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Page 31: In the Richmond Enquirer of 15 June 1814, Dr. Phil T. Southall, in a card explained his absence from professional duties and states that he has returned to make Cumberland County (at Raines Tavern) his home. He promises advice and medicine free to those unable to pay for service. He was the father of Dr. Joseph Southall of Amelia County, Va.

Page 55: Dr. Southall wants to know if Flat Creek was not called Wyanoke by the Indians. Dr. Southall and Bob Southall in another place in the book . . . Dr. Southall told about old times in Amelia, Virginia.

Page 60: A few remarks about the War of 1812. In the War of 1812 many men of Amelia were attached to the First Regiment.

Page 62: Paineville or Painesville, Amelia County. Painsville is the site of old Union Church. That was one of the finest Congregations in Virginia in the hey-day. Old Dr. Phil Southall said Paineville was named for a man who lived at Paineville years since.

Alexander Campbell and Dr. Thomas had a great debate. Thomas published his denominational paper at Paineville so Dr. Joseph Southall says.

Page 107: Jones Peter, born 1813, wills wife, Martha, three children. Mary E., Peter B., and Elizabeth B., owned land of Augustus Watson on Eastern side of lower fork of Woody Creek and also Ellett's Notloway [sic] W.B.

Page 229: This was probably Peter Branch Jones, son of Bartholomew Jones and Margaret, daughter of Rowland Ward, his wife; grandson of Peter Jones and Sarah Tanner; the grandfather died in 1799. (The foregoing I have from Rev. S.O. Southall.)

Then Found Robert G. Southall 1898.

Then in March 19, 1898, Dr. J.W. Southall, T.P. Shelton, J.N. Vaughan. Leon and I fox it to Amelia. NOTE: They meant they went fox hunting.

7 Oct 1898, attended funeral of Dr. P.E. Southall at Amelia Court House. He died on the 6th, Age 76.

WOODSTOCK, the home of Dr. P.F. Southall in Amelia County, Va.

Page 221: 28 Oct, We rode through Southalls old place "LOCUST DALE" (Norfleets), then along the Bevill's Bridge Road to "The Old Tavern", (Holcombre's also "Mansfield") where we took the Richmon Rd. Crossing Deep Creek at the lower bridge and taking Green's Road on top of Hill.

(Continuation of Notes transcribed by Reba Church Schmidt of Franklin, Tenn. by reference books in the Franklin Library).

2 Jan: Attorney R.G. Southall of Amelia.

30 Dec 1909: John S. Taylor and Thos. E. Woodfin, two old Confederate Soldiers of Chesterfield, to dinner with us. Colonel Southall here to spend the night.

Here a note has been inserted by Reba Church Schmidt as follows:

"I wonder about this, because they spoke of William Albert Southall, born 17 Jan 1808, as "Colonel" around Centerville, Tenn. In fact, when he died that is the way they wrote it up in the newspaper."

Following taken from Marriage of Williamson County, Tennessee 1804-1850:

by. Edythe Rucker Whitley.

Page 84: John A. Hays to Eliza Southall 26 Oct 1837, official: H.B. North.

Page 3: Henry Allen to Nancy Flippen on 15 Sep 1824. B.M.S. Cayce

Page 3: James Allen to Nancy Fitzgerald on 8 Oct 1834. B.M. John Southall.

Page 170: William P. Sharp to Julia Ann Southall on 22 Oct 1835. Bm. W. Ross.

Page 63: Jesse S. Flippen to Julian Ann Southall on 3 Aug 1826. Official John Atkinson.

Page 132: George W. McGrew to Nancy Ann Southall on 4 Dec 1844. B.M. Robert Wilkinson.

Page 4: Theophilus N. Allen to Elizabeth M.K. Allen on 18 Nov 1845, B.M. Patrick H. Southall.

Page 81: Thomas T. Harper to Rebecca Southall on 14 Jul 1824. B.M. John Mayfield.

Page 73: Henry P. Gray to Sarah Jane Southall on 4 Dec 1844. B.M. William D. Andrews.

Page 63: H. Flippin of Maury County to Rebecca Harper of Williamson County on 6 Sep 1832. B.M. Philip H. Flippin by Jesse S. Flippin letter attached: "Mr. Thos. Hardeman. Sir please to issue to my brother Jesse S. Flippin marriage license to marry myself and Mrs. Rebecca Harper and by so doing you will oblige. Philip H. Flippin, 4 Sep 1832".

Ephrain B. Andrew to Elizabeth L. Southall, 4 Nov 1835. Bd. T.W. Figures.

Shelton Washington to Mary M. Fields on 27 Nov 1827. Bd. John Southall.

Submitted by June Southall (sent to her from Hazel Hayes).  No date on the notes.  Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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