Southall's, James Gibson's and two (out of different dams) of John McCormick's, were sons of Morton's Traveller; ..."

"One would like to be able to prove that the horse which bore General Lee so tirelessly during the war between the states derived his blood (as he undoubtedly did his name) from Morton's Traveller through one of the horses in this list."

28. Ref: Calendar of State Papers, Vol. 9, pg. 81:

23 Jan. 1800. "Williamsburg, ... James Southall, ..."

29. Ref: Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 32, pg. 302:

[Susan Shields Sasek NOTE: Need to look up beginning of article. Henry Southall is listed, among others, in first paragraph of pg. 302, but do not know why.]

30. Ref: Same, Vol. 23, pg. 86 & 87:

Charles City Co., VA Records. Marriage Bonds.

p. 86: Henry Southall and Elizabeth Holdsworth, Dec. 27, 1793.

p. 87: William Sutherland and Sarah Dudley March 3, 1780 (Consent of John Dudley)

31. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 5, pg. 272-273:


"Family record of my mother, who was Elizabeth Eppes; she had one Sister and one Brother, who were Anne & Peter Eppes. These three were all the children of Peter & Annie, my Grand Father and Grand Mother."

"...Elizabeth, my mother, married Littlebury Hardyman at the "Indian Fields," Charles City County, at the age of 19 years. They had 3 children, one Son & two daughters, Erasmus Hardyman, who died an Infant; Susan Hardyman, the eldest, married John Southall, of Charles city County, Va., by whom she had 3 sons, Norborne, Albert, & William. ... Littlebury Hardyman, her father, was an only Son; he had 3 sisters, Susan, Fannie, & Lucy. ... Lucy, the youngest, married Colo John Bradley, of "Laurel Hill," Charles City, Va., by whom she had 4 children: Maria, who married Philip Southall, Son of Wm Southall, and had two children, John & Lutilda; ..."

"This family record is made from Memory by the last and Oldest member of the family now living; it should be preserved as an interesting Relic at the request of the Author.

Eliza B. Atkinson,

Magna Vista, Va."

32. Ref: Same, Vol. 1, pg. 48-58:

Abstracts of Marriage License Bonds. On file in York County Clerk's Office:

p. 49: 15th March, '73. Wm. Cary to Sarah Dudley; security, Wm. Russell.

p. 50: 18th Feb., '73. Allen Jones to Lucy Moss; security, James Southall.

p. 55: 10th Dec., '86. Richard Brown to Rachel Warrington, spinster; security, James Southall.

p. 56: 20th June, '87. John Daingerfield to Frances Southall; James Southall.

p. 58: 31st May, '92. Thos. Mutter to Ann Southall, spinster; security, James Southall.

33. Ref: Same, Vol. 8, pg. 194-195.

p. 194: Wm. A Ammons and Christiana C. A. Southall, July 16, 1842.

p. 195: Henry Southall and Elizabeth Holdsworth, Dec. 27, 1793.

Wm. Southall and Sarah Dudley, Mary 3, 1780.

Seth Stubblefield and Lucy Timberlake Southall, Jan. 15, 1784.

34. Ref: Book, City of Richmond, Virginia Wills 1782-1810, abstracted and published by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III:

p. 7: (p. 74), Will of Lodowick Warrock of Town of Richmond. Executors: wife and friends Turner Southall and George Mutor. Dated 22 June 1774, recorded 5 Sept. 1774 at Henrico Court. Recorded again 10 June 1793, "the original having been destroyed by the enemy."

35. Ref: William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series, Vol. 23, page 140:

Williamsburg, List of Taxable Articles:

Southall, James, Sam Trower, Will, (Ms. defective), Jemmy, Davy, Betty, Fanny, Kate, Venus, Ciller, Dinah, Luke, nan, Sarah, Milly, Phobe, Mary, Betty, Peg, Jenny:

Free Males Above 21 Years: 2

Tithable Slaves: 10

Slaves Under 16 Years Old: 9

Horses: 7

Cattle: 2

Wheels: 6

Ordy-Licenses: 1

These notes were made at the Virginia State Library Archives on 3 September 1990 by Susan S. Sasek .

I separated the notes from different sources w/ lines & made the first reference to each source large and bold -- when there is more than one note from that same source, the next listings are in bold & state the source is the same.  

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